Odrive Review – Innovative Platform, So Close To Brilliance


Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 7th

Odrive is a cloud-based storage system that promises to beat its competitors with an innovative approach.

Odrive (stylized as odrive) proclaims to deliver 24/7 access to files in a secure system, as well as make them available at a much faster pace than other cloud solutions.

But will my Odrive review reveal that the platform can actually deliver on these promises? Or is it a just another company that promised, but can't deliver? Let's find out!

What is odrive?

Having been established for seven years, the system has had plenty of time to bed in. But even from the very start, odrive reviews have always been promising. All throughout the years, the positive sentiment kept on going - and it's easy to see why.

The feature set included with odrive is more than good, and in order to unify its cloud services, odrive uses a web interface coupled with its own desktop client.

odrive review interface

Windows and Mac is fully supported, while Odrive Linux users are also catered for. There is full compatibility with Linux (glibc 2.11+), which can be a rare occurrence in the world of file storage. And odrive has recently released mobile versions of its software as well.

Odrive supports the WebDAV, FTP and SFTP protocols, although I was disappointed by the omission of cloud-to-cloud sync and cloud-to-cloud backup.

This makes transferring from one cloud to another extremely difficult, which is undoubtedly a bad mark for the software.

However, the ability of the system to encrypt files privately is undoubtedly a massive plus. The odrive sync client enables you to view content from your desktop system without ever needing to clutter up your home computer with files. This is quite a rare feature, and one that makes the system particularly enjoyable to use.

odrive review UI

I also found the user experience with odrive to be great, with the user interface easy to navigate, and the whole package delivering slick performance.

In the browser UI, downloading, deleting, renaming and sharing is simple, while all of the file sharing features and options are intuitive and logical.

One curious omission that I noticed was a very lacking file search feature.

It doesn't always work as it should, sometimes not finding files other storage options find with no problems whatsoever.

Overall though, the feature set included is quite impressive. Customer support is also decent, and there is certainly plenty to love about odrive.

Is odrive Safe?

Safety and security is obviously a prime importance for any cloud solution. Luckily for its users, odrive has directed loads of attention towards this aspect of the software.

The encryption option included in the software is rather powerful, and should ensure the total safety of your files.

Odrive actually allows you to create encrypted folders on your cloud drives, with private and end-to-end encryption completely locking out other users. This feature ensures that even odrive employees couldn’t crack your files - which is a welcome security provision.

sync.com review encryption

The level of encryption is AES-256, and everything was going absolutely superbly...Until I realized that odrive doesn’t offer two-factor encryption. This makes the system vulnerable if your password is stolen.

So, if you do decide to use odrive, then I would definitely recommend creating an extremely secure password - and perhaps even using a password manager.

Odrive Free vs Premium

Odrive offers a pretty decent free package, but also delivers the usual premium subscription service as well. Paid users gain access to a wide range of premium features, which are not available to free users.

These include customization options, some automation functionality, the ability to throttle network bandwidth to your advantage, some extra encryption options, and the ability to enable multiple passphrases to segment access.

It is certainly worthwhile for businesses and corporate clients to consider these options, but the free package delivered by odrive should be perfectly adequate for most home users as well.

Odrive Pricing

I have discussed the premium odrive package above, and there actually isn't too much to say about pricing here. The subscription package costs $8.25 per month. Sadly, you can't choose to pay once every month: you will be charged for a year in advance.

So, while the pricing structure is very simple, it's not flexible at all.

What's The Best Odrive Alternative?

The software is overall a solid performer, but if you're not entirely satisfied with the pricing or security, there are some good alternatives as well.

When looking for the best odrive alternative, Dropbox immediately comes to mind - with Sync.com as another worthy contender. Both of them have monthly plans and offer advanced security measures - this way, going a step beyond odrive.


Excellent desktop client
End-to-end encryption
User-friendly system and quick upload/download speeds.


No cloud-to-cloud sync or backup
No two-factor authentication
No monthly packages

Odrive Review: Final Words

Some of the omissions in the Odrive package are actually very disappointing.

But why is that, you ask?

Well, simply because odrive is a largely brilliant multi-cloud management system. It is lightning fast, super reliable, easy to use, and has extensive encryption options. Odrive really delivers everything that you could possibly want from such a system...And then it bizarrely fails to deliver in some key areas (which is a shame).

The lack of two-factor authentication and cloud-to-cloud sync capabilities really damage this package, therefore I can only recommend that you try it before you buy. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of what odrive delivers, but you might find yourself instead opting for another provider which offers what odrive has failed to include.

So, will you be using odrive? Or maybe you already have, and have a review of your own? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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German picture

2020 May 7th

I love odrive. I have 10 different cloud accounts in one place, in a folder that occupies no space in my HD. It's glorious. The only thing I miss is... Read more

I love odrive. I have 10 different cloud accounts in one place, in a folder that occupies no space in my HD. It's glorious. The only thing I miss is Odrive doesn't tell me how much space I have (virtually?) filled at each of these cloud storage spaces, so sometimes I worry if I may unnoticedly have filled on of them

Kyle picture

2019 March 20th

As far as 2FA goes. Google and Facebook both have 2FA - I would just use one of those accounts to login to odrive.

As far as 2FA goes. Google and Facebook both have 2FA - I would just use one of those accounts to login to odrive.