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In 2001, there was a company called Iniquinet. Two years later, it went through a massive rebrand. Its result – A2 hosting. The company is now well established as a solid hosting provider. Emphasis on speed and unlimited resources, mentioned in many A2 hosting reviews, have turned it into a vastly recommended provider. It comes as no surprise – in a market as competitive as web hosting, companies have to find their key strengths and features to win a share of the clients. While many companies focus on their pricing, this host advertises itself as a quick, speedy solution. In this A2 hosting review we will see whether or not these promises have been fulfilled. Such a promise is easy to make but difficult to actually deliver. Is A2 one of the good companies? Or is it all a beautiful marketing trick?

Let’s dive right into it and find out.

A2 Hosting Services

  • Shared web hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Domain names (reseller of Enom)

A2 hosting puts less emphasis on shared web hosting than many other providers. While many promote only their shared hosting and rarely mention any other of their services, A2 hosting proudly shows all of its plans on the front page. There are plenty of services the company offers, ranging from web hosting to regular users, to reseller and dedicated hosting fit for big companies.

A2 Hosting

The host has some extra interesting features every client will be getting. Here’s what they are:

Free backups

A2 Hosting

No matter what, losing data from your server is an awful thing. A2hosting makes sure that doesn’t happen and gives a free DropMySite license for every client. With that in your disposal, even the biggest problems won’t mean the end of your website.

Speedy SSD disks

A2 Hosting

In a world where many top companies still use HDD disks for their hosting, A2 is ahead of the curve and use faster SSDs. That means faster performance and increased reliability – and for web hosting, those two things are very important. With A2 hosting, you will use the newest and the most advanced technologies available.

Free SSL certificate

A2 Hosting

Website security is no joke and A2 knows that. You can either pick a more advanced paid certificate or activate a free Let’s Encrypt SSL, already included in your package. SSL provides safety for the people visiting your site as well as helps to improve your rankings on the search engines. Those two things can help your website succeed.

The advertised “superior” speeds of even the cheapest hosting have drawn my attention enough to give them a try. To test them, I took the A2 medium-tier shared hosting plan. You can also choose between Linux and Windows. I picked Linux because, in order to get a fair comparison with the competition, I had to use similar operating systems.

What’s included in A2 hosting packages?

There are three web hosting plans you can choose from.

A2 Hosting

  • Lite – a regular one-website plan with 5 databases, 25 emails and unlimited data+bandwidth.
  • Swift – the ‘most popular’ plan, offering unlimited databases, websites and email accounts.
  • Turbo – a top-tier plan, offering “up to 20X faster” speeds and more resources.

Check out the table below to see how different are the features of these plans:

Disk space limitUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Bandwidth limitUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
How many domains allowed1UnlimitedUnlimited
SSD or HDD used in serversSSDSSDSSD
SSLSupported, included in the plan (Let’s Encrypt)Supported, included in the plan (Let’s Encrypt)Supported, included in the plan (Let’s Encrypt)
Anti-DDoS protectionNot includedNot includedNot included
Anti-malware protectionIncluded (HackScan)Included (HackScan)Included (HackScan)
Email accounts25UnlimitedUnlimited
FTP accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Website BuilderNot includedNot includedNot included
Website Templates10+10+10+
Assisted Website TransferFreeFreeFree
Auto-installerIncluded (+Softaculous)Included (+Softaculous)Included (+Softaculous)
Auto-installer scripts120+120+120+
Money back guarantee30 days30 days30 days
Customer Support24/7 live chat, email, phone, Skype24/7 live chat, email, phone, Skype24/7 live chat, email, phone, Skype
Choice for server locationYesYesYes
Free Automated BackupsYesYes Yes

Many hosting providers display their prices as “monthly”, however, in many cases they’re only partially correct. Often, providers ask you to pay for the entire period in advance. This way, instead of paying 5 dollars a month, you have to pay 120 – but you get 24 months of hosting. The real monthly prices you pay once every month are usually way higher and have little to do with the promotional deals that are advertised. So let’s see how A2 hosting does it:

These are the prices for all these plans you’ll have to pay in the cart.

