6 Best File Hosting Services – Top Options For Your Files


Bart Keating


2019 December 6th


When you want to store your files online, whether for backup, sharing, or web hosting, you need a file hosting service.

The best file hosting options give you total control over your files, making it easy to organize them and access your files whenever you need them. Top file hosts also offer strong security features so you can be confident your files are safe.

And so, here are our picks for the 6 best file hosting services:

  • Filehosting.org (Free short-term file hosting)
  • SugarSync (Automatic background file backups)
  • TitanFile (HIPAA-compliant security measures)
  • Files.fm (Encrypted file syncing across devices)
  • Box (Enterprise file storage solution for teams of three or more)
  • MediaFire (Inexpensive file storage services)


Free to use

Recommended for: Free short-term file hosting.

File Hosting Service Filehosting.org

Filehosting.org offers one of the easiest solutions for free file hosting. There’s no sign-up required, so all you need to do to share a file is to upload it and enter your email to receive a URL link to the file. Better yet, there are no limits on files sizes for uploads.

The catch to using Filehosting.org is that it’s not a permanent cloud storage solution. Files are only held on the company’s servers for 20 days. Plus, since there are no accounts, you can’t access any uploads without a direct URL. The service is relatively fast for downloads given that it’s free. However, keep in mind that there are no security features. Files can be downloaded an unlimited number of times, and there is no file encryption during upload.


  • Free, no account required
  • No file size limits
  • File URLs emailed to you
  • Files can be downloaded an unlimited number of times


  • Files only held for 20 days
  • Files cannot be accessed without URL
  • No encryption


Plans from $7.49 per month

Recommended for: Seamless file backups. 

File Hosting Service SugarSync

SugarSync is a fully featured file hosting service that includes high-end security, file backup, and simple file sharing. What sets this service apart is that all of your files are transferred with encryption and protected with 256-bit encryption on SugarSync’s servers. This makes it one of the safest options for hosting sensitive files.

On top of that, SugarSync makes it easy to sync files across your devices and share them. The platform comes with desktop and mobile applications, from which you can quickly and easily share files with collaborators. The desktop app includes automatic folder backups that run in the background.

The primary downside to SugarSync is that it is somewhat costly. Plans start at $7.49 per month for just 100 GB of storage space. If you need 1 TB of storage, SugarSync costs a whopping $55 per month.


  • Encryption during transfer and on servers
  • Desktop and mobile applications
  • Easy file sharing from the apps
  • Background file backup


  • Expensive, especially for large storage volumes


Plans from $14.95 per month

Recommended for: Businesses that need a HIPAA-compliant file host. 

File Hosting Service TitanFile

TitanFile is a file hosting service centered around communication and collaboration. The platform integrates with Microsoft Outlook so you can send encrypted files via email.

It also enables document sharing, which includes the ability for clients to drop files into your account.

One of the best features of TitanFile is its organization. Within your file hosting account, you can organize files into different folders and tag them for easy searching. You can also communicate over TitanFile and organize messages just as you would files.

When it comes to security, TitanFile is unmatched. The service is HIPAA-compliant and offers encryption during file upload and download, storage, and sharing. You have the option to require two-step verification to access files. And you can even choose the location of the servers that will store your data.

For all of that, the pricing isn’t extravagant. Plans start at just $14.95 per month for unlimited storage space.

However, on that plan, you’ll be limited to uploading 1 GB files.


  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Encryption during all phases of file transfer
  • Two-step verification
  • Excellent file organization


  • Expensive, especially for large storage volumes

4. Files.fm

Free version available

Recommended for: Encrypted file syncing across devices. 

File Hosting Service Files.fm

Files.fm offer both free and paid plans for file hosting. When using the service for free, file uploads are limited to 5 GB in size and expire after 60 days. However, Files.fm doesn’t require an account for hosting small files, which can be an advantage for sharing small files only occasionally.

Paid plans start from $4.08 per month for 250 GB of storage space. With a paid plan, your files never expire and you can use Files.fm to sell digital products. You also get upload size limits of a maximum of 30GB depending on your plan.

In addition, Files.fm paid plans come with access to the ‘Sync’ application. This desktop and mobile app allow you to encrypt files and transfer them easily across your devices. The ‘Backup’ application also lets you schedule automatic file backups to your online storage.

