EaseUS – Review Of A Simple Data Recovery Service

EaseUS has been around since 2003 - and claims to be the best data recovery software available on the market.

However, with plenty of alternatives available, there is a huge amount of competition in this particular niche.

easeus review

In my EaseUS review, I will see how it compares to the competition.

What is EaseUS?

EaseUS is a data recovery package - branded as the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. There is definitely a professional slant to this software, with their services slightly targeted towards organizations. However, the ease of use and features make this a very solid option for home users as well.

The intention with EaseUS is to ensure that you can never lose your data - it is backed up in the cloud, should any emergencies arise.

Windows and Mac versions of EaseUS are available, which help you recover both accidentally deleted files and those inadvertently removed by programs. Business users will undoubtedly welcome the ability to retrieve the data from servers and RAID storage too.

For my EaseUS review, I did some digging to find out how good its features actually are - here's what I found:

EaseUS - Features

Before going into the features included with EaseUS, I just wanted to briefly mention some significant omissions.

You can't use an EaseUS package to clone your hard drive, nor make a bootable disk or USB to assist with start-up problems.

To be fair, you can clone your hard drive using a separate software package from the manufacturer, however, it would have been nice for it to have been included in the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Other lacking features is a way to include new recoverable file types and also recovering data from physical storage like CDs and DVDs.

However, there are loads of good things as well. There is a lot of functionality crammed into the EaseUS package, from scanning options, a variety of recovery packages, and some interesting cloning features. 

In terms of file types, there are no issues for EaseUS. It is compatible with pretty much everything that you would expect. For reference purposes, here is a list of all compatible file types:

Documents: Doc/Docx, Excel, PPT/PPTX, PDF.
Images: JPEG, PNG, PSD, AI, RAW.
Videos: MPEG-4, WMW, AVI, QuickTime.
Audio: MP3, WAV, Ogg, AAC, AIFF, AAC.
Archives: RAR, Zip, Gzip, Stuffit.

Personally, I found that the recovery process with this system is excellent. The interface for this software is aesthetically pleasing too, and I found navigating all of the options to be reasonably straightforward.

easeus review interface

Data recovery is swift but lacks customization

One interesting aspect of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard system is that unlike most data recovery sites, you have to do a full hard drive scan before using with the software.

Also, I did feel there was a lack of customization with the data recovery process. Other systems allow you to pick type of file you may wish to scan for (or at least indicate a specific folder), but no such options are available in EaseUS.

I also found it strange that you cannot scan the entire hard drive in a singular process, rather you have to select various partitions of the device.

Nonetheless, the performance of the software is decent, and I found the scanning process is pretty swift. A full scan of my computer was completed in under two hours, which I can assure you is well under par for the course! Many similar software solutions may take up to 3 hours, or maybe even longer.

Another point that I'd like to mention briefly is that the customer support for EaseUS is outstanding. Not only were agents responsive and knowledgeable, but the company also delivers a direct knowledge base including a user manual, searchable support articles, video tutorials, and a wide variety of information on its website.

Live chat also works really well and helps what is already an intuitive system.

EasyUS reviews of existing users, in general, are pretty mixed. People either love it or hate it - and there's not much in between. However, the company appears to be quick in giving responses and claiming responsibility when an issue occurs (which is always a good thing).

easeus review trustpilot

But now, let's have a look at another really important thing when testing this kind of service - security.

Is EaseUS Safe?

EaseUS isn’t as forthcoming with its security information as some companies in the sphere. However, in terms of safety, EaseUS can be considered a pretty secure solution. I was pleased that the company chose to adopt 256-bit SSL, and its encryption of files is also more than adequate.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard automatically encrypts all data for you, which is a welcome feature. The company also makes it easy for you to customize this process, meaning that encryption is particularly user-friendly.

Overall, EaseUS comes across as a safe solution. 

EaseUS Pricing

The full pricing details for EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard are impossible to summarize, as there are a vast number of EaseUS products available. However, what I can say is that EaseUS encourage users to purchase products for a longer term, rather than committing to a monthly subscription.

This can require a reasonably large initial payment, but it does work out to be cost-effective in the longer term.

For example, access to the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard costs $69.95 for Windows systems and $89.95 for Mac (which I can't seem to understand).

Other packages, including the EaseUS backup software, are sold in a similar fashion too.

easeus review pricing

Actually, the pricing of the EaseUS packages is actually pretty reasonable.

What's even better, is that you can always try their services before you buy. The company operates a 30-day trial period for both home and business users. This is always nice to see, and shows that they are confident in the service they provide.


Superb customer support
Fast backups
256-bit encryption
User-friendly system


Not very customizable
Weird lack of full drive scan
Pricing is a little inflexible, more expensive for Macs.

EaseUS Review Final Words

To summarise, I found the EaseUS backup solution to be fairly impressive.

EaseUS has concentrated on ensuring that the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is easy to use and operates straight out of the box, and they did a good job of doing so.

However, this user-friendly nature has been achieved while also sacrificing some of the functionality and customization that other packages and solutions provided.

Overall, I can certainly recommend EaseUS for home, and small business users. If afraid to take a risk, you may as well just take the 30-day free trial that they offer. What have you got to lose?