A2 Hosting

This is the checkout page for the cheapest, “Lite” plan. As you can see, the advertised $3.92 price is only available with the “flash52” promotional code (it’s applied automatically to all periods of purchase). The real prices go from $7.99 to $9.99. In the table below you’ll see the overall prices you’d have to pay if you decided to purchase A2 hosting:

Payment Period / PlanLiteSwiftTurbo
1 month$4.90$6.37$12.25
3 monthsNot available.Not available.Not available.
6 monthsNot available.Not available.Not available.
12 months$52.86$64.62$123.42
24 months$93.96$117.48$223.32

*The prices may include extra VAT.

First Impressions


Unlimited storage and bandwidth in every plan is a good advantage. There are no set limits. However, A2hosting still keeps the right to suspend you if you abuse their services. That is true with every major hosting provider so that can not be seen as something unusual.

Every plan supports SSL and includes a free certificate which is a good practice trying to ensure the safety of all their clients. The Let’s Encrypt certificate is free of charge anyway but this kind of security is definitely way better than no security at all.

Skype is a good way to contact customer service. If you prefer a voice chat, this is a good alternative to phone calls – it’s free and available on many different platforms.

And finally, as mentioned earlier, it is good to see more and more companies move to SSDs from older, less reliable HDDs. Good reliability and superior speeds are the things nearly every provider keeps promising – it’s great to see this host upgrading its databases to deliver that.


The lengths of packages available are 1 month, 12 months and 24 months. Lack of 3 and 6 months is disappointing but not unusual. The introductory prices are pleasantly surprising as well – $4.90 for a one month plan is very good.

Regardless of that, after the package you buy runs out, you will be subject to paying renewal prices. A2 Hosting renewal fees may be complicated to some. After your package runs out, you will get the same length package but will have to pay a different amount.

LITE PLANIntroductory price in cartPrice of your next packageDiscount compared to the monthly package
1 month package$4.90$9.99
12 month package$52.86$107.8810%
24 month package$93.96$191.7620%
SWIFT PLANIntroductory price in cartPrice of your next packageDiscount compared to the monthly package
1 month package$6.37$12.99
12 month package$64.62$131.8815%
24 month package$117.48$239.7623%
TURBO PLANIntroductory price in cartPrice of your next packageDiscount compared to the monthly package
1 month package$12.25$24.99
12 month package$123.42$251.8816%
24 month package$223.32$455.7624%

The renewal price depends on how long was your subscription. The longer was your starting plan, the bigger is your discount after it runs out.

A2 Hosting Customer Service

A2 Hosting

You may think that you know everything by yourself and that you don’t need good customer support. That is until something eventually goes wrong. Then, the quality of the agents helping you can either make or break your day and the entire hosting experience. Good hosting companies know that, so they do their best to improve their customer services as much as possible. This is exactly what I was testing here.

Just like many companies, A2 hosting attempts to be proactive rather than reactive. This means that many questions its clients may have are already answered in their Knowledge Base. Sadly, it didn’t perform as well as expected. Simple questions, such as “change nameservers” didn’t yield any suitable answers. They were there but in order to find them, I had to conduct a Google search rather than an internal A2 one. For most of the cases, the answers are available, it is just a bit tricky to find them.

If you won’t find what you’re looking for or will still want to talk to a live person, A2 hosting offers three main ways of communication:

  • Live Chat
  • Tickets
  • Skype

It is now time to see how did each of those options perform:

Ticket Service Evaluation

Tickets are usually sent when there are problems which don’t need immediate responses. However, wait times are still very important. Waiting for a day or two to get a response you may receive way quicker in live chat or a call could prove to be very frustrating and counterproductive.

In order to see how A2 hosting ticket system deals with sales questions, I put out a simple request:

A2 Hosting

It took me around 10 hours to get a response. It’s a fairly good time, although it definitely lags behind many other hosts who manage to put out a similar reply in a matter of a couple hours or even a few minutes.

It is worth noticing that A2 hosting also gives you an option to buy “Priority Support” for $19.95 a month. This puts your tickets ahead of everyone else. If you’re really serious about your ticket waiting times and really want to go to A2 hosting, this may be a suitable option.

