Carbonite Review: Can 700 Billion Files Be Wrong?


Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 7th

Carbonite is a backup provider that delivers services to both home users and organizations.

Providing extensive backup and encryption services to countless users all over the world, Carbonite has established itself as one of the most important providers in this industry.


But does its system compare well with the top solutions on the market? We'll find out.

What is Carbonite?

Carbonite is devoted to online backup - it's a disaster-recovery service for your computer or business. It doesn't reduce the amount of storage space taken up by your existing files, nor does it deliver a synchronization service.

Thus, Carbonite cannot be directly compared with cloud storage services such as or Dropbox. Instead, it is a valuable security measure for home users and businesses with important data, and is better compared to solutions such as Backblaze.

One of the immediate eye-catching aspects of the Carbonite service is that it delivers unlimited storage. This means that there are no secret data caps with this backup provider, and it will never unfairly throttle your speed of connection. And users take this freedom to an absolute limit, storing a mind-boggling number of files.

carbonite review statistics

But enough of quantity - let's talk about quality. How about we dig a little deeper into Carbonite's features?

A Closer Look At Its Features

I was pretty impressed with the feature set included with Carbonite, with versioning, backup scheduling, at-rest and private encryption, and remote file access all made readily available.

Immediately upon using Carbonite, I found it to be rather intuitive and straightforward. Desktop clients are available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, which can be downloaded directly from the Carbonite website. I found this installation process to be extremely smooth.

The user interface for Carbonite is particularly clear too, and overall I found this to be a highly user-friendly solution.

carbonite review interface

Carbonite Mobile also works pretty niftily, enabling you to back up files from your Android or iOS smartphone device. I thought it was a smart decision to opt for a very lightweight client here, meaning that Carbonite Mobile runs smoothly even on older smartphones.

Carbonite is an intelligent system and organizes your files and backup procedure in a logical and pleasing manner.

I should warn you that the first backup process can be a little lengthy, but Carbonite uses an innovative block level backup system in order to ensure that future efforts will be much speedier.

Carbonite review customer

As for their customer service: Well, I actually found it to be rather helpful, with telephone support offered for slightly longer than most similar services (between 9 AM and 8 PM EST, 7 days a week).

I found agents to be both highly responsive, and Carbonite certainly deserves a lot of praise. Representatives are not only knowledgeable - they're also good to speak to, which is a great plus in various stressful situations.

Overall, the quality of service delivered by Carbonite is excellent, and once you have got the initial painful backup out of the way, it really is as good as anything else on the market. Therefore, I have no problems recommending this system to any home or business user.

But will my Carbonite review prove that their system is secure?

Is Carbonite Safe?

First of all, files are backed up by Carbonite on data facilities based on RAID 6 technology. This ensures that multiple backups of your data are made, and provides reassurance that you can rest easy about the safety of your important information.

It is perhaps slightly disappointing that Carbonite relies on 128-bit AES encryption, as 256-bit is more secure. Sure, the 128-bit encryption is still being praised as very secure. But with so much of the competition using a more advanced one, it's a bit disappointing seeing Carbonite not keep up the pace.

Interestingly, although Carbonite is willing to hang on to your encryption key for you, it is also possible to prompt a private encryption, and this is conducted at the 256-bit standard.

Two-factor authentication is also included, while custom data centers are used in order to store your information. The Carbonite privacy policy is also rather transparent and clear for such a legalistic document.

Furthermore, the company's attitude towards privacy looks very serious, with Carbonite adhering to two notable multinational data transfer frameworks: namely the U.S.-EU Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-U.S. Safe Harbor Framework.

Overall, your data is safe with Carbonite - and they have the receipts to prove it.

Carbonite Pricing

Pricing for Carbonite is pretty reasonable, and the company does a good and transparent job of breaking down the various features included in each package that it offers.

I can say quite confidently that the price structure offered by Carbonite compare well with the industry in general. Full pricing for all of the packages provided by Carbonite is listed in the table below.

One Computer Multiple Computers Computers + Servers
Monthly Price $6 $24 $50
Automatic Cloud Backup Yes Yes Yes
External Hard Drive Backup Optional Yes Yes
FERPA, GLBA & HIPAA support No Yes Yes
Encryption 128-bit 128-bit 128 or 256-bit
Image Backup No No Yes


Fantastic security provisions
Strong automation features
Great attitude to privacy


No versioning for Macs
Initial backup takes ages

Carbonite Review: Final Words

After conducted my Carbonite review, I have to say that I quite like it. The commitment that Carbonite makes to privacy and data security is extremely important, while all of its core functions work well.

Although Carbonite ticks a lot of boxes, no service is perfect, and there are a few black marks against Carbonite as well. (1) There are cheaper backup solutions available, and (2) Carbonite could do a better job with offering more flexible packages.

Furthermore, the initial backup with Carbonite takes a huge amount of time, while I cannot see any valid reason why visioning is not available with Mac computers.

However, I loved the way Carbonite does business - and the product is really lovely, too. If this kind of service is what you're looking, I would certainly recommend Carbonite.

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