• I didn’t find my favorite hosting company reviewed here. Is it not good enough?

Not necessarily! There is a chance we have not yet had a chance to review your host. If that is the case, don’t hesitate to write us a message via Contact Form

  • Why do you hide account’s details (account name, domain name, IPs) in the review screenshots?

We want to offer the most genuine hosting reviews as possible. If we show these account details publically, there is a chance that reviewed host providers will tamper with the account and give us better individual experience than you’d get in normal circumstances.

  • Do you get any money from host providers for writing these hosting reviews?

In order to be able to sustain this website financially, we’ve setup affiliate links for each host. This does not mean that we value certain hosts better, based on their affiliate program.

  • How do you choose which hosting packages to review?

In order for our hosting reviews to be the most optimal, we base them around the hosts’ most popular or ‘medium’ hosting packages.

  • What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting (or web host) is a basically a service which gives you a virtual space where you are able to upload and manage your own website content (files, databases, etc), making it available to view on the World Wide Web. There is a huge number of web hosting providers out there and our job is to highlight the ones which are worth your attention.

  • How do you compare your ‘top10’ lists and what aspects make a certain host better than the rest?

Since we test all web hosting providers quite extensively, we tend to get a lot of various results. The most valued aspects of the host are its Speed, Uptime, Ease-of-use and the Overall Cost. If the host shines in all of these areas, it’s a good chance that it will be featured on our top lists.

  • What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting is arguably the cheapest form of web hosting out there. It is set up by making multiple hosting accounts which have to share server’s resources between them. This service is very popular between small website owners as it’s capable of sustaining a semi-popular website for a bargain price.

  • What is Domain Name?

Domains usually come in a form of a singular word, followed by a dot and an extension (e.g. example.com). A domain is your website’s virtual address on the internet which your visitors could use to access your website. All domains are managed by the global organization ICANN and they can be initially registered by various registrars listed on the ICANN Accredited Registrars List.

  • What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a website security system which encrypts website’s data thus making it less accessible by people who are trying to tamper with it. SSL is one of the essential tools for any website owner as it increases SEO rankings and improves web site's uptime.