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Bart Keating


2019 October 2nd

Bandzoogle stands out with the exceptional website builder made to meet the needs of music bands.

Finding a niche is a great way of differentiating your brand from hundreds of other web hosting companies. Some companies try to gain a competitive advantage by offering better technical specs, while others give their customers unbeatable support.

In this Bandzoogle review, I will be investigating an offer of the company that targets a narrow group of potential customers.

What Is Bandzoogle?

Bandzoogle is a website builder that allows its users to build stunning band websites using a convenient WYSIWYG editor that requires no coding skills. And it is specifically constructed for musicians to easily create their online presence.

This website builder was officially launched in 2003 by Chris Vinson who, as a musician and a band member himself knew exactly what bands often struggled with when it comes to online presence.

bandzoogle review get started

So the main users of Bandzoogle are artists and bands (both unknown and with an already established fanbase).

This Bandzoogle review is to find out, how well this builder performs and if the cost matches the value.

So, let's put the spotlight on this provider!

Bandzoogle Pricing

Bandzoogle Standard plan starts at as little as $8.29/mo for an annual contract ($9.95/mo if month-to-month) and the Pro plan goes up to $19.95/mo for a monthly commitment. So it turns out that, despite having a very niche offer, the company doesn’t charge much for its services compared to a standard hosting service.

bandzoogle review pricing

There are slight pricing differences depending on the length of the plan but they are not as high as some other companies use.

The savings between the monthly and annual contract vary between $19.92 for the Lite plan and $39.84 for the Pro plan. Not bad, considering we are talking about a company that targets a very narrow audience.

Month-to-Month (1 year) Annually Savings (per year)
Lite $119.40 $99.48 $19.92
Standard $179.40 $149.52 $29.88
Pro $239.40 $199.56 $39.84

So, the overall idea is to encourage users to commit for a longer subscription term. And honestly speaking, a yearly term can be a comfortable option, as you don't have to bother about the payments each month.

Also, there is a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can feel free to try out the service first and then make up your mind.

Distinctive Features of Bandzoogle

After researching Bandzoogle offer for some time, I can honestly say that I’m impressed by what is prepared for customers. Not only it allows you to create a good-looking and functional website, but it also has pre-installed tools to promote and sell your creations.

Being a musician, you probably don’t want to spend hours on webpage coding. The website is a platform where you can interact with your fans, present and sell your music, concert tickets, and merchandise. And that’s exactly what Bandzoogle lets you do. And much more!

Firstly, the website builder has over 100 templates and all of them can be customized to your liking. And this builder is simplified to make customization process as easy as possible.

Lite Pro Basic
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Sitewide SSL & HTTPS Yes Yes Yes
Fan Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Pages Limit 10 20 Unlimited
Tracks Limit 10 50 Unlimited
Photos Limit 100 500 Unlimited
Sell Music Downloads Yes Yes Yes
Sell Merchandising Yes Yes Yes
Sell Videos No No Yes
Sell Tickets No No Yes
Discount Codes No No Yes
Inventory Tracking No No Yes
Album Preorders No No Yes
Mailing List 100 subs. 1000 subs. Unlimited subs.
Free Trial 30-days 30-days 30-days

Next to the unlimited bandwidth, Bandzoogle websites are equipped with SSL certificate to provide safe access for your visitors.

What is also great, Bandzoogle has no fees for eCommerce platform. So the profit of the sells is all yours!

Another important element of this offer is a built-in email marketing system.

That’s an important promotion element which is often neglected by people who aren’t marketers themselves – simply because it requires a lot of work and the use of external tools. With Bandzoogle, you can manage both your site and emails at the same time!

And if you run into some problems working with your website, you can reach customer support via 24/7 live chat or email.

All in all,  setting up your site with Bandzoogle is far from difficult.

How To Create a Website with Bandzoogle

The platform offers a 30-day free trial which means you can get everything ready before you even spend any money. And getting your site up and running is a piece of cake and can be done in three simple steps.

1. Choose a Theme

First, you will be asked to choose a theme. There are lots of different designs that you can choose from. As you could expect, they are categorized using different music genres. To pick it, simply scroll down to the one you like and confirm your choice.

Keep in mind that, should you need any help, you can contact support using a convenient chat at any stage of your web design journey.

bandzoogle review theme

2. Add Header Imagebandzoogle review add image

In the next step, you will be asked to add a header image to your theme.

There are stock photos and you can leave them as it is, but surely, you want to have your photos on your website.

So add what you have to personalize the theme. And of course, you can change the photos anytime later.

Just keep in mind that you should use a high resolution, an eye-grabbing image to work well with the design space.

