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Paul Mahony


2019 January 7th

Uploaded.net has become one of the most popular cloud storage platforms available since changing its core business from file sharing.

However, with abundant controversy in its early days, has it since been able to revive its reputation as a secure cloud storage provider?

Conducting my uploaded.net review, I found all the answers I needed.

What is Uploaded.net?

Uploaded.net has rebranded itself as a cloud storage site, after experiencing significant problems with its previous area of specialty.

This has certainly led some consumers to speculate on whether or not uploaded.net is safe, but despite this perception, the company has built up a solid business in the cloud storage space.

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With offices in Switzerland and the UK, uploaded.net is branching out, and starting to expand its core business.

It offers users the opportunity to store files such as videos, images or documents, while they can also be downloaded on the site via an internally generated link.

Is Uploaded.net Safe?

‘Is uploaded.net safe?’ is undoubtedly the million-dollar question for this site. Naturally, the copyright problems that it experienced previously have hampered the reputation of the website. The fact that similar providers such as Megaupload and Rapidshare have struggled and failed hasn't helped either.

Two things can be said to answer this question:

Firstly, those running uploaded.net have worked tirelessly to eradicate any problems within the business. The company has recently moved to terminate multiple accounts associated with frequent pirates after the former owner of the website was fined around $150,000 for copyright infringement.

Secondly, the site has managed to establish itself as an albeit smaller rival to the likes of Dropbox. Many people all over the world are currently storing their files with Uploaded.net.

I have no reason to believe that Uploaded.net is anything other than safe. Because they are actively banning fraudsters and copyright infringers, means that they have set their way towards legitimacy. Of course, time will tell how long this is going to last.

Uploaded.net Pricing

There are multiple pricing options available with uploaded.net, which can be summarised as:

Fee Premium Duration Points Included
€4.99 ($5.70) 48 hours 500
€9.99 ($11.40) 1 month 1000
€24.99 ($28.50) 3 months 2000
€39.99 ($46.60) 6 months 6000
€69.99 ($79.80) 1 year 7000
€99.99 ($111.40) 2 years 9000

One clear weakness of uploaded.net is that there is a minimal explanation on the website of how these packages and points systems work. While there are customer service contact details available, the information should be made more visible.

Best Uploaded.net Alternative

Dropbox is an obvious alternative, but I concluded during my uploaded.net review that it isn’t really a valid comparison. Dropbox is a massive site, with a different ethos and target audience to uploaded.net. It is instead more accurate to compare the site to something like uploadfiles.io, which would be an obvious alternative.


Affiliate program for uploaded.net is highly recommended
Established name and branding
Maximum file size and storage space is competitive


Users frequently report poor upload and download speeds
There have been frequent complains about poor customer service
The site is prone to throttle connections, at least based on anecdotal evidence
The website provides inadequate information on services, and appears amateurish


Uploaded.net has done its best to rebrand itself as a file-sharing site, but its overall reputation is still pretty poor.

This certainly isn’t unfair, as I found the site to be rather sluggish. Also, the website that supports the service is rudimentary and strangely distant in tone.

I should conclude my Uploaded.net review by making it clear that the service provided by this company leaves considerable room for improvement. It certainly isn't something I'm going to be using until they do so.

If you have any uploaded.net reviews or experiences of your own to share, please feel free to leave a comment! I'm eager to find out if you agree.


Written by Paul Mahony

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File 1558211708459-450955928 it's not my option.Can you erase it.l want to put my spouse details.