Egnyte Review – Is It A Perfect Business Option?


Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 7th

Egnyte has been around for more than a decade now, with its headquarters based in sunny Mountain View, California.

Backed strongly by venture capital from day one, the company has built itself into a respected file sharing site since then. Now, it's a favored option by many enterprise users all over the world.

But is that love justified? Is Egnyte any good?

In my Egnyte review, we'll see if they live up to the hype.

What is Egnyte?

Egnyte is a secure enterprise file sharing site, which is built from the cloud down to provide ultimate security. The site claims to take file sharing to a whole new level.

My first impression of Egnyte was that you can really see that they're attempting to rival the big cloud and file storage providers.

The drag-and-drop interface included in their packages is quite pleasing, with downloading, sharing, and bookmarking all easily accessible. It is user-friendly, and easy for a new user to pick up rapidly.

I was also impressed with the support for mobile, which works very efficiently.

There are mobile Egnyte applications available for all major platforms, too. Which is always a great plus, allowing businesses to managed their files on the go.

So, when it comes to keeping up with the new technology, Egnyte is up there with the best.

But there are plenty of other features that are worth mentioning.

Egnyte Features

It is worth noting that Egnyte utilizes its own application programming interface. This helps with security, as WebDAV has been criticized for some of its vulnerabilities.

The Egnyte Desktop Sync helps ensure that folders are regularly synced, and file access worked smoothly during my Egnyte review period. Its enterprise also supports files up to 25GB - equal to the size of a Blu-ray disc - so Egnyte certainly delivers a professional file storage mechanism.

It is worth mentioning that Egnyte puts a lot of focus into simplicity. A lot of the software features are tailored specifically, so they would increase efficiency, reduce data usage, and overall improve collaboration through many people.

The quest for ultimate simplicity can be seen all throughout the product. Integration with commonly used software suites such as Microsoft Office is slick, and overall I was rather impressed with the package that Egnyte delivers.

So, Is Egnyte Safe?

Egnyte is seriously secure. It is fully SOC 1 and ISO 27001-compliant, with full support for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability. Act. 256-bit AES encryption is included, and the Egnyte Key Management service also enables businesses to encrypt their own data.

Egnyte review security

Engyte also goes well beyond asking you to "choose a difficult password with uppercase letters and numbers".

Two-factor authentication is provided to deliver an extra layer of security, with SMS, Phone Call, and Duo Push all supported. I felt more than comfortable with the security provisions offered by Egnyte and can recommend the Egnyte cloud as a safe storage mechanism.

Egnyte vs Dropbox: Which is better for business?

Comparing Egnyte and Dropbox, one thing shows immediately: Egnyte has a business subscription that costs slightly less than Dropbox - $8 compared to $9.99.

Egnyte also offers more online storage, which is very welcome. When it comes to features, it is difficult to compare them all: as different users need different things. So it's important to know what exactly you want from your cloud storage and then look into each of these platforms for what they have. A good way to see that is free trials:

Egnyte offers a 15-day free trial, which should be just about enough to see if it's right for you. Dropbox, however, offers a longer 30-day free period.

Egnyte Pricing

The table below provides pricing details for Egnyte accounts:

Employees Supported 5-25 25-100 100+
Storage 5TB 10TB Unlimited
Price Per Employee $8 per month $15 per month Pricing on request
Max File Size 10GB 10GB 25GB
Advanced Security No Yes Yes
Storage Sync No Yes Yes
Customer Support Standard Premium Platinum

One criticism of Egnyte is that it reserves its best features for Enterprise customers. Perhaps understandable, but a bit annoying for the rest of us! Things like Advanced Security and Storage Sync could be useful for smaller businesses as well.

It is also interesting that the Engyte website does not list a price for Enterprise packages, and instead leaves this open to negotiation. This may appeal to the hagglers among you!


Strong hybrid storage
Large maximum file size
Slick operation


The mapped drive can be unreliable
Several options only for enterprise users
A free trial is quite short


Egnyte is an excellent cloud solution for file storage and one that will suit organizations of all sizes.

Egnyte is certainly targeted at the business community, though, and it is no surprise that it delivers a premium, feature-packed platform.

It offers a huge amount to both businesses and IT users, but one minor quibble is that the casual user is somewhat neglected.

Overall, I would recommend Egnyte as a valid option for businesses looking for cloud storage services.

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