Review – Is This The New Champion? is another cloud provider that promises to store your files, providing access wherever you are in the world, and securing them from hackers.

This site is intended to be a direct rival to Dropbox – a wildly popular cloud storage platform. But is it as good? Or maybe it’s even better?

In this review, we’ll find out.

What is

During my review, it became obvious to me that this is one of the most feature-packed cloud solutions available on the market.

You can upload a lot of data with the subscription plans included with the software – with the maximum quantity being a huge 2TB for the standard premium package. Although this is elevated to a massive 10TB per user with Business Pro Advanced.

One of the interesting innovations with is the ability to upload 40GB of content to data centers, which is accessed via a downloadable desktop client, web browser, or mobile device. This helps prevent any problems with the corruption of data.

I was a little disappointed that there was no Linux option on offer though. At the time of writing, desktop compatibility is limited to standard Windows and Mac options, but hopefully Linux support will be built into the software in the future.

As it should be, has prioritized security as much as possible. review security

Sync’s security measures prevent even employees of the company from reading files: unless they are provided with the encryption key, which you have the access to.

This safety first approach is certainly welcome, in my opinion. Features and User Interface

I found to have a particularly user-friendly interface. When installing the client on your desktop, you also gain instant access to a taskbar icon.

Synchronization happens very intuitively and naturally, with minimal user input required. review interfaceThe file sharing and syncing system included with this solution is pretty much second to none. The web interface works incredibly well, making it easy to both secure and share files.

I particularly liked the feature which allows you to customize permissions for different users; once again the emphasis is on security.

The speed of the syncing and files access with is also highly impressive. I’m not sure that I’ve used a more stable or rapid system.

I had no problems with access or crashes while conducting my review; I have to say – the software on this platform is absolutely great.

Customer service is also highly responsive, with support hours from 8 AM to 8 PM on weekdays (USA East Coast time). They provide an emergency service, and there is a web-based chat service as well. It would be much better is it was 24/7, but it’s still quite solid.

I found that customer support responded very rapidly to email inquiries, while pro subscribers are afforded priority support over non-paying subscribers, which seems fairly reasonable.

Overall, after extensive testing, hardly puts a foot wrong. There are some things that could be improved, but there isn’t that much.

Is Sync Safe?

As mentioned previously, performs really well with regard to safety and security. Utilizing the 256-bit AES and data transmissions standards, the platform also applies measures to prevent online snooping. review safety

2048-bit RSA is used in the protection of encryption keys, while data centers associated with have no known history of security breaches.

S0C-1 certification and RAID architecture also mean that total data loss is virtually impossible.

While zero-knowledge security ensures that the system is extremely safe from a hacking perspective, it does place an responsibility on its users to remember their own passwords.

So I strongly suggest using a password management system when using the system. Combine that with two-factor authentication that’s built in, and you get a particularly secure platform.

Sync vs Dropbox

Sync is definitely a viable contender and an interesting alternative to Dropbox.

One difference worth noting is that subscriptions are cheaper than those to Dropbox. That’s $8 for Sync, compared to $9.99 for Dropbox Premium.

Also, I personally felt that the system is nearly as slick the Dropbox client. While Dropbox has pretty much the best user interface out there, is very close to them.

There is some difference in the features included in the two programs, and both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Each user’s needs differ, so I strongly suggest visiting both of those platforms and seeing if they offer what you’re looking for.

The winner of Sync vs Dropbox boils down to what you prefer: Dropbox really concentrates on delivering a user-friendly and speedy system, while I must say that Sync is a little bit more feature-packed.

Sync Pricing

There are three premium packages available for, these are summarized in the table below:

Business ProBusiness SoloBusiness Advanced
Price Per Month$5 per user$8 total$15 per user
Minimum Users212
Maximum Storage1TB2TB10TB per user
Live ChatNoNoYes
Manage User PasswordsYesNoYes

It must be said that the pricing for Sync is quite reasonable, particularly considering how impressive the overall user experience is.

One downside of the packages, though, is that you have to sign up for a year; there are no monthly options available. So if you stick with, you stick for a while.

So far, considering everything I’ve seen during my review, this is undoubtedly a very good cloud storage system. But let’s take a look at some pros and cons, shall we?


Fantastic interface and customer experience
Good security measures
No upload limit on files


No monthly plans
A limited number of tools, no third-party tools Review Summary absolutely deserves to be regarded as a great cloud storage provider. The usability of the service is absolutely brilliant, while the zero-knowledge capabilities and commitment to usability are definitely admirable.

There are a couple of minor complaints with, which include its lack of productivity tools and lack of a monthly plan. does the basics very, very right. But it could go even further.

Overall, I rate quite highly, and can definitely recommend it to enterprise consumers.

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