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The choice of hosting can depend on so many factors it’d be hard, if not impossible, to list them all. While some businesses need highly specialized infrastructure with top-notch performance, the majority of those looking for hosting don’t need much more than a company offering a wide range of various hosting services.

In this AccuWebHosting review, I’ll dive deeper into one of the services offered by such a company and see if going broad can affect the quality of an individual offer from their portfolio.

What Is AccuWebHosting?

AccuWebHosting (AWH) is an experienced (established in 2002) web hosting provider offering all the standard hosting services: shared hosting, private and dedicated servers. With seven data centers around the world located in the US, Canada, France, Australia, Singapore, India, and the Netherlands, it has become a one-stop shop for over 55,000 global customers.

Their client base includes beginners, seasonal entrepreneurs, and established businesses who have been with them for a number of years and slowly advanced from the most basic services. On top of that, AccuWebHosting is actively helping students – but I will get to that later.

Company’s portfolio includes all the core services every business might be looking for:

  • Shared Web Hosting, including Linux and Windows servers, as well as application hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Special WordPress packages
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers

Additional services and products such as CDN hosting, SSL certificates, domain registration, and anti-spam email protection.

accuwebhosting review services

For my AccuWebHosting review, I chose to take a closer look at their shared hosting SSD packages. I believe it would be a natural pick for anyone who would come to the site looking for the most basic option to host a website.

AccuWebHosting Pricing

The SSD hosting packages are divided into three different tiers - their prices are $3.09, $5.09, and $9.99 a month respectively. However, it's worth to notice that these prices are only valid when purchasing the plans for several years in advance.

accuwebhosting review shared web hosting

The real price for a short-term (6 months minimum) commitment equals around $3.25/mo for the Personal plan.

And the shortest term for the other two plans is $5.65/mo for Small Business and $13.02/mo for Enterprise plans.

Here are all the plans and their available lengths, visualized on the table:


Small Business


3 months


$16.95 (~$5.65/mo.)

$39.06 ($13.02/mo.)*

6 months

$19.51 (~$3.25/mo.)*

$33.62 (~$5.60/mo.)*

$76.46 ($12.74/mo.)*

1 year

$38.89 ($3.24/mo.)

$66.26 ($5.52/mo.)

$144.46 ($12.04/mo.)

2 years

$76.46 ($3.19/mo.)

$127.46 ($5.31/mo.)

$263.46 ($10.98/mo.)

3 years

$111.24 ($3.09/mo.)

$183.24 ($5.09/mo.)

$359.64 ($9.99/mo.)

However, these are the prices that you'll see once you'll come to the company's checkout. They're actually higher than the advertised ones.


Small Business


3 months



6 months




1 year




2 years




3 years




What's the deal? Let me explain.

Once you go to the last step of the checkout, everything clears up. All prices that are listed in the first table and which are publicly available on their site, come with a 15% recurring discount. The discount lasts forever with the first purchased plan (according to their support).

accuwebhosting review linux shared hosting

Note: After heading back to the pricing page I’ve discovered that they actually informed about it below the pricing table – but the text was so small that I missed it the first time I visited it. Overall, the prices are not bad, but the process is very confusing and misleading.

accu web hosting review billing cycle

AWH SSD Shared Hosting Plans in More Detail

For the (quite small) price, one gets a very decent setup. The only drawback is just 1 GB of memory, which I consider essential for running multiple apps.

Because it’s the same for all plans, I think that once you max out the Starter plan resources, you will have to move to a different service such as their cloud hosting. But it will depend entirely on your RAM consumption.




Disk Space








How many domains allowed?





Free shared SSL

Free shared SSL

Free shared SSL or 256 bit SSL free for a year

Email accounts




Hosting Panel




Auto-installer scripts




Money-back guarantee

30 days

30 days

30 days

Customer support

24/7 Phone or Live Chat

24/7 Phone or
Live Chat

24/7 Phone or
Live Chat

Server location

Denver, CO, USA

Denver, CO, USA

Denver, CO, USA

Free automated back-ups

Yes, daily

Yes, daily

Yes, daily

But there's another thing to note - shared hosting plans are only hosted on Denver, USA datacenter. Meaning that if you'll want a shared hosting option for a different location, well, you'll have to choose elsewhere.

Other features look pretty standard for an offer in their pricing point. What I like are their 24/7 support and a good DDoS protection.

AccuWebHosting Performance

The company offers 99.9% uptime guarantee which, based on our uptime calculator, means that your site can go down for no more than 10 minutes 4 seconds every week (on average). A decent SLA which is considered to be a standard in the industry.

accuwebhosting review uptime

And what about response times? Well - they're pretty good. Not groundbreaking by any means, but very stable all around the world. Users in Europe and the US won't have any issues connecting to your website.

accuwebhosting review performance

AccuWebHosting Pros

So, now that we know the pricing, features, and performance - let's start wrapping things up. Here are the things that I loved while doing this AccuWebHosting review:

24/7 Support

AccuWebHosting support is available through live chat, tickets, and phone. And what's even better, the customer support is actually really helpful, and available 24/7. 

accuwebhosting support

Scholarship and Hosting for Students

This is something I have mentioned at the beginning of my AccuWebHosting review. I’m always happy to see companies that are willing to give a small portion of their profits (no matter how small) to help others.

The company offers a $1,000 scholarship to a successful (currently enrolled) student that records an interesting video on a topic of the scholarship round. There are two rounds every year during which students can send their videos. 

accuwebhosting scholarship college

On top of the main prize, students can also apply for a free hosting plan for the duration of their studies.

