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2019 October 2nd at 4:24






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The Internet is changing and improving every day. And if you stop developing, soon your websites and companies will starting looking old and outdated.

This is exactly the first impression I got when I first visited Angelfire website builder.

It seems to be a bit obsolete and poorly maintained. But first impressions are not always true! Is Angelfire an obsolete piece of Internet history? Or is it actually a useful website builder.

That's what this Angelfire review is all about below.

It's a Time Machine That Sucks

As far as old designs go, Angelfire is about as bad as it gets. Honestly, navigating around their homepage was like jumping straight through a wormhole to the 1990s.

Their homepage is, quite frankly, terrible. My 10-year-old brother can build better websites. But it didn't end there — I found the entire website to be slow, jerky, and very poorly made.

It certainly didn't fill me with confidence that websites built with Angelfire would be any better.

Angelfire Review Homepage

I couldn't even access the builder!

Yep, that's right. At first, I couldn't even try out the Angelfire website builder.

I signed up for an account and filled out the data they asked for. A message popped up saying that a confirmation email had been sent to me and that I needed to confirm my account. That sounds fair enough, doesn't it?

Well... the email never came!

Yes, I did check my junk mail. It didn't even make it that far.

Unfortunately, a Google search did nothing to solve the problem, and customer support is basically non-existentHowever, they do claim that you can "become a premium member to skip email confirmation". Well, let's give it a shot, then.

Have to admit, that sounds like an interesting business model. But what are the prices of those Premium plans, anyway?

Angelfire Pricing

Angelfire plans are very cheap compared to some of the main industry leaders, but I still wouldn't waste my money on them.

They offer very little, and once again, features immediately sound like they were taken from a history book.

If anything, I'm impressed that they are keeping up with the times and charging US dollars, instead of shells and furs.

Angelfire review pricing

What Do Their Plans Offer?

A complete review of Angelfire's plans show one thing — none of them are worth using.

But if you insist, here's a table of all the main features in all of the plans.

Free Entry Basic THE Plan
Disk Space 20 MB 40 MB 100 MB 5 GB
Bandwidth Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
How many website templates? 204 204 204 204
Free domain No No No Yes
Can you connect your own domain? Yes Yes Yes Yes
How many websites can you make? 1 2 5 Unlimited
Are there builder's own ads on your website? Yes Yes No No
E-commerce available? No No No No

A premium plan gives you a whopping 40MB of storage. Customer support is non-existent, too.

Sure, you get access to over 200 templates...

But they are all as bad as each other.

I mean, if you want to create some (sort of) retro website to show your kids what the internet looked like 'back in the day',  I guess Angelfire could be an option (if you can actually get access to it). But I really can't see any other reason why you would want to build Angelfire websites.

To demonstrate my point about the templates, here are a couple of Angelfire websites that are somehow still circulating the web today - Bkitty's Buffy Fan-Fiction and The N0des. Have a look:

Angelfire review example 1 Angelfire review example 2

How Does Angelfire Perform?

Regarding performance, Angelfire isn't all that bad. Below average response times are not awful. And I'm sure that back in 1997, those were probably absolutely brilliant.

Angelfire Performance

Uptime seems to be pretty okay, too. Nothing out of the ordinary - the website was up for around 99% of the time.

Final Thoughts Of This Angelfire Review

Angelfire isn't a household name in the website builder business. I guess, now we all know why. It's a rather ancient website builder that for some reason still exists.

Sure, back in the day it may have been competitive, but now it's only an example of what the Internet once used to be.

Although their plans are cheap, they offer practically nothing against their competitors. There is no conceivable reason to use Angelfire other than for a laugh. So I can only recommend it ironically.

If you do happen to manage to use it, though, please let me know how you get on in the comments section below. I'm sure you'll have quite a story to tell.


  • Free plan available


  • Non-existent customer support
  • Website probably designed by a blind guy
  • Few features





User friendly






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Angelfire User Reviews


Jeannette Jaquish picture
Jeannette Jaquish

2019 October 11th

I use The Plan, the most expensive at $11.95 a month, and it is OK. What I do not like is that “angelfire” appears in many search results even though I have another name that does not use it. Back when they had customer service it was explained that because it started as a free site, “angelfire” would always be its real name. It is weird but I can operate it and it would be so hard to transfer all that to a new site, plus learn its ways. What I really need to do is transfer material from all my old angelfire free sites to my angelfire paid site so I don’t have those blasted ads that take over on the next click.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
dan picture

2019 August 7th

Been with them from the beginning of time..last couple years my page has been down to much..Drivesme nuts and then POOF it works fricken support is that bad part .

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
john picture

2019 July 29th

Been with for about 20+ years now. Their service and support in the past 5-7 years has been horrible. I keep using them, because its what I am used to and I have tons of files and photos on them now. Would love to find another host, but need one that is similar. Not real fond of change. lol

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Max Herrera picture
Max Herrera

2019 July 29th

always down. customer support DOESN’T exist at all. the worst of the worst.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Cisco Velasquez picture
Cisco Velasquez

2019 May 22nd

Hey! That’s my comic there, the N0des – I’ve long moved them to reddit – the reason I’ve kept angelfire so long is that I’ve a ton of pics on there and I can’t figure out how to move all the images to a better storage space outside of downloading them one at a time.