MyDocsOnline Review: Is It Still Firing On All Cylinders?

Having been founded way back in 1998, MyDocsOnline is one of the most established file sharing businesses in the world.

mydocsonline review

Headquartered in Florida, the company has worked with businesses in over 160 countries to secure professional documents while delivering collaboration and data storage via the cloud.

In this MyDocsOnline review, we’ll see how good this veteran file storage system really is.

What is MyDocsOnline?

MyDocsOnline delivers several packages intended to suit users with a wide range of needs – whether family users, small businesses or big enterprises. There is also a free 15-day trial on the packages, meaning that you have plenty of time to get to grips with its features before committing to a subscription.

mydocsonline reviews free trial

Documents and files can be shared via both mobile and desktop platforms, with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android all supported. This means that almost every mobile device will be compatible with the MyDocsOnline system.

MyDocsOnline reviews have often praised the system for its intuitive user interface, and I would have to agree with this opinion. MyDocsOnline had 20 years to get it right – and they did.

The straightforward drag and drop system, coupled with the easily accessible folders and synchronization process makes this a highly intuitive file sharing platform. The design isn’t completely brilliant, but in here, it’s definitely a case of function over form.

Upload and download speeds seem pretty swift throughout, and MyDocsOnline overall appears to be a sturdy and reliable solution.

There is also no limit placed on individual file size. Still, the 5GB storage offered in the standard package is perhaps a little thin compared to some of the site’s competitors.

Is MyDocsOnline Safe?

MyDocsOnline goes to great lengths to ensure that data is safe and secure, including sophisticated encryption software. There have been few MyDocsOnline reviews which have indicated that the security is on point and I absolutely agree with these sentiments.

In the 20 years of business, MyCloudOnline has been safe throughout all major attacks – so there’s no reason to worry here.

MyDocsOnline Pricing

The pricing for MyDocsOnline can be viewed in the table below:

Price Per Month$9.95$29.95$59.95$99.95
Users Supported131020

It has to be said – MyDocsOnline is a little pricey. At least you can choose out of several packages, and pick the price that is more fitting your wallet. And yet still, more space is available at lower prices elsewhere. If storage is your priority, consider looking elsewhere.


Highly established company
Speedy system
User-friendly interface


Expensive provider
Relatively limited storage space
Poor options for free users

MyDocsOnline Review: Conclusion

MyDocs Online delivers a reliable and speedy system, and security is most definitely on point. However, I can’t quite recommend it for your file storage needs.

This is simply because they charge a high price for their services. Much cheaper and better value for money options available elsewhere.

So, while it might be worth some consideration for users with smaller files, MyDocsOnline fails to deliver a reasonable service for those needing to store large amounts of data.

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    • Richard Viets portrait Richard Viets
    • 2018 December 7th

    Richard Viets, the CTO of My Docs Online here. Thanks for your review. I’d like to point out a few additional things that might not be obvious if you were not considering us for some particular and popular needs.
    First off, we are aimed at small businesses and professionals, not consumers. There are plenty of free choices for the individual user, but businesses need a service that meets their needs and also provides real support. In addition to email support (and chat) we also answer the phone when our customers call. Second, the most popular feature for small businesses and professionals is “Customer Upload” a highly customizable and embeddable secure file upload solution that allows our customers to receive files from their customers and clients. Third, the next most popular feature is our “Share” option allowing our customers to “go the other direction” to securely deliver files to their customers and clients.
    Did I mention we answer the phone to directly help our trial and paid customers? Who else does that these days?

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