Zoolz Review: Space-Grade Technology, Or A Total Sham?

Zoolz is a major cloud provider and competitor, and one that collaborates strongly with Amazon.

The company relies on the Amazon infrastructure for its cloud services, and Zoolz notes that this foundation is trusted by huge corporate clients such as NASDAQ, National Institutes of Health and NASA.

Yes, NASA! The same rocket-flying, Mars drone-landing NASA!

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But is their space-age cloud system actually any good? Let's find out.

Zoolz Review: What is Zoolz?

Zoolz is a relatively young cloud storage service, but one that has made something of a splash in its relatively short life. The site promises to deliver an outstanding cloud package and ensures that users can access their data quickly and easily.

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The system provides a data archive for your personal computers and external drives, while enabling members to access this data from a variety of different platforms.

Let's Examine The Zoolz Features

In this era of big data and sophisticated analytics, data security is becoming ever more important. With this in mind, Zoolz promises to keep your critical documents, photos, music, videos, and other files completely safe.

However, the Zoolz system achieves this by archiving your data: as opposed to the usual cloud storage approach. What this means is that Zoolz replicates your file system - and they do this by using the Amazon Glacier system.

This means that your data is stored deeply into one of Amazon's super servers.

One of the disadvantages may be that your older data should take a bit more time to retrieve.

One of the advantages of this approach is that your file system structure can be preserved, as opposed to cloud storage which ensures everything is packed tightly into a sync folder.

When it comes to accessing your data, Zoolz is fully compatible with mobile platforms.

Both Android and iOS applications are available as well, so you can access your data on the go.

However, it should be noted that the software won't backup mobile data, so those looking for this feature should search elsewhere.

The application is meant mostly for accessing and sharing files with other users.

Network settings on Zoolz make it possible for you to control the speed that the platform uploads and downloads. You can also tinker with continuous backup and scheduling. There are also numerous other customization options available too (which you can see below).

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Final versioning is also fully supported, providing a critical backup of your system and enhancing protection against ransomware. Something I must criticize here though, is the fact that Zoolz never deletes files from the system - this is extremely rare in the cloud sphere.

The file backup all works very well, however, a big problem of this system is the fact that Amazon Glacier is a little slow. The Amazon system is notorious for this issue, and this can clog up your archival process somewhat.

While the system provides various resources in order to improve this, such as throttling and Turbo Mode, the reality is that other cloud providers outperform Zoolz in this department.

Is Zoolz safe?

Security is always a major concern when approaching any cloud provider, however, you'll be glad to know that Zoolz does a reasonable job of securing your data.

Interestingly, Zoolz takes advantage of the Amazon Web Services cloud, which can certainly be deemed an excellent foundation from a security perspective.

AES 256-bit encryption is also used, which is refreshing - especially considering that some providers opt for a 128-bit solution instead.

Just in case you don't know, the chances of AES 256-bit encryption ever being cracked are incredibly remote, so it's good to see it being utilized here.

Zoolz does an excellent job of managing your encryption keys too, allowing you to concentrate on other (more important) things. However, if you’re concerned about rogue employees cracking your data then you could always opt for private encryption and manage the whole thing yourself.

One thing that's important to note is this: Zoolz Home (their home-user packages) don't offer two-factor authentication. This means that if you lose your password then you’re in big trouble. Therefore, if you offer for Zoolz Home, you must create a strong password, and I would also highly recommended encrypting your own data as well.

Overall, customer data will certainly be safe with Zoolz, but I must say that it could be safer.

Having said that, the Zoolz reviews of existing clients are great - which is always a positive sign. Only 8% of users deemed this service to be below average.

Zoolz vs Dropbox

There is no doubt that Dropbox is the most successful cloud solution, but is Zoolz a valid alternative to this market-leader?

One of the main issues for Zoolz is that it lacks a viable free option. The most affordable Zoolz package costs over $15 per month, and offers just 100GB of storage. You can get Dropbox for free - and get a Premium package for only $9.99 a month.

When it comes to value for money, Zoolz doesn't offer the features to justify the premium price tag. Everything works adequately, but the speed, ease of use and security provisions of Dropbox are slightly slicker. Dropbox wins again.

Zoolz will do more than a satisfactory job for many businesses, but there is very little reason for casual users to consider their services over Dropbox. Zoolz simply doesn’t offer enough value for money.

So, I guess the winner of this Zoolz vs Dropbox fight goes to...Dropbox!

Zoolz Pricing

The pricing for the various packages offered by Zoolz can be seen in the table below:

StarterStandardPremiumSmart Archive
Storage100 GB250 GB250 GB1 TB

I actually consider Zoolz to be quite pricey. There isn't a decent free option, while the cheapest package available can be beaten for value for money elsewhere.

To be quite frank, Zoolz won’t break the bank, but it won’t amaze you with its affordability and thriftiness either.


  • Unlimited photo storage
  • File syncing is fast
  • Good user experience


  • No at-rest encryption
  • No productivity apps
  • Smaller storage provision than other providers

My Zoolz Review Summary

Zoolz offers a decent cloud package, but not one that will have the biggest providers particularly worried. Perhaps the most worrying aspect of Zoolz is its reliance on Amazon Glacier for backup storage, which is known to be a little on the slow side.

Aside from this, the service was reasonably good, delivering competent downloading speeds and also providing a few nifty additional features. Private encryption was particularly welcome, but the overall Zoolz package suffers from the absence of two-factor authentication.

While it is nice to gain access to a free 50GB, 14-day trial, the packages on offer with Zoolz are also a little more expensive than those offered by other, more popular providers.

So, to conclude my Zoolz review in short...Well, it is decent and competent, but ultimately uninspiring.

Disagree with my verdict? Please let me know in the comments below!

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