And if you like paying for a thing just once, Files.fm offers lifetime storage feature. You can buy a private 1TB cloud storage for just a single payment of about 88 dollars.

While file encryption is one security advantage of Files.fm, note that you’ll need a more expensive ‘Business’ plan to unlock additional security features. With that plan, you can get access to a security log and download statistics. You can also manage multiple user accounts.


  • Free or paid plans
  • Sell digital files
  • ‘Sync’ and ‘Backup’ applications


  • Additional security features cost extra


Plans from $5 per user per month

Recommended for: Teams of three or more.

File Hosting Service Box

Box is a cloud storage and collaboration platform specifically designed for business and enterprises. A ‘Starter’ plan requires a minimum of three users, at $5 per user per month. But if you have a large team, all plans above the ‘Starter’ plan offer accounts for an unlimited number of users.

Box offers a wide range of features, including both desktop and mobile apps for file upload and sharing. There is also a user management interface for business administrators. The platform includes file versioning and, with more expensive plans, the ability to brand your file storage apps.

In terms of security, Box is relatively competitive. All files are encrypted during upload and download, as well as while at rest on Box’s servers. Plus, file downloads can be set to require two-factor authentication.


  • Relatively inexpensive enterprise storage solution
  • User management interface
  • File versioning and branding capabilities
  • File encryption during transfer and on servers


  • Not suitable for teams with less than three users

6. Mediafire

Plans from $3.75 per month

Recommended for: Inexpensive file storage.

File Hosting Service Mediafire

Mediafire is an extremely inexpensive and capable file hosting platform. Users start out with 10 GB of storage for free and can get up to 50 GB by inviting friends to the service. Paid plans, starting at just $3.75 per month, include 1 TB of space and uploads up to 20 GB.

The service offers several useful security features to protect your files. First, you can password-protect files upon sharing them. You can also send one-time download links to prevent a file from being downloaded endlessly.

Note, though, that Mediafire doesn't encrypt files at rest on their servers - so it's not an advanced security option.

Keeping your files organized on Mediafire is simple thanks to a drag-and-drop folder interface. You can also download entire folders at once, so there's never an issue getting files onto a new device. What's more, when performing massive uploads and downloads, you get access to unlimited bandwidth.


  • Inexpensive for 1 TB of storage
  • Uploads up to 20 GB
  • Password-protected files
  • Drag-and-drop interface


  • Files are not encrypted at rest

File Hosting Services Compared

Finding the best file hosting option is important for backing up your files or running a business built on collaborations. File hosts differ in the amount of storage they offer, the level of security they provide, and much more. To finish, this is how the six file hosting services I've reviewed stack up:

  • Filehosting.org offers free file hosting for up to 20 days
  • SugarSync allows you to automatically back up files in the background
  • TitanFile offers excellent security for HIPAA-compliant businesses
  • Files.fm lets you sync files across devices with encryption
  • Box is a cloud storage provider for small business and enterprises
  • Mediafire is an inexpensive solution for storing files

Did this guide help you find the best file hosting service? Let me know in the comments below!

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Derek Labian picture
Derek Labian

2019 November 20th

Hi Bart Keating, we launched https://Fast.io today its geared at solving this problem, simple enterprise file hosting. It has simple pricing, a global network, and scales automatically and reliably.

Hi Bart Keating, we launched https://Fast.io today its geared at solving this problem, simple enterprise file hosting. It has simple pricing, a global network, and scales automatically and reliably.

Holly Adams picture
Holly Adams

2019 May 18th

After using Onedrive for several years I have recently started using https://difl.host to store my photographs. They don't have quite as many features but they are cheaper and so far... Read more

After using Onedrive for several years I have recently started using https://difl.host to store my photographs. They don't have quite as many features but they are cheaper and so far I have not been disappointed.

MB picture

2019 March 21st

SugarSync system down today, even website not working, status?

SugarSync system down today, even website not working, status?

    Paul Mahony

    2019 March 25th

    Hey, looks all fine from our end. Could you tell us in more detail, what was the case? Sounds interesting.

    Hey, looks all fine from our end. Could you tell us in more detail, what was the case? Sounds interesting.