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  1. GJMAC picture GJMAC
    2019 August 20th

    I wish I had read the reviews on this page before I bought this crap. The majority of the files are unreadable. I feel like I just installed a virus and worst of all, I paid for this piece of crap! Horrible!!

  2. Gregarious picture Gregarious
    2019 August 15th

    This application is among the worst purchases I have ever made. The premise of the range of use I would get after purchasing this was a wholesale lie, not even a slight fib. Backing up and restoring is not yet feasible with the paid backup/restore plan. You have broken every possible feature down into an additional payment option.
    Have you ever seen ‘Les Miserables’, the musical? Remember the song about “Master Of The House”? I suggest you listen to the lyrics of that song if you haven’t, and you will then have a fairly accurate conception of this application, and one could also surmise of the creator(s) of it.
    I will endeavor to see where I might share my experience publically so that it will be the most visible to those interested in this ‘service’ and how I might keep that testimonial alive for the longest possible time, side by side to outlets for advertising or promoting this junk GUI.
    It may be overly idealistic, but why shouldn’t ethics and morals be the bedrock of the programming community? As we work to devise new means to advance ourselves forward, making use of the information around us and cater to lifting others into new forms of technological possibilities, how can fake imitation services such as this be allowed?
    Take your cheap counterfeit product. Go apply at HSN or some other snake oil salesman position. This product, it’s a presentation, it’s function, and therefore by proxy it’s creators are the examples of what and how not to be in this world.

  3. Mike O'Reilly picture Mike O’Reilly
    2019 August 9th

    Do not install this software. Even after uninstalling there are several programs left on your system monitoring you. Good luck removing them. I had to hunt them down in the registry the go into windows safe mode to delete the exe and dll files. Don’t know what they are trying to do but if their own uninstall still leaves hidden programs then they must be up to no good. Plus they are from China. Need I say more?

  4. Dan picture Dan
    2019 August 6th

    I agree, do not purchase this product. They don’t give you working solution, and don’t give you money back.

    I bought a copy of EASEUS DATA RECOVERY. When I go to recover the data. I found many files but none of the most recently deleted. While it did recover a couple of files, it changed the format in doing so so Illustrator and InDesign and photoshop files were unusable and corrupted.
    I followed all the instructions correctly and it failed me. Then things got worse when asking for a refund. They promise a 30 Day Money back Guarantee. That’s a lie.

    What followed was multiple emails, with more questions, or “buy this product instead” nonsense.

    They may offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE but the truth for all the reviewers I’ve read is this:


    ** Except we will make you jump through hoops. Question you expertise. Request remote access; question you and your ability to perform simple actions (Ironic as I am more than a little IT proficient); They’ll go around and around inn circles cutting and pasting the same response then pause the conversation when you corner them with logic and reasons you see it’s not working. After hours, I promise you they’ll be no resolution.

    I’ve wasted days of work costing a lot of money to my agency and £90 to buy a product that failed with MAC, Adobe and other files. I persisted because of principle but I promise that the product simply fails to deliver for me and so many – I suspect the top google searches and yellow stared reviews are paid sponsors and not impartial.

    Do your homework before buying this. Then look elsewhere. Maybe some people have gotten lucky? If they’re even ‘real people with genuine reviews) But to be, EASEUS the worst of scammers who will promise a solution, take your money, waste your time and leave you worse off then if you’d gone elsewhere.

  5. Ryann picture Ryann
    2019 July 21st

    They will never ever give you money back. Their refund policy and their product are all falsified. Typical Scam.

  6. Sarah picture Sarah
    2019 July 15th

    Don’t buy, if it looks bad free trial… don’t buy it thinking premium looks any different.

    If you ask for the refund they’re just going to say “well you had a free trial,” you can rebuttal by saying you didn’t know things look wack because it was encrypted and it wasn’t our fault. They’ll say its not because of the software its because of the encryption, well shit that means your shit still didn’t work wheres my refund… then they hit you with the you had the free trial again. “policies is policies,” I fell under the policy 8 but policy 6 protected them… how annoying… so no refunds for me!

  7. Kyle picture Kyle
    2019 July 13th

    So got to use their test program for data recovery, and it worked alright. BUT after paying the $69.95 the program then freezes, puts the recovered files in some giberish language, and can never seem to recovery anything greater than 50GB. So for the casual user who’s saving those family photos, have at it. However, for those who are actually storing significant data stay clear. The cherry on top of this story? Didn’t get the refund even though it’s a 15 day money back guarantee, cause of the most restrictive return policy. Unless the program fries your computer, don’t expect a refund.

  8. Leah Lopez picture Leah Lopez
    2019 July 12th

    Horrible company for a shit program. Don’t waste your money they will lie and make up excuses to not refund you either just offer more crap programs.

  9. Dave Dukart picture Dave Dukart
    2019 July 4th

    I had a bad experience with EaseUs data recovery. While it did recover the data, it changed the format in doing so, rendering it useless. After a runaround with easeussupport, it ended with no resolution and refund denied.

    Their partition software works acceptably, but the experience I had with this one, I will never use them again.

  10. Ann picture Ann
    2019 June 29th

    Agree, do not purchase this product. They don’t give you working solution, and don’t give you money back.

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