MediaFire Cloud Storage – Can They Deliver?


Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 7th


MediaFire has become a familiar name over the dozen years of its existence, since being inaugurated in Texas.

Its founders claim that it attracts well over 1 billion users annually to its domain, while the site also boasts around 45 million registered users.


This is undoubtedly one of the top cloud storage tools, but is the MediaFire hype really justified?

What Is MediaFire?

MediaFire is one of the most well-known cloud file storage systems, now available for iPhone, Android, OSX, Windows, and web platforms. They claim to be the storage solution which delivers unlimited downloads, powerful download resuming, and zero waiting times.

Mediafire Review Free

These are big boasts, and they certainly make the platform a worthy storage contender. In my eyes at least.

Another positive that I found during my MediaFire review is the scale of free storage available.

10GB is a pretty decent quantity for free users, while it is possible to earn a staggering additional 40GB by referring your friends and completing other platform-friendly tasks.

When you consider that 50GB of free storage is on offer, this is simply not matched anywhere else in the industry.

However, it should also be noted that the free version of the MediaFire software is plagued with advertisements, which could be discouraging for those who find ads intrusive.

What About the MediaFire Interface?

I also wasn't too impressed with the browser interface included with MediaFire, as it is a little slow compared to other solutions. A lack of desktop support is definitely a weakness, and it’s actually quite surprising that MediaFire hasn't rectified this in the contemporary climate.

Having said that, the download speed is decent, it's just disappointing that there is no desktop option.

Is MediaFire Safe?

Safety and security is obviously of critical importance with MediaFire, and it is therefore reassuring that the site scores well with Web of Trust.

Its 4.6 star rating means that the encryption and safety provisions that MediaFire has put in place can be considered stringent, and you can use the site safe in the knowledge that you are perfectly safe to do so.

mediafire review safe

MediaFire Pricing

You can see the pricing for MediaFire in the table below:

Basic Pro Business
Price Free $3.75 / month $40 / month
Storage 10 - 60GB 1TB 100TB
Feature Set Minimal Business Enterprise
Ad-Free No Yes Yes
Fully Customizable Branding No No Yes

This is the biggest area of strength for the MediaFire solution. The sheer scale of storage potentially available for free users is impressive, while the pricing of its business and enterprise-focused packages is also extremely reasonable. Coupled with the incredible quantity of storage on offer, it is easy to see why MediaFire has established itself as such a big name in the industry, and why many MediaFire reviews are positive.


Fantastic storage quantities
Pricing structure is first-class
Simple interface
Good support for mobile


No desktop option
Free version has ads
Minimal feature set


MediaFire could be considered a somewhat divisive platform, as it lacks many of the features of some of its rivals. The lack of a desktop option is particularly disappointing, but it does compensate in other areas.

MediaFire is a fast and simple file storage solution that also provides a vast amount of storage at an affordable price tag. MediaFire will definitely appeal to home users but the business and enterprise community may consider them to be discouraging with regard to their core needs.

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