Skype Service Evaluation

Instead of offering phone support, A2 hosting uses Skype. Some may find that disappointing, as many are used to phone calls. Regardless of that, Skype actually has some advantages. For example, you can call the support using any device that Skype supports. That includes desktop computers, tablets or even smart TVs. Of course, you need to download Skype in order to reach customer service but it’s free of charge and very easy to setup, so it shouldn’t be a serious problem. You don’t need to search for the customer service on Skype as well. One click on the website immediately redirects you, so the call is done automatically.

Skype call selections were very similar to any regular phone support. You have options for billing, sales, and technical questions. After choosing, I was pleasantly surprised that there were almost no waiting lines. In all 10 of the tested cases, it took less than a minute to get connected to an agent.

The agents I was connected with were speaking good English with no problems and were fairly knowledgeable. As you may imagine, phone support isn’t the best platform to do difficult inquiries that require a lot of text or even code. That being said, simple billing or sales questions were answered to me with no hassle.

Overall, I must say that Skype customer service was a pleasant surprise. It was nearly as simple as a phone call and I can contact them using my TV. I say that’s pretty good. Do you think this is the best way to connect to your clients? Comment below – let’s chat!

Chat Service Evaluation

Chat service is arguably the most important of the three. It is believed to be the most popular form of live customer support currently available. This is why I’ll be going slightly more in-depth here. When testing chat service, I’ll be looking into three very important factors:

  • Wait times – they have to be as minimal as possible. If you have a serious problem with your website, every minute wasted is more painful than the last. You don’t want to spend time waiting in lines.
  • Agent knowledge – this one is obvious. Customer service representatives have to be knowledgeable. You need the people to provide you with the best, most accurate information possible.
  • Human contact – customer service agents have to be respectful, familiar with your problems and capable of making your difficult day at least slightly better.

Ir order to do a fair test, I set up multiple (around 10) chats in the various times of the month. These are my findings:

The wait times are best described as “unpredictable”. Sometimes, they ranged around 7-10 minutes, which is not very good. After waiting for around 11 minutes, you get disconnected and instead offered a look at their Knowledge Base.

However, there were a few occasions when I got connected nearly immediately. So it is very difficult to say with confidence, just how many minutes does it take to get connected. What can I say for sure is that it’s not always lightning quick.

Going further, in terms of knowledge and human contact, I can say that A2 hosting customer service is doing really well. Here is an example of what happened when I decided to ask a few stupid questions:

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

The chat took nearly half an hour but the time just flew by. It has to be said that I waited about 7 minutes to be connected with this particular agent. Then it took 6 minutes to transfer him to my colleague. As good as their knowledge and human contact is, the customer service representatives are currently let down by the waiting times. Whether it’s a problem with understaffing or software, I don’t know. A2 hosting needs to improve on that – they are very close to their chat support being perfect but it’s not there yet.

First Impressions During and After the Purchase

A2 Hosting

A2 hosting has a serious selection of payment methods you can choose. Below you can see a list of all the options available.A2 Hosting

As you can see, this is quite an impressive lineup. Nonetheless, A2 hosting still lacks support for BitCoin – which is disappointing, considering the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies. Despite that, if you decide to spend your non-crypto currency on A2 hosting, the company will give you plenty of ways to do that.

In the checkout, there are a lot of upselling options.

A2 Hosting

It is worth noticing that none of those options have been preselected for me. You pay for what you select but there’s no feeling that you’re being “tricked” into buying something.

Upon finishing entering contact details and package information, the account was immediately put ‘under review’ (by then, I still haven’t given them any payment details).

A2 Hosting

Then I went on and opened a chat conversation. The chat opened instantly, but I had to wait approx. 10 minutes to get a response. 

A2 Hosting

The agent immediately closed the window as soon as I paid for the account. The overall activation time was 1 hour. Then, after it was finished, I finally got to see the dashboard.

