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2020 May 14th

000webhost is one of the biggest free hosting providers trusted by over 18 million users. Not surprisingly - it's probably one of the few free web hosts offering reliable and speedy hosting without putting a bunch of ads on your website.

How does such a business model even work? 'Where do they get the money from?', you might ask.

Partnering with Hostinger, 000webhost acts a learning platform, offering free hosting and a few extra features such as WordPress auto-installer and free website builder. And while the host's primary use is learning, it should also be a good option for simple business websites and portfolios.

Is it? Can 000webhost handle your website? This is what we're going to see in this 000webhost review right here.

What Is 000webhost?


000webhost provides its users with PHP, MySQL, cPanel, and WordPress auto-installer. One of the newly refurbished additions is a free website builder. Zyro allows you to build a website without having any coding skills.

But 000webhost might not be for everyone.

000webhost highlights that it's best for learning purposes (and I agree) and bigger websites might want to choose paid hosting options. Actually, they even ask you the purpose of the project once you sign up and tell you 000webhost is best for learning and experimenting, so you don't end up building an important project on a platform that is not really meant for that.

000webhost Pricing

000webhost is free. And without paying a dime you get 1GB disk space and 10GB bandwidth. You can also host two websites and connect your own domains for free. If you're just learning or creating a one-pager - it will be more than enough.

And while a basic WordPress website might use up to half of the storage space, and 10GB of bandwidth is enough to support around 15 000 monthly visitors, your page speed might suffer from higher levels of traffic.

So, in case your project grows, there's an option.


000webhost is powered by Hostinger. So if you'll like 000webhost, there will be some Hostinger-backed paid plans for you to choose from.

The cheapest 000webhost premium plan starts at $0.80, and it includes 24/7 support, email account, backups, and auto-installers for many scripts including Joomla, WordPress, and PrestaShop. A more advanced $2.15 plan features twice the storage and unlimited email accounts.

Disk Space 1 GB 10 GB 20 GB
Bandwidth 10 GB 100 GB Unlimited
Domains allowed 2 1 Unlimited
SSL Included Included Included
Email accounts No 1 Unlimited
Customer support No 24/7 Live 24/7 Live
Automated backups No Weekly Weekly

The conclusion is simple - by choosing a free web hosting plan, you miss out on a few quite important features.

It does not have any official support - you'll be left on your own not quite knowing the reasons, or how everything could be fixed. This is compensated by a knowledge base and a quite active forum - but it's no substitute for talking to a professional customer service representative.

Also, you won't have an option to have a professional looking email name such as [email protected], as 000webhost free plan does not include custom emails.

You'll have to deal with using a separate email provider, such as Gmail. And if you're a business communicating with customers, a custom email looks much better than a Gmail one.

The third feature you are missing out - daily backups and security scans. In case anything goes south, these are the features that may save you if you are paying for hosting. And it only proves the point and 000webhost main purpose - 000webhost is best for learning and experimenting. For serious projects, a free platform is simply too much of a risk.

For that, it has quite a good tool. With 000webhost, you may build your website from scratch, upload an existing one, or use WordPress CMS.

Alternatively, you could use a website builder.

000webhost Free Website Builder

For those looking for an easy way to build a website, a website builder is always a good option. And 000webhost has one you can use completely for free.

Zyro website builder has a bunch of pre-made templates you can use. They're all responsive, mobile-optimized, and tailored for different kinds of professionals and businesses.

000webhost-review-website builder templates

The website builder is really easy to use as well. Zyro has drag-and-drop functionality, so you can simply drop any text, visual fields, or widgets anywhere on the website. It's like creating a PowerPoint presentation.


Though there are some quirks here and there as you can see but they won't affect the learning experience. With Zyro, you can create a pretty decent website. It might not win any design awards, but it does the job.


000webhost Performance

For this 000webhost review, we had a look at the performance - and it's quite good. When compared to other free web hosting providers, it was the fastest one around.

000webhost-review-response times

Bitcatcha rated the server performance to be an A, which is a surprising score for a free web host.

000webhost offers excellent performance in the US and a great one in Europe. Asia and South America are a bit slower, lagging behind. But it is not unexpected - 000webhost performs even better than some of the paid hosting providers. In the US you can expect response times to be lower than 50ms which is extremely good. 

Sadly, their uptime guarantee is a bit lower than industry standards. The free hosting servers keep an uptime of around 99.9%, which isn't great.


99.9% means that ooowebhost servers are down for an average of 10 minutes a week. So all in all, if your project relies on 100% uptime, 000webhost is not the best choice. However, response times are pretty amazing for a free web hosting provider.

000webhost Review - the Verdict

000webhost free plans have several technical limitations, and the servers are not very reliable. However, the platform is very simple to use - and also seriously fast.

There is a bunch of features to build a website including WordPress integration and user-friendly website builder. Also, unlike many other platforms, 000webhost does not display ads all over your website.

In this 000webhost review, we've discovered the main purpose of this platform - and that's learning. So if you just want to see how web development works from the inside, want to teach students how to build a website, or create a one-pager that's not meant for generating revenues - 000webhost is a good choice. But if you're looking for business hosting, I strongly suggest searching for good cheap web hosting instead.

Have you ever tried using 000webhost or any of the free hosting providers? Share your experiences down below!


  • Free Web Hosting
  • Good Performance
  • No Credit Card Required, No Catch, 100% Free
  • No Ads


  • No Backups At All
  • No Email/Live Chat Support
  • Limited Features

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Zoe d.V. picture
Zoe d.V.

2019 November 14th

OK ppl, surprise surprise - this is not just for begginers. For a nerd like me 000 have an option to do the coding and add raw HTML. Thats dope

OK ppl, surprise surprise - this is not just for begginers. For a nerd like me 000 have an option to do the coding and add raw HTML. Thats dope

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
arsam33 picture

2019 May 11th

bestvery nicevfhfvhc tdfh

bestvery nicevfhfvhc tdfh