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If you were to go to Reddit or any other popular forum and ask for a free web hosting, sooner or later someone would mention 000webhost. In the end, it’s the most popular free web host out there. Especially for all those who want to learn the basics of hosting, play around with WordPress, and set up their first simple website.

But is signing up for a free hosting even worth it, considering there are so many $1 or $2 per month deals? Let’s find out – in this short but specific 000webhost review!

Who Is 000webhost?

This now popular free web hosting company was founded in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2007 when this very hosting – 000webhost – was launched. Despite its completely free offer, the company is positively verified by ICANN as a trusted hosting provider. This means your website is safe on it – even though you don’t pay for the service. In my honest opinion, this is quite an appealing deal. 

Over the years, they’ve grown to become a recognized and reputable brand. My main goal of this 000webhost review is to check if their offer matches their good reputation which has made it the most popular free web hosting in the world.

Services Offered By 000webhost

If you visit the company website, you’ll quickly see that they offer just one service – free web hosting. You might be wondering then – but how do they make money?

It’s simple. For those who feel that it’s time to upgrade, they are offering paid services of another reputable web hosting company – Hostinger. Not only do they link their pricing plans to them, but they also invite you to upgrade your hosting right after you first log in: 

000webhost review ugrade screen

000webhost Pricing & Plans (Yes, They Do Have Them!)

So, what does their free service have to offer? When it comes to the basics, you get 1 GB of disk space and 10 GB of bandwidth. Not a lot, but more than enough for someone who is just dabbling in the online world.

If that’s not enough, you can always sign up for the upsell. But, because the paid plans are managed by a separate brand, I will leave their details out of this 000webhost review – and focus on going over the basics of their free service.

Nevertheless, the paid plans look really affordable. The below table shows two out of three shared hosting plans available at Hostinger. If you would like to learn more about them, you can read about what they have to offer in our Hostinger review

000webhost review hostinger plans

Plans in More Detail

In the next step of this 000webhost review, let’s take a closer look at all the critical features of their free plan. Do they offer enough for a simple site?

Disk Space1 GB
Bandwidth10 GB
How many domains allowed?2
HDD or SSD used in servers?SSD
Anti-DDoS protectionIncluded
Anti-malware protectionIncluded
Email accounts5 (forwarders)
FTP accounts1
Website builderIncluded
Website templatesYes
Assisted website transferNo
Auto-installer scriptsLimited
Money-back guaranteeIt’s free 😊
Customer supportForum
Choice of server locationNo
Free automated back-upsNo

I believe that 000webhost really offers enough for you to build a legitimate website.  While some of the features are quite limited, you shouldn’t expect a lot from free hosting. In the end, it should be treated more like a playground than a host which you want to use for your business. Especially that, you can’t even create an email box – instead, you get access to an email forwarder:

000webhost review create email forwarder

But, even the email forwarder is limited – you can create just five email aliases that’ll be used for forwarding:

000webhost review- managing emails

000webhost Performance

What many free web hosting companies have in common is their terrible performance. Surprisingly, 000webhost looks quite good in comparison to some of them.

The website set up for this 000webhost review using their free package performed really well. The server performance was graded B, what is a good score for a cheap web host, and an excellent result for a free one:

000webhost review Uptime calculator

Sadly, their uptime guarantee is a bit lower than industry standards. According to our Uptime Calculator, with a 99% uptime guarantee, your website could be offline for over 14 minutes every day:

000webhost review-uptime

Luckily, while their backend, database management, and forum were recently even below the 99%, their servers responsible for hosting clients’ websites were doing just fine:

000webhost review: monitors

000webhost Pros

Despite its limited offer, it was quite easy for me to find advantages of the free hosting offer that I wanted to list in this 000webhost review – all that on top of great hosting performance mentioned above.

No CC Required, No Hidden Fees

The sign up takes just a minute and you don’t need to share any details other than your email address. Just create an account, confirm your email and enjoy your hosting. No credit card details required and no auto-enrollment into a paid plan after a certain period of time. You decide when you want to upgrade and start paying.

No Ads – but You Can Add Yours

If there were more available features, the hosting would work with any business site. They don’t put any advertising on your website and don’t restrict you from putting your own either. The only limitation of the free plan in this regard is that they put a tiny information about the platform in the bottom right corner of your site that says “Powered by 000webhost”.

Very Intuitive Website and Control Panel

I believe that the company is well-prepared to serve beginners. Both their websites as well as their custom control panel are highly intuitive and no newbie will have problems navigating it or signing up. On top of that, the lack of the majority of advanced features makes it even harder to get lost.

Active Community Forum

The next important thing for their target audience is, without a doubt, support. Thanks to the active community forum, it’s very easy to find answers to the question you might have – all that without even contacting support. Just hit the search button.

000webhost review- community forum

Unfortunately, their support is also one of their biggest drawbacks – one which I must mention in this 000webhost review.

000webhost Cons

As you can see, I’ve listed quite a few advantages of 000webhost. Sadly, there are also quite significant disadvantages, which can make it harder for newcomers to get the most out of the company offer.

No Live Chat for Unpaid Customers

The aforementioned community forum is the only way in which you can ask for support as an unpaid customer. The live chat support is only available for Hostinger users. This makes getting any help in real-time impossible. And this instant help is what can greatly improve the learning process – and that’s exactly what 000webhost is about.

Just one, 1-Click Installation Script

The below screenshot shows available scripts which you can deploy to your server. Or, I should have said a script – as out of the three, only WordPress is something you can install. While it’s probably the only thing a beginner needs, it would be great if you could experiment with other applications too. Not to mention that listing the scripts would make my 000webhost review richer 😊

000webhost review- installation

No Backups. Any.

Most cheap hosting companies force you to make all your backups manually. Many, limit the number of backups you can make. Sadly, 000webhost doesn’t allow you to make any backups at all! Unless you use a WordPress plugin to back up your WordPress site manually to an external storage, you will not be able to secure your project at all.

000webhost Review Summary – The Verdict?

I like the fact that there are companies that offer free web hosting without making it slow to the point when the website is unusable and you can’t really learn anything. I’m not a big fan of limiting the features so much – but, I guess that’s something to expect from a free web hosting company. In the end, it’s just a place for beginners to learn the basics – and I believe 000webhost is a perfect choice exactly for that.

But, if you need even one advanced feature, I guess it’s better to go with paid web hosting that you can pick from our reviews of other great hosting providers. 


  • Free Web Hosting
  • Good Performance
  • No Credit Card Required, No Catch, 100% Free
  • No Ads


  • No Backups At All
  • No Email/Live Chat Support
  • Limited Features

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