While the packages are quite basic, they are completely free. Student package includes:

1 Website, 2 GB SSD Storage, 30GB Bandwidth, 5 FTP Accounts, 25 Free Emails, and 10 Databases.

Overall, both of these things about AccuWebHosting are genuinely really interesting - and it's nice to see a hosting company do that.

Free Website Migration

They are willing to help you migrate your website from any other provider without any fee. It's always a good feature to have while nothing is eternal in this life. Especially hosting providers. Well, unless it's 1&1, still going strong from another millennium.

Free Domain Name, Shared SSL, Email Address, and Daily Backups

These are essential features that you'll definitely need from your hosting provider. While you can pay for these in addition, in my opinion, it's always nice to get them included in your hosting plan.

AccuWebHosting Cons

Sadly, despite such great features and generosity towards students, there are some things I didn’t like.

No Data Center Location Choice

Even though the company operates seven data centers around the world, you can’t choose the location of the Linux SSD Shared Hosting package.

If you expect a lot of traffic from outside the US, this could be a big drawback. But, if the majority of your visitors comes from within the US, that shouldn’t be a big problem.

Hidden RAM Specs

I couldn’t find RAM details (which, by the way, are quite low) anywhere on the site.

The only way to get the actual number was to contact their sales team. It seems as if they were trying to hide it, knowing that it’s not enough to run any decent number of applications on the server.

Overall, on AccuWebHosting shared plans you may not be able to run several higher-demanding applications (such as Magento) all at once. And that

Ambiguous Pricing & Discount Policy

While all details seem to be laid out, it’s not done in a clear way.

To fully understand how much I’m going to be charged, I had to go back and forth their checkout and double-check what I’m about to pay. As the “discount” is recurring, they could have just got rid of it and charged it as a base price without confusing their customers.

AccuWebHosting Review - Summary

Apart from the confusing pricing policy, I’m confident that the offer of SSD Linux shared hosting from AccuWebHosting is a good choice for any beginner or seasoned entrepreneur - provided they won't try to run too many applications or host too many websites.

Naturally, you have to be prepared to switch the plans in the future – but as a one-stop shop, I’m sure they’ll be able to offer you an upgrade – at a reasonable price!


  • 24/7 support
  • Free option for students


  • Hidden RAM info
  • Pricing policy is a bit confusing
  • No choice of location for shared hosting plans
AccuWebHosting User Reviews

  1. Leonardo Mattar picture Leonardo Mattar
    2019 August 20th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Things that I love the most about AccuWebHosting:
    – Support is super fast and 24/7, does not matter when you send a message, they will help you.
    – Excellent pricing, you do not have to commit for a 3-year plan (shared hosting) with this company, because they have a fair price system, which the difference between 1 and 3 year contract is less than 1 euro.
    – Performance is also top-notch.

    Overall great experience so far.

  2. ashraf picture ashraf
    2019 August 18th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I use accuwebhosting almost two and a half years ago and it is one of the best companies that provide hosting services and I advise everyone to subscribe with them and buy hosting service Accuweb owned WordPress site on their servers and there are no problems and the site is fast and there is no breakdowns or breakdowns and there is a very distinguished technical support team and always be Reply quickly and there is no waiting

  3. A Rakib picture A Rakib
    2019 August 8th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Accuweb hosting service has been one of the best hosting providers I’ve ever had, so I would recommend to the readers to buy Accuweb hosting service. Till now im using there WordPress free hosting plan. I didnt get any problem even live support is available. They’ll reply you in 10-12 hours not more than that.Check my sites please for prove…. Coupon Offers

  4. Manraj Kambo picture Manraj Kambo
    2019 August 8th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Awesome. Fast, Reliable, and Easy to use

  5. Obinna Anagwu picture Obinna Anagwu
    2019 August 7th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I’ve been using AccuWebHosting for my web hosting needs for several months now, and I’ve been enjoying their excellent services thoroughly. Their up time is very impressive, and their customer service is second to none in my experience. I recommend their services because of its quality, especial the security features that protects their WordPress hosting, plus their amazing customer service.

  6. Abrar Hussain picture Abrar Hussain
    2019 August 3rd
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Recommend someone a cheap and reliable hosting than accuwebhosting ( is best hosting provider online that i feel and 100% Satisfied.

  7. Bronwyn picture Bronwyn
    2019 August 2nd
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I just transferred my hosting to Accuweb and here are some observations:
    – I really like that the price you see is the price you can expect to pay the next year and the next and the next. Other places lure you in with a low price and in three years, you’re paying triple what you did in your first year
    – love the features they offer, especially the free, unlimited emails and unlimited websites (and low SSL cost!)
    – my site seems to load faster than with my previous hosting company although I have no stats to back that up
    – ran into a few issues with migration – if you don’t use CPanel for your old hosting service, they don’t do migration for you. That said, the support staff were very responsive with helping me negotiate the pitfalls of getting this done on my own. I would NOT recommend doing this if you’re scared of tech.
    – the new interface is not the worst, but could certainly be a lot more user friendly. Had to wade around a bit to find what I was looking for, so not quite as intuitive as I’d expect

  8. Rajesh picture Rajesh
    2019 August 1st
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Very Quick response and good support.

  9. Elaine Engerdahl picture Elaine Engerdahl
    2019 July 29th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I have been with accuwebhosting for three years. Anytime I ran into an issue they were prompt to respond and worked on the issue until it was corrected. I have been very happy with their service.

  10. saed picture saed
    2019 July 29th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    from many years working with hosting providers (dedicated servers) i can say that ACCU Web Hosting is the best (Supporting and Low price )

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