GoodSync – The Best File Synchronization Platform Money Can Buy?


Paul Mahony


2019 December 16th


GoodSync is a well-established backup and file synchronization platform, generally used in business and appreciated for its file synchronization features.

It is slightly different from competing solutions in this field though - so how does it perform, and what does it offer for those who are looking for file storage?

Let’s take a look at it in my GoodSync review.

What Is GoodSync?

GoodSync is used for the synchronization of files between two directories - this can be based on a solitary computer, or between a computer and another storage device. GoodSync is also capable of synchronizing files between computers and remote servers.

The builders of this software are seasoned professionals and have dealt with file synchronization over the best part of a decade. In this time, GoodSync Pro, in particular, has established itself as top file synchronization and backup system, trusted by home users and businesses alike.

One of the things that I particularly like about GoodSync is its ability to perform daily backups in an incredibly fast time frame. Its file synchronization capabilities are really second to none based on the platforms that I have used.

And this is only been enhanced by its new cloud connection capabilities.

Backup System

GoodSync reviews have often focused on the backup capabilities of the software, as this is probably the primary usage of the package among professionals and corporate clients.

Not only is this process is extremely slick, but the platform also makes it possible to automate this process, ensuring that backups will happen on a regular basis.

Storage Options

Several storage options are made available by GoodSync, with local, external, network, FTP and cloud all available.

When conducting this GoodSync review, I found that all of the options offered by the system are delivered with equal flair and stability, making this the ideal package for file synchronization.

Is GoodSync Safe?

Goodsync Review Encryption

Encryption features included with GoodSync are more than adequate, with files, folders, and the bodies of files all encrypted with separate keys.

The software included in GoodSync even has the ability to encrypt an entire tree into a singular clump of data.

You can rest assured that your data is pretty safe with GoodSync.

However, users would also be advised to encrypt their own data separately before uploading it to the server.

Users would do well to remember that they should always encrypt their files before transferring them over the public Internet.

This is a necessity if you are using direct file sharing P2P technologies.

GoodSync Pricing

Pricing for GoodSync is contained in the table below:

GoodSync Personal Free GoodSync Personal Paid GoodSync for Server File Server Backup Control Center
Price $0/year $49.95/year $1,194 $2,995 $39.95 per workstation + $499.95 per server annually
Free Trial 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days 14 days
Connections Allowed 1 1 15 Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited Users No No No Yes Yes
Admin Dashboard No No No No Yes
Advanced Reporting No No No No Yes

It should be fairly obvious from the pricing that this is pretty much an enterprise solution. GoodSync will appeal to businesses that have vast amounts of files that need to be backed up and solidified in the most reliable and speedy way possible.

They certainly deliver an excellent package for such companies but is of minimal value to the home user due to its pricing structure.


Very easy to setup
Superfast synchronization
Permanent file access
Multiple storage options
Slick automation


Advanced features are a bit complicated


GoodSync is well-established as a corporate solution and offers an extremely reliable synchronization package. There are no problems with safety and security, and both the core and advanced features of the software are delivered confidently.

The only possible criticism that I can make of this software is that GoodSync could be a little more user-friendly. Its interface could be better designed, while some advanced functions can be confusing to access.

But these are small complaints about an otherwise excellent package that comes highly recommended from me.

What do you think about GoodSync? Do you have a review of your own, if so leave them below!


Written by Paul Mahony

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User comments

Bernard Harrison picture
Bernard Harrison

2019 November 27th

Are the files copied? Which means, to me, that I can start work from the copy file any time. Why do I ask? Many years ago (30 - 40?) "Backup"... Read more

Are the files copied? Which means, to me, that I can start work from the copy file any time. Why do I ask? Many years ago (30 - 40?) "Backup" was a proprietary thing, that encoded the copy...and it could only be "Restored" by the same software...which might make everything unusable if the software itself broke, or you changed to another vendor. I cannot contemplate buying this if it is not possible to work from the spare files (eg on a memory stick, on another computer).


    2019 December 3rd

    Yes, the files are copied. You do not need the software, GoodSync, to access the files after a sync or backup. When you download the free version, they give you... Read more

    Yes, the files are copied. You do not need the software, GoodSync, to access the files after a sync or backup. When you download the free version, they give you access to the paid features, like unlimited number of files, for the first 30 days (which isn't clearly stated on their website but found out by emailing them) so you can give it a proper test before needing to pay. This was the only reliable solution I found for Cloud-to-Cloud syncing. The software could definitely be more user-friendly, as mentioned above, and have a clearer, more detailed manual, but it is an excellent product (speaking as a personal product user, not business).