A2 Hosting

The cPanel link was clearly visible. It was a regular paper_lantern cPanel, common with many hosts. “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” – perhaps that’s what A2 hosting was thinking? If so, I can definitely support the decision. There is a big chance you’ve already seen a very similar panel somewhere else:

A2 Hosting

NOTE – You will be subject to a completely different Plesk panel if you choose Windows hosting. It is also quite intuitive and simple to use. Just like in cPanel, A2 hosting didn’t change much compared to the stock version.

A2 Hosting

Plesk panel. Source: hostingadvice.com

Performance Evaluation

During the analysis, A2 struck me as hosting which tries to make things as simple as possible, as well as providing a huge variety of choices. Stock panel interfaces, operating system selection, and quick SSD disks indicate that it is a company that picks substance over form. Well, now it is time to see how good the substance is. In this series of trials, I will see just how quick A2 hosting is. Here’s what the tests will be:

  • Host’s speed during low upkeep
  • Host’s speed with a website created with ImpressPages website builder
  • Server’s overall uptime
  • Anti-theft security evaluation

The tests you’ll see here will go on for several months. That means this review will get constant updates as time goes by.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – we don’t say that the tools are always right – they’re not, the tools are not our mothers. However, we tested plenty of various services and deducted that Bitcatcha has been delivering the most stable results. During the testing, we conducted 10 tests in quick succession. The ones you see uploaded here are the average ones, the speeds you should be expecting as you’re browsing your website.

Host Speed During Low Upkeep

An HTML website requires a very small amount of the host’s resources. It should come as no surprise, after all, it’s just a few lines of code. In theory, this will yield the best possible results. I created and uploaded this, very simple website:

A2 Hosting

This is how it did:

A2 Hosting

It is not bad but nothing close to ideal. The coveted 200ms response time (recommended by Google) has been achieved in only one international server – and only just. However, no server has been over 1 second and that is worth praising. It’s quite well balanced all around the world. Just a shame it’s not as quick as promised.

Host Speed With Website Builder

Similar to NameCheap, A2 hosting has no in-built website builder, other than the cPanel’s Site Publisher, which helps you to a make a simple one page website (something like a countdown). Therefore, just like in the NameCheap review, I will be using ImpressPages, a CMS very similar to a drag-and-drop builder. This is a website that I’ve made. It has multiple pages, maps, video elements and other things that make it more complex than the HTML one.

A2 Hosting

Let’s see how it did:

A2 Hosting

A very similar story, only slightly lower response times. As usual, India (Bangalore) is left behind and is on a verge of being dangerously slow. Other locations do pretty well, still circling around the perfect 200ms mark but often going short.

Overall, after doing evaluation of HTML and ImpressPages websites, you can tell that A2 hosting is somewhat well optimized. The speeds don’t go down that much on a more complex website and worldwide, only the Indian server has problems. However, there is a lingering feeling that a host, putting so much emphasis on speed, should deliver slightly better results.

Server Overall Uptime

Click on this link to see the current status of A2 Hosting servers: including response time and recent downtimes.

NOTE – This section will get constant updates with the newest information. You can also click the link above to see the live status. If you see a host being offline, it doesn’t mean that all websites on that host are currently down. A server failure, which may make several websites go offline is not the same as a database failure – the latter is way bigger and far more noticeable worldwide.

I set up a simple WordPress website and put it in an uptime status tool. The tool tracks the website once every minute. This helps us to see the host’s overall availability.

What you see below are the latest results.

A2 Hosting

The response time here is usually around 300-400ms – which is quite good and goes in line with the results found in many other A2 hosting reviews. However, there have been a few spikes when the response times were going from around 2 to 5.5 seconds. Yet they are not that common to be very worried about. More concerning was the downtime on the 29th of August, which took 35 minutes. That is quite a while. I have to admit – I expected better. You can’t blame a host for having an odd problem, that would be unfair. What can be improved, however, are the response times – which are also not bad but nothing impressive for a host putting emphasis on “superior performance”.

Anti-Theft Protection Evaluation

Now, you can have a terrific hosting service. But if every Tom, Dick and Harry will know how to break into your account, it won’t be of any use. That’s why I am testing this as well. The trial will be conducted in two parts.

