pCloud Review – One of the Best Cloud Services?


pCloud is a company based in Switzerland attempting to break into the ever-competitive cloud niche.

The company has a youthful team, which is more than willing to do their best providing the best possible service. And with over 8 million active users, they must be doing something right.

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Whether pCloud was ready to break into the ranks of the top cloud providers? Let’s find out!

What Is pCloud?

pCloud is a relatively new (yet highly successful) cloud storage solution. The company already boasts of having worked with the likes of Nike, Twitter, Uber, and Coca-Cola.

The pCloud system provides file storage in a remote data center, enabling you to free up your own desktop machines and achieve superior processing performance.

File synchronization is another major weapon in the pCloud armory – it is super fast and reliable, performing creditably in comparison with the leading names in the cloud industry. Their syncing capabilities are actually pretty decent too.

The desktop client delivered by pCloud is impressive – with Windows, macOS and Linux versions available. The inclusion of Linux will certainly be welcomed, seeing as though other popular providers such as Google Drive and OneDrive are Windows and Mac only.

pcloud review interface

pCloud hasn’t forgotten about mobile users either. Android and iOS are both fully optimized and installing a mobile app also reveals extra functionality. pCloud includes a setting which enables you to upload videos and photos to the cloud directly from your smartphone or tablet.

According to the information on the website, pCloud is WebDAV compatible. This means that you can access your account and files from other third-party tools that feature WebDAV. This makes the pCloud’s package more flexible and it is a rather handy feature.

pCloud is a highly user-friendly system as well, with the desktop client particularly easy to use. Buttons along the top panel enable you to cycle between various options, while there is also a neat drag-and-drop functionality included.

Impressive Media Support

Social media lovers will be pleased with the direct connection to Facebook and Instagram, making pCloud a fun cloud storage option.

Talking of fun, the support for media that pCloud offers is second to none. I particularly liked the web-based image viewer, which helps you create pleasing slideshows.

pCloud retains files for 15 days, which offers good protection against unwanted deleting. Some might consider 15 days a little skinny; in which case extended file history can be added, boosting this figure to a tremendous 360 days!

Overall, I was highly impressed with the pCloud system.

Is pCloud Safe?

Top security is a key to a quality cloud solution, and I can happily report that pCloud is safe and offers a very secure system.

pcloud review mobile

All files are encrypted via the pCloud cryptosystem, and they aren’t decrypted until downloaded. Such end-to-end encryption can reasonably be deemed superior to Dropbox (which decrypts files at its data centers in order to assign metadata).

Files stored with pCloud are encrypted using AES 256-bit, as recommended by NIST. This means that even a super-computer would take around one-billion years to crack it. In short, this is extremely secure.

Multiple versions of files are kept, although the lack of two-factor authentication does count against pCloud. However, if two-factor authentication is a must for you, then you could look elsewhere; Sync.com would be one possibility.

However, so far, pCloud is really proving itself well.

pCloud vs Dropbox

So, how does pCloud stock up against the most famous cloud storage system in the world, Dropbox?

Well actually, the answer is: extremely well.

pCloud offers more storage at a cheaper price than Dropbox, while its feature set is also more detailed, flexible and diverse. pCloud also makes it easier to share files with other users.

Dropbox does have its advantages as well, though. Its syncing of files is slightly faster, while its system also includes two-factor authentication.

Which platform suits you will be a matter of personal preference, but pCloud is certainly a strong contender in this pCloud vs Dropbox match up.

Let’s see how pCloud performs in the pricing department.

pCloud Pricing

The pricing structure for the various packages offered by pCloud can be seen in the table below:

Annual (monthly)$3.99$7.99

One thing that I really liked about pCloud’s pricing was the fact that they offer a lifetime payment option. This is very rarely provided by cloud solutions and is definitely worth considering for businesses that may need this provision for quite some time.

Quite honestly, it works out as an absolute steal. I’d suggest taking full advantage of their 30-day free trial, find out if you like the service they provide, and then give this option some serious consideration (depending on the type of business you run).

Overall (and once again), pricing for pCloud is highly impressive and is serious competition for almost any solution in the industry.

Note: Crypto enthusiasts will also be glad to know that pCloud accept Bitcoin payments too.

pcloud review bitcoin


Zero-knowledge encryption
File syncing is speedy
Very cheap pricing
Good media streaming
Pay via Bitcoin


No document editor
No two-factor authentication

pCloud Review Final Words

pCloud has very few weaknesses. Everything this services delivers runs smoothly, while the value for money that it offers is simply outstanding. Their zero-knowledge vault is extremely useful, and they also deals with media playback with flair and ingenuity.

I must say, this is also a highly secure cloud provider and one that delivers more features than Dropbox at a more affordable price.

Considering that pCloud offers a 30-day free trial, I’d recommend anyone looking for cloud storage to give this a test drive. Personally, I haven’t encountered a more impressive cloud storage system as of yet, so I’m sure you’ll love it.

Do you agree with my effusive praise in my pCloud review? Leave your own pCloud reviews in the comments below.

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