How Good Is Wix Shoutout’s Email Marketing Solution?


Paul Mahony


2019 January 7th


Wix ShoutOut makes it possible to deliver and share beautiful emails in a matter of minutes, while also including a wide variety of marketing options.

The system purports to deliver an intriguing mix of email, stats, and social media integration.

We've done a review about Wix website builder and it performed exceptionally well. Let's see if Wix Shoutout can hold the same quality standard.

Wix Shoutout Review - Features

Wix ShoutOut is an all-in-one email, list building, and marketing package.

I must say that as soon as I started using it, the user-friendly nature of the software stood out a mile. I've always enjoyed the feel of Wix products, and this pleasant interface certainly matched up with the rest of them.

Wix Shoutout Interface

Wix Shoutout is intuitive, while the editor included with the software is extremely easy to comprehend. There are lots of helpful functions included too, and you can really tell that the developers have worked hard to ensure that the site guides inexperienced users through each setting.

I found their instructions easy to follow, and would certainly recommend this service to more novice users.

This email solution also supports 16 different languages, which is significantly more than some of its rivals.

Wix Email Marketing

Wix ShoutOut does an excellent job of delivering relevant statistics, while it integrates with social media seamlessly. In fact, they even make it easy for you to turn your email templates into Facebook ads!

The site also does well with handling bulk e-mail distribution, although some of the more familiar names in this niche are capable of delivering greater quantities.

Nonetheless, I was highly impressed with the feature set of Wix ShoutOut and its implementation.

Wix Shoutout Pricing

Details for the pricing of the Wix ShoutOut are indicated below:

Wix Shoutout Pricing

One thing that is particularly pleasing with Wix ShoutOut is the sheer variety of subscription options. This means that users with vastly varying requirements can all receive a satisfactory service.

Considering the quality of the Wix ShoutOut system, I would also assert that the pricing structure represents more than decent value for money.

However, one black mark against the service is its lack of a free trial.

Wix ShoutOut vs Mailchimp

It's usually a good practice to compare products with their leading competitors. Mailchimp is certainly a good candidate for this.

Well, Wix ShoutOut is certainly the cheaper solution - which is obviously a massive advantage. However, Mailchimp dominates as a service due to the sheer volume of emails that it can handle for larger organizations.

So, while Wix ShoutOut is perfect for beginners and SMEs, Mailchimp offers much more functionality for advanced users and large organizations.

Wix Shoutout Review Summary


Good subscription options
Customization impresses
Social media integration works well


No free trial
Can't handle the same volume as Mailchimp

Wix ShoutOut is an absolutely fantastic service for small businesses, delivering an easily customizable package that will suit virtually all SME operations.

I particularly like the way that it helps those that are new with email marketing, both with an intuitive initial package and helpful support functions.

However, the powerhouses of the email marketing field are able to deal with greater bulk, and thus will continue to attract the big corporate clients.

Maybe this will change - who knows? I guess we'll have to see how Wix Shoutout progresses over the years to come.


Written by Paul Mahony

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User comments

Vera picture

2019 March 16th

Thanks for your review! One thing concerns me is whether Wix allow affiliate links inside the email we sent to our list? Other providers like MailChimp, Mailerlite restrict that.

Thanks for your review! One thing concerns me is whether Wix allow affiliate links inside the email we sent to our list? Other providers like MailChimp, Mailerlite restrict that.