JustCloud Review: It’s Simple – But Is It Good?


Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 7th

JustCloud promises to make cloud file storage completely convenient, enabling users to access files from anywhere at any time.

With several attractive features looking to make your file management easy and data secure, JustCloud seems to offer a powerful and impressive cloud-based package.

In my JustCloud review, we'll find out if this is actually true.

What is JustCloud?

JustCloud is a cloud file storage system with the capacity to automatically backup and protect your files and important documents.

JustCloud is fully compatible with mobile devices, enabling you to backup and access your files on the go.

Indeed, its website states that it will automatically backup your computer according to a schedule of your choice, without any requirement for user prompting.

And access to the files stored in the JustCloud server is very simple - without compromising security. A combination of those two things allows you to access your files wherever you may choose, with an online Control Panel being made available on several platforms.

JustCloud also makes it possible to synchronize multiple computers, putting users in charge of what files and folders are synchronised.

JustCloud Has Its Problems Though

With all this being said, the service actually provided by JustCloud is something of a disappointment. For starters, JustCloud reviews are pretty terrible.

There are several aspects to this, but let's begin with the backup service itself. Well, this aspect of the system is pretty unreliable, and this has been reflected across multiple JustCloud reviews. Backups seem to not always happen.

For a system that's supposed to reduce user stress and workload, if other tends to do the opposite.

This cannot be reasonably described as a feature-packed system either. Even some of the most basic functionality that you would expect to be included within a free system is missing, and must instead be purchased as part of a monthly or annual subscription package.

For example, a Recycle Bin feature costs an additional $15.90 a year!

I also didn't find JustCloud to be a hugely user-friendly system. The synchronization folder does not readily integrate with the file structure of your computer, which would be considered standard for most cloud storage solutions. While it is accessible through the JustCloud client, this is a somewhat inflexible system for a file storage mechanism.

With the speed of the system rather poor, and problems also emerging with synching during my JustCloud review process, it would be fair to say that this solution didn't exactly impress me.

Is JustCloud Safe?

Well, the most worrying area of the system, and one that has led to accusations of a JustCloud scam, is the security and safety provisions of the software.

A lot of people define JustCloud as nagware - that means the type of software which often bundles a lot of other programs, some of them very likely to collect your personal data.

There are also loads of JustCloud reviews mentioning the data disappearing or the accounts getting hacked into.

JustCloud isn't doing much to defend itself against those claims either. If anything, they just dig themselves a deeper hole, calling 256-bit encryption a 265 Bit encryption.


Furthermore, JustCloud also notes in its terms and conditions that information from the website can be shared with third-party companies for advertising purposes; certainly something that you should be looking to avoid.

JustCloud Pricing

Full deals of the packages offered by this provider are contained in the table below:

Home Premium Ultimate
Monthly Price $10.69 $11.94 $14.44
Yearly Price per Month $8.19 $9.44 $11.94
Storage Space 75GB 250GB 1TB

While the free account provided by JustCloud is a good thing, the pricing for its subscription packages is quite high.

It is usual to expect monthly packages to be the norm for any cloud provider - and for the yearly ones to be lower. But even when reduced, the prices are still a bit too big.


Widely compatible with operating systems
Free account available
Automatic backup


Subscription accounts are expensive
Security measures don't look trustworthy
Speed was disappointing
Limited feature set

JustCloud Review Summary

I cannot recommend JustCloud as a file storage or backup solution. Its website simply doesn't inspire confidence, making the most basic of errors while referring to encryption. And according to dozens of users, the errors definitely don't stop there.

Furthermore, the JustCloud Interface is clunky and difficult to use, while I found the core features of the program lacking in depth, and somewhat unreliable.

I certainly cannot suggest this cloud platform to business users, but those seeking more casual cloud storage may wish to check out the free package - although it's hard to believe that such people wouldn't simply be better served by using something like Dropbox.

Do you disagree with my negative JustCloud review? Let me know in the comments.

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User comments

Matt picture

2019 May 31st

I had some good results with the service early on, especially since it supports linux. However recently things have turned south. The server is dog slow and takes forever to... Read more

I had some good results with the service early on, especially since it supports linux. However recently things have turned south. The server is dog slow and takes forever to download backed up directories. I've let it run for days with no success on a directory that is just a couple of gigabytes; and I have very fast internet. Moreover there is no way to pause a restore operation, and their ftp server is also dog slow. I also found out they do not back up hidden files, which was an absolute disaster for me when my home directory got wiped. I think it's time for me to look at their competitors.

Tom Crowley picture
Tom Crowley

2019 April 30th

I totally agree with your review! Furthermore, I have NEVER been able to see or find any of my files that were supposedly "backed-up" - Then I was renewed on... Read more

I totally agree with your review! Furthermore, I have NEVER been able to see or find any of my files that were supposedly "backed-up" - Then I was renewed on 2/22/19 for $196.56 !! - I have no idea where that charge came from nor what it covers. Next, when I tried to Backup my files today 4/30/19 - I was informed that I needed "AN ADDITIONAL LICENSE" !! - WTF? - The phone number on the renewal notice disconnected every time I tried it...Today I sent them an email to cancel my account and refund the charges. Lets see what happens. I will let you know.