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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 14th

While WordPress is one of the easiest content management systems around, it still requires some time and skills to manage. 10Web is a managed WordPress hosting provider focused on providing a set of premium tools and resources to make running your WordPress site a breeze.

But there are even more interesting features that 10Web offers.

The platform focuses on WordPress performance too. After all, slow loading sites can hurt your business. So 10Web has just recently announced a tool that should make your site as fast as it can be - scoring over 95 in Google PageSpeed Insights.

So could this all be as good as it sounds? For this 10Web review, we tested each and every feature it has to find out.

10Web User Interface

Let's dive straight into its custom site management software and start with the dashboard.

First of all, I was really impressed by its intuitive layout. It's also powered by Google Cloud and is designed to provide quick access to the 10 most important components of your website.

10Web review: 10Web User Interface
  • Overview will show you all of your site's most important info - page speed, statistics, updates, and more.
  • Hosting services shows usage statistics and settings for domain names and other tools.
  • 10Web theme & sites let you choose from the premium themes 10Web has to offer.
  • Plugins tab allows you to manage and install WordPress plugins.
  • Themes allows you to upload your theme or choose one from the WordPress repository.
  • Backups is an advanced backup and restore tool allowing you to schedule and manage backups.
  • Image Optimization shows info about your images and possible optimization options.
  • SEO allows you to manage SEO settings and shows search analytics.
  • Security is a live site monitor scanning for issues and vulnerabilities.
  • Performance shows your page speed score live.

So as you can see, without leaving for WordPress management panel, you can find all the settings and tools in 10Web hosting interface.

While most web hosts package a mundane cPanel interface with their plans, the 10Web control panel looks modern and is well laid out. Also, complex tasks like managing site backups or website staging only take a couple of clicks.

10Web Performance Optimization

10Web aims to make your website fast and available at all times. Recently, it launched an upgrade to its platform claiming to automatically optimize all websites to perform at 95+ PageSpeed Insights score rank.

This not only should make your website fly but have other benefits as well:

  • Better ranking in Google's search results.
  • Fewer resources spent on expensive site optimization tools and hiring developers.
  • Decreased bounce rates.

So does 10Web achieve that? We've created a site, uploaded some content on, and put it to the test. And it did work. Our website loaded in less than a second, scoring 95+ page speed score.

10Web Website performance

So in terms of optimizing WordPress sites for performance, 10Web does a really nice job. The best part is, you don't have to make any effort at all to get this result.

10Web Site Building Tools

Another thing that immediately stood out to me was 10Web's built-in website builder. The provider has designed its own website builder using the best practices of one of the most popular WordPress site editors - Elementor.

10Web has added several great features like stunning templates, premium widgets, and beautiful design elements.

10Web review: 10Web website builder

Thanks to its drag-and-drop design it's easy to get to grips with– you'll find tweaking even the finest details of your site quite straightforward.

10Web Pricing

10Web has 3 plans starting at $20/mo for which you can create 1 website. For more storage and 3 sites, you can choose the Premium plan for $60/mo. If you want to host up to 10 websites, you can choose the Agency plan for $170/mo. 

10Web review: 10Web pricing

That's expensive, but not outrageously so, given that all servers are based on cloud storage rather than a typical shared architecture (cloud hosting has big reliability and speed benefits).

So what does each of the plans include?

  • The Personal for $20/mo gets you 1 site with 5GB of storage and suitable for 25k visits per month.
  • The Premium for $60/mo hosts 3 sites with 10GB of storage and 100k monthly visitors.
  • The Agency for $170/mo can host up to 10 websites, includes 40GB of storage and 400k monthly visits.

There's also a custom plan for even bigger projects. To get all the details, you'll need to contact the 10Web sales team.

So, a question needs to be asked - is this expensive? Well, comparing 10Web to rival managed WordPress platforms, it appears that no, it isn't.

For example, WPEngine plans start at $35 a month. And while the entry option allows for more storage and bandwidth, it still can host only one WordPress website. Same as the entry 10Web one - which costs $20 a month.

So, compared to shared hosting platforms, 10web is quite expensive. But, comparing this to the established managed WordPress cloud hosting providers, it's actually quite cheap.

Plans In More Detail

Here's a table to show how the key features differ between the plans:

Personal Premium Enterprise
SSD Disk Space 5GB 10GB 40GB
Bandwidth 30GB 100GB Unlimited
No. of Domains 1 3 10
Email Addresses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Included? Yes Yes Yes
Website Builder Built-in Built-in Built-in
Customer Support Live chat and email Live chat and email Live chat and email

Although 5GB isn't a lot of room, the Personal plan is still worthy of consideration thanks to the 10Web premium WordPress plug-in bundle it (and the other plans) includes. The bundle alone normally costs $75 and can enhance nearly every aspect of your WordPress sites, letting you create beautiful galleries and live Google Maps widgets. 

10Web Performance

When it comes to speed, 10Web isn't only fast - it's also stable all over the world. In my tests, no worldwide server had response times slower than 500ms. 

Such stability all over the planet goes to show one thing: if your WordPress website has visitors from multiple countries, 10Web will take care of them.

10Web Review: Final Thoughts

Throughout my 10Web review, I was really impressed by the custom WordPress software included in my plan; the site management hub was well set up, and the WordPress plug-ins added a great deal of functionality. And the provider did make my website really fast. The real question is, are you willing to pay for those extras?

10Web offers fully-featured WordPress hosting, but it does it so at a significantly higher price point than most comparable hosts. For users willing to pay extra for great features and performance, 10Web is certainly worth considering.

But what do you think? If you've had a vastly different experience using 10Web please let me know by commenting below!


  • Custom server management interface
  • Premium WordPress plugins included
  • Fast server performance
  • Cloud server architecture


  • Relatively expensive prices
  • Customer support could be faster

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2020 June 28th

Horrendous hosting and customer support. My site has been down for 2 days and they have "escalated to a developer" TWO DAYS AGO and now I'm being told "We are... Read more

Horrendous hosting and customer support. My site has been down for 2 days and they have "escalated to a developer" TWO DAYS AGO and now I'm being told "We are sorry for the unpleasant experience that you had with us. Please note that on weekends we wok with half the load and that's why we suggest you make the required changes as that would be faster in this case. I've already asked our developers to check your website and as soon as they do it, I'll get back to you." Their "support" are just customer service agents with no tech training. USELESS.

Jean Edwards picture
Jean Edwards

2019 December 2nd

10web has excellent WP options indeed. Sadly, it doesn't offer email, which makes it unuseable in my business. 10Web suggest using a forwarder such as Gmail- er, no thanks Web10.... Read more

10web has excellent WP options indeed. Sadly, it doesn't offer email, which makes it unuseable in my business. 10Web suggest using a forwarder such as Gmail- er, no thanks Web10. I want email integrated with my other services!

Boris picture

2019 July 22nd

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