In the first one, I will try to imitate a brute-force break-in. This means I will effectively try to “guess” the password by typing the incorrect combination multiple times. Then, after around 20 tries, I will eventually get it right and will see, whether A2 is going to allow me in as well. Many hosts implement a simple system, which detects many incorrect login attempts. It can automatically trigger multiple things. It can either be a lockout from your account, even with the correct password, it can be a Captcha or it can be something else, like a security question.

After typing the incorrect passsord for 20 times and getting it right on the 21st, what happened was…nothing. I was allowed in with no problems. Either A2 hosting uses a completely different security system which I was unable to trigger or they have nothing at all. Despite that, it is still slightly disappointing to see nothing happening.

For the second test, I went to the live chat and pretended to not have my password nor my email logins. My plan was to find the way I can get someone’s password without providing any solid form of identification. This is what happened:

A2 Hosting

As you can see, one website URL and one security question are deemed to be enough. Many other companies ask for more tangible proof, such as your ID card or your bank details. A2 pick a different route. I am not sure if I like it – and I wish more A2 hosting reviews put extra emphasis on this particular problem. You can’t be too safe! This host is probably not being safe enough.

A2 Hosting Reviews – Conclusion

A2 hosting sure had its ups and downs. Transparent pricing, good plans, friendly customer service and a simple-to-use interface gave me a great first impression. However, the performance of the medium-tier Linux plan could have been better. It wasn’t bad but needs improvements to be ahead of the competition. On top of that, the password retrieval was quite simple. In theory, one person pretending to be a friend could get your password away with relative ease. To sum it up, I believe multiple positive A2 hosting reviews to be completely correct – It is a decent solution for many people. The host is only a couple minor changes away from being a serious contender.


  • Free backups.
  • Free SSL certificates to provide security for your website.
  • One month plan provided.
  • Plenty of customer service options.


  • High renewal prices.
  • Not many plan lengths to choose from.

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    • PaulB
    • 2017-November-28th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Been waiting for a stronger mention of just how strong the A2 community is. Many of us are very closely tied together and there’s a lot of conversation happening between us. Personally I think it’s one of the best points of this hosting!

    • jefferey skittles
    • 2017-November-25th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    “BachuArg” is tots true. Migration is awful. Sometimes it seems like a2 have a+ servers but there are like 5 dudes working the whole thing and they can’t finish stuff on time. when any manual request takes like 6hours, it’s understaffin, y’all

    • Siedfried's Tiger
    • 2017-November-15th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    One reliable bastard. Which is good, of course. Been using for 10 years now but I’d never host a big project with them. That being said, that’s what shared hosting is for. Small stuff. A developer using shared hosting needs a kick right in the family’s globes.

    • wern
    • 2017-November-11th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    LMAOOOOOOO 3rd place -HOW. okay i get it, support with skype is like GOOD. speeds are *OKAY* and support gives your password away if you say please? third. rly.

    • BachuArg
    • 2017-October-30th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    The migration was the first problem. I was told it was going to be scheduled and done through out a weekend, but they left it at 40% and I had to finish it manually. Then problems continued. Lots of downtimes (which weren’t refunded or received bonifications for them), and also a lot of problems with email delivery. At one moment I was about to leave A2, but I was told I would be receiving mailchannels for free, that it was going to solve all my email problems, so I decided to stay…. I was left 3 days without emails, because the support service started to set that up in my VPS and left it unfinished and left for their weekend. I chatted 20 times during that weekend with their support level 1 (really level -20) and no solution was given to me. I just had to wait, and meanwhile I lost 2 big clients that had hosted with me for over 6 years. After that email worked for some weeks and it started to have problems again, and they decided to disable mailchannels without my permission, and when I said that, and that I wanted mailchannels to be activated they wanted to charge me for this.
    The support service had been a real disaster. The Level 1 support is like talking to a grandma, they will just me able to guide you to configure a new email account in a cpanel, but if not they will just ask you to create a ticket. The tickets are dealed really badly. I waited for more than 20 hours for a ticket to be answered, and the average time was 4 to 6 hours.

