Is ZippyShare Safe Enough To Store Your Delicate Files?


Paul Mahony


2019 January 7th


ZippyShare is a file sharing service that has been established for more than a decade.

Interestingly, ZippyShare is particularly popular in the DJ community, with both amateur and professional DJs using the file-sharing site as a source of material and exchanging ideas.

But can this relatively small file-sharing site really compete with the top solutions on the market? We'll find out in my ZippyShare review!

What is ZippyShare?

ZippyShare was incorporated in 2006, with the intention of providing a lightweight and user-friendly file sharing solution.

With its maximum upload limit as 500MB, it is certainly aimed at the more casual and leisure-oriented user. This certainly tallies with its reputation as a music-sharing platform, as this figure means that any blue-ray disc shared via ZippyShare would need to be split into 50 parts - which isn't exactly feasible!

zippyshare review


Many users of ZippyShare have complained about its automatic deleting of the files following 30 days of inactivity. This is certainly something that you wouldn't expect from the big names on the market, such as DropBox. However, this is actually rather common across the industry, certainly with the smaller file-sharing services.

While it should also be noted that this is a very basic platform compared to others that are available, some users of ZippyShare have also complained about the levels of privacy available.

ZippyShare really is only a file sharing solution, and little else, meaning that the variety of features delivered by other companies are notable by their absence here.

Is ZippyShare Safe?

However, despite the criticism of ZippyShare, it does score well in the security department. ZippyShare currently has a 4.6 rating with Web of Trust, meaning that it has one of the higher ratings among file sharing solutions.

zippyshare review



Norton Safe Web has also analyzed for safety and security problems and found absolutely no issues with the site whatsoever. This suggests that it is a rather secure site overall and that you can store your files with ZippyShare safely, without worrying about unwanted access.

ZippyShare Pricing

There isn't as much to say about pricing related to ZippyShare as other providers, as it was set up to be a free site and has remained so ever since.

ZippyShare is not really a business solution and is instead aimed at members of the public who wish to share and host files within a safe, and easily accessible, environment.

Let's round up our ZippyShare review with some pros and cons.


Absolutely free
Easy access
Decent upload times


Useless for business
Files deleted after 30 days
Very few extra features

ZippyShare Review - Final Words

To conclude my ZippyShare review, well... ZippyShare does exactly what it says on the tin.

ZippyShare makes the storing and sharing of files quick and easy. However, it definitely isn't a platform that will suit the business community, nor one that cant be recommended for long-term storage.

If you want to share a number of relatively small files over a short period of time, ZippyShare can certainly make this easy to do, but for more advanced features you should certainly look elsewhere.


Written by Paul Mahony

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Peppersaucecake picture

2019 November 18th

But this zippy share thing keeps me notifying porn videos when I started to use it. Why? I need an explaination here please. Thanks

But this zippy share thing keeps me notifying porn videos when I started to use it. Why? I need an explaination here please. Thanks


    2020 March 7th

    That's why I use a Downloader like MiPony: no porn, just downloads!

    That's why I use a Downloader like MiPony: no porn, just downloads!