File Dropper Review: Is It A Good Place For Your Files?


Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 7th

File Dropper is a file sharing site, intended to be an alternative to the likes of MegaUpload and RapidShare. Both of which are now defunct - so FileDropper is now seen as one of the primary alternatives.

But can File Dropper deliver a package that really meets the demands of users? Is it a legit option that's going to exist for years to come - or is it an unsafe choice soon to meet the bitter end?

filedropper review

File Dropper Features

File Dropper has several features which are intended to ensure that it is superior to rival file-sharing platforms.

Perhaps the most obvious of these is the no countdown timer when downloading files. File Dropper prides itself on ensuring that users have instant access to files, while also providing security features which ensure that the site isn't swamped by bots.

As Internet files have become larger and larger, file sharing sites have had to respond to demand. This means that File Dropper accommodates for even the largest files, with a maximum upload size of 5GB. This is pretty sizeable, representing one-fifth of a Blu-ray disc.

File Dropper also requires files to be downloaded on a fairly regular basis. File Dropper review all of your files every 30 days, and any that haven't been downloaded during this period of time will be permanently deleted.

This has drawn criticism in some quarters, but it must be said that it is a fully transparent policy.

File Dropper Reviews Reveal Some Issues

FileDropper reviews have been relatively mixed.

Some users have criticized the site for being slow at times, while the lack of a free account option has also attracted negative comments.

However, it should be said that the cheapest File Dropper plan costs under $1 per month, which is virtually nothing. And when it comes to performance, it's true - while browsing and using File Dropper, I have noticed that the site isn't the quickest. It wasn't enough to cause serious problems, but enough to be noticeable.

Other users experienced problems with logging in - no such cases in my personal experience though.

There are not only bad things though. File Dropper has also been praised for its user-friendliness, the scale of files available, and for being a lightweight program that doesn’t overburden computer processors. All of that is definitely right.

Is File Dropper Safe?

File Dropper has put in place extensive measures for safety and security, including the usual encryption.

This has resulted in the site receiving a 4.7 rating from Web of Trust, meaning that you can consider this website to be extremely secure.

filedropper review webtrust

The research I've done has also helped to prove this point. The platform seems to have not been affected by any major hacks or outages.

However, the website seems to have a fairly negative reputation around it and while that doesn't mean a whole lot, it may not be a good option for businesses looking for a reputable file sharing platform.

File Dropper Pricing

Pricing for File Dropper is contained in the table below:

Monthly Fee $0.99 $5 $10
Storage Space 5 GB 50 GB 250 GB
Free Trial Yes Yes Yes

If you don't want to pay, you can also use File Dropper for free. In that case, however, you can simply upload a file and get a download link. And premium plans, such as the ones above, allow you to backup your files to the company's server and access them anytime you login to the website.

It would be great if something like that was available for free, too. Luckily, the site does offer a free 7-day trial, so that you can get used to its features before committing to a subscription.


Affordable price


A little slow
The free plan is very limited
Some registration problems reported


Having conducted this File Dropper review, I can say with confidence - the site does a decent job of offering a file sharing service.

However, it is hard to recommend the site over the more established giants of the business, i.e. Dropbox. For business users, File Dropper may not be ideal for business users, while there must be concerns about its long-term viability due to legal issues and bad reputation.

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