    • oh god rly
    • 2017-October-30th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    it’s nearly 2018 and people are still talking about A2?

    • Barbra
    • 2017-September-7th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I don’t have too many complaints about A2. Bought it from your link some time ago (when it was still higher up, hmmmmm….) and I think it was a shrewd purchase. Wish I knew more about hosting to give some of you ladies and guys some tips 🙂 But still, I think it was a good purchase, backups and an SSL certificate was a great deal

    • Rich A.
    • 2017-September-5th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I second, third and fourth everyone who says Skype support is awesome because it is. I wish there were slightly better companies going that too because…..so far, not so good. I tied up to a long deal and I think I am starting to regret it. Without going into details, there’s a reason why I know so much about their technical support.

      • Diego Sav
      • 2017-September-6th

      lemme guess, 500 server error once every two hours? if so, happened to me too.

    • Nat
    • 2017-September-1st
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    u missed a trick there. “A2 hosting is not A1” would’ve been so much better.

      • kkkk
      • 2017-September-3rd

      please no. don’t do it.

    • Leanne
    • 2017-September-1st
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    To answer the question in the review – YES!! I love Skype support so much and it’s super weird to see other companies do the ancient phone stuff. If you have Internet, you have Skype! And if don’t have internet, well, why do you need hosting? How do you know the hosting is down? Come on now, you guys.

    • Antonio
    • 2017-August-30th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Everything is good, the price well…I would not complain if it was any lower:). But it’s good and that’s what goddamn matters

    • Cassell
    • 2017-August-29th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    i got to the part about password retrieval. i need a lie down and a lager. One security question. Kill me.

    • Deirdre
    • 2017-August-17th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I left HawkHost because there were plenty of downtimes. I picked A2 because there were none and what do you know – a downtime two days after registering. Just my luck……..but the support said it’s pretty rare so I am okay, so far.

      • Gaston
      • 2017-August-21st

      Downtimes are no common, at least for me. It becomes a big problem when it suddenly starts repeating once some time and no one is there to speak to you and you don’t know what to do and eventually it becomes a cycle of anger. don’t switch providers because of a problem or two. S*** happens, as they say 😉

    • mike
    • 2017-August-1st
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    A2 are SUPER QUICK. Honestly all i cared to find was something speedy enough to load a graphics-heavy website for my clients and it was THIS. Brilliant stuff all around, live chat working all around the clock, everything was really decent. Bit weird to see it only at 8th…..I wouldn’t know, maybe there are even many more quick hosting sites.

    • roberto
    • 2017-July-7th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I don’t personally like a2. The speed is okay but i think youse know this is just a marketing trick? When you do some speed tests, you see it’s reputable, definitely not bad but not exactly “blazing super fast”. And that is just tricking clients.

    • Oliver
    • 2017-June-28th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    You can choose a server and get as many backups are you would need. It’s crazy that it’s not offered all the time, by everyone. Clearly shows that A2 aren’t holding their clients as fools.

    • n. r.
    • 2017-April-28th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Definitely the most lovely customer support I’ve ever been in. Decided to take this hosting despite it being eigth and it’s honestly just as good as I wanted it to be.

    • Jose A. Garcia
    • 2017-April-23rd
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Wish I could rate speed alone – because it’s daaamnnn goood. In the review it’s kinda the same, 300-400 is very nice. I agree with the pricing but quality costs money, y’all. Get used to it:))

    • digging this
    • 2017-April-21st
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    A2 are always the dark horse of hosting. I don’t think anyone thinks of them as good but they almost always are. Meanwhile, big companies lag behind but still have loads of money

    • brooks larry reed
    • 2017-April-13th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    awesome. i always look for speed when i find stuff like that and it was as good as it can be

    • sid
    • 2017-February-28th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    A2 are nothing special but i think their panel is really convenient….if that’s what you care about anyway

    • wayne
    • 2017-February-7th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Decided to pay little attention to the 8th place and just go on and buy it! So far i think it’s okay. Definitely not a problem at least.

    • Powell
    • 2017-January-17th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I never really liked a2, i’m more of a siteground guy. But i do think their Basic plan is probably one of the best ones around.