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AwardSpace is one of the top 10 free web hosting providers in the world with over 2.5 million customers. It claims to deliver easy-to-use hosting services so that anyone can get online fast.

The hosting provider says commitment to customers and their needs remains the top priority.

So not only AwardSpace has free but also paid services if your small project needs to scale up.

In this AwardSpace review, we tested the provider to see whether its free hosting a good option for your online project or should you opt out for its premium services.

Services Offered by AwardSpace

AwardSpace has a rich hosting portfolio. The hosting provider delivers lots of hosting services. It makes AwardSpace a good option if you want to stay with the same provider for a long time. The hosting services include:

  • Domain names
  • Shared hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • VPS Cloud hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Semi-dedicated web hosting
  • VPS hosting

It seems that AwardSpace has all that potential clients will need to maintain their online presence. Looking at AwardSpace’s portfolio, we noticed that the hosting provider is structured to accommodate virtually every kind of client and business.

But can free hosting really suit everyone?

Looking at features AwardSpace offers, it seems that it can.

The free web hosting plan features 1 GB disk space, 5 GB monthly traffic, free website builder, 1 domain & 3 subdomains, WordPress & Joomla Installer, and 1 MySQL database. And AwardSpace is also 100% ad-free.

awardspace free plan

This free web hosting plan appears to be the most feature-rich free hosting service you can find in the hosting market.

So it's not bad if you're starting out. However, data limitations will make it impossible to run a big website like an online store. 

Fortunately, AwardSpace has premium plans for you to scale up.

AwardSpace Pricing 

AwardSpace has 3 premium shared hosting plans, the cheapest one costs $0.17/month. Web Pro Plus plan will cost you $4.57/month, and you'll pay $5.83/month for the most expensive Max Pack Plus.

  • Basic - it is an inexpensive Linux hosting plan that is great for beginners. The price starts at $0.17 per month, and it includes free activation, unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly traffic, 1000 email accounts, 2 websites, 2 MySQL databases, and 50 MB MySQL database storage.
  • Web Pro Plus - hosting plan that is great for small businesses. The price starts at $4.57 per month, and it includes free activation, unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly traffic, unlimited email accounts, 10 websites, 10 MySQL databases, 100 MB MySQL database storage, and a free domain for life.
  • Max Pack Plus - it is a Linux hosting plan that is great for grown businesses. The price starts at $5.83 per month, and it includes free activation, unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly traffic, unlimited email accounts, unlimited websites, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited MySQL database storage, and 2 free domains for life.

You can compare the prices in the table below:

BasicWeb Pro PlusMax Pack Plus
Monthly price$0.17 $4.57$5.83 
Yearly price$1.99 $54.84$69.96

But there's one thing, though. The cheap prices you see are only available for the first term. Upon renewal, you'll be charged with regular rates:

BasicWeb Pro PlusMax Pack Plus
Monthly price$4.99$6.65$9.99
Yearly price$59.88$79.80$119.88

If you still find it difficult to decide, the table below compares all the features each plan has to offer:

Free BasicWeb Pro PlusMax Pack Plus
Disk space1GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Domains allowed1210Unlimited
SSLNot includedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Email accounts11000UnlimitedUnlimited
Customer support24/7 Ticket Support
Free Automated back-upsNot includedWeeklyWeeklyWeekly


As for a free hosting provider, AwardSpace performance is not bad and averages at 42ms response time in the US. However, it lags behind in locations like Japan, Singapore, and Sao Paulo. The response times there are well above 600ms. And that does not promise the smooth functioning of your website. 

awardspace review speed

Keep in mind that if your audience is located in the US or Europe, you shouldn't have any problems. However, AwardSpace is not the perfect option for hosting in Asia.

AwardSpace Pros and Cons

At this stage of the AwardSpace review, let's go over the advantages and disadvantages of the pros and cons of the hosting packages. 

AwardSpace pros

AwardSpace provides some great features including:

  • Great Uptime - The uptime of a web hosting provider is a critical hosting feature. AwardSpace provides 99.9% uptime for clients’ websites and businesses. With such stability, your site’s visitors and customers will have good access to your products and services.
  • Free domain for a lifetime with more expensive plans - if you choose the Max Pack Plus, you will get a free domain for as long as you continue the subscription.
  • Free Plan – as they say, "It's actually free and lasts forever". And at the moment of our review, this is true and it's completely ad-free. That's great if you are just starting out.

AwardSpace cons

AwardSpace also has some disadvantages:

  • Locking of customers’ accounts without prior notification - AwardSpace does not tolerate high and excessive traffic. The hosting provider locks customers’ accounts without any prior notice when excessive traffic is detected.
  • Poor customer support - AwardSpace does not have live chat tech support, making it slow to solve issues.
  • Abysmal speed - the response time is great in the US. But if you're targeting Asia - prepare to lag behind.

AwardSpace Review - Conclusion

AwardSpace is firstly focused on free web hosting and it does it pretty well. It has enough data allowances for you to start your first website. And it's also ad-free.

But as we found out from this AwardSpace review, the free plan will not work for bigger websites. And for that, there are 3 affordable shared hosting plans. AwardSpace does not avoid drawbacks here - the server performance is not excellent and it's lacking decent customer support.

However, if you're just getting started - the free plan has all you might need.


  • Free Hosting
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee


  • Slow Response Time
  • Poor support options
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