Your header is much more than a cute picture. It introduces your band to internet users as it is the first thing they see.

Try giving your visitors some context!

3. Set the Site Title and Logo

bandzoogle review set title

The last step is to provide your site title and pick a logo.

You probably have all the content already in your mind. But even if things are still under construction, no worries. You can change and update all that anytime later.

But as far as the page setup goes,  once the title and logo are provided, it's done. From here, you will be taken to the actual control panel.

Bandzoogle's Control Panel

Bandzoogle has its own control panel. It is a simplified interface where you can easily find tools and all the controls of your website.

There, you can edit the content, and redesign the elements in your site as well as the pages.

It allows you to drag and drop the text and image blocks and you can also preview the page before saving the changes.

Also, set and manage eCommerce as well as mailing options. And to track your audience, you can view or analyze traffic data.

bandzoogle review control panel

Also, for an easier start, here you will find tips and tutorials. Surely all that info will be accessible in the help center articles.

Bandzoogle Performance

Bandzoogle performance is above average. The Bandzoogle review test showed that the response speed gets as fast as 3ms in the East of the US and shows great results in other regions except for India and Singapore.

As Bandzoogle is a niche website builder, I didn’t expect it to excel when it comes to performance. But, I was happy to see the good result of a speed test. While the response time is a bit behind industry leaders, the results are very decent.

bandzoogle review performance

And when it comes to uptime, well, Bandzoogle has it covered. For the last couple of months, the seemed to be no genuine downtimes on the platform. And looking a bit deeper, it's easy to see why.

Bandzoogle data servers are managed with the Amazon S3 platform, which is not only very fast and suited for worldwide access, but also mighty reliable.

So, with decent speeds and great uptime, you won't have many issues with Bandzoogle.

Bandzoogle Pros

It’s time to start summing my Bandzoogle review up! The most prominent advantages include great support and tools for marketing and sales. Take a look at these pros:

Focused on Data Critical for a Band

The primary reason why anyone from Bandzoogle's target audience, be it a musician, a band member or even a band manager would want to sign up and host their site with Bandzoogle is the fact that it is entirely focused on making the life of musicians easier.

But not only that – all of the features and backend options are designed to help users grow their music fan base. Even the analytics is presented in a way that features data most important for someone who makes a living as a musician.

bandzoogle review fan data

Easy Email Marketing

The second big advantage is the integrated email marketing. While it’s significantly limited in the first two tiers, once you sign up for the Pro plan you get access to unlimited email lists which makes staying in touch with your potential customers much, much easier.

bandzoogle review email marketing

Commission-free eCommerce

The third great feature and a huge benefit of the platform is the commission-free eCommerce. To be honest, considering how niche it is, I would expect to find hefty fees for the service. Not only it doesn’t do that, but it actually helps bands sell all the most important products and services – from music files to merchandise and tickets.

Support Focused on Musicians

On top of all the things that I have listed so far, they offer the best web support a musician can get. The support team is made of people who focus exclusively on the needs of those who are making a living in the music industry.

Free for Non-Profit

The last point I think is worth noting in my Bandzoogle review is the policy towards non-profit organizations. If you are a charity, simply get in touch with Bandzoogle and host your site at no cost!

Bandzoogle Cons

So far, I’m super enthusiastic about the platform. But, as usual, there are a few things lacking. You might notice the strong quality differences between plans and the absence of custom mailbox.

Extra Cost to Add a Custom Mailbox

While the email marketing offer is very good (especially considering that it’s already included in the price of the hosting), you will be charged $14.95 per year for an additional custom inbox.

bandzoogle review custom inbox

That being said, while it's an additional expense, it's also considerably cheaper than, let's say, moving your emails to G Suite instead. There are also some features meant specifically for musicians, such as syncing the calendars for rehearsals and gigs.

So yes, you'll need to pay more - but it's pretty great the alternatives are more expensive as well. Is that really a con? Well, for some it might be, for some - not so much.

Basic Plans Are Quite Limited

Even though you could technically host your site for as little as $8.95 per month, both the Lite and the Standard plans are very limited – especially when it comes to eCommerce. That’s why I think that if you are serious about hosting your site with them, you will have to migrate to the top plan pretty soon.

Bandzoogle Review Summary

Simply put – if you’re a band, a solo musician, or for any other reason need a website in the music industry - don’t hesitate and give this platform a try. You don't have to spend thousands on designers and web developers to have a great website!

Along with the beautiful designs and carefully selected eCommerce features, your website will perform with great speed. Bandzoogle has pretty much everything the musicians are looking for.

However, the smaller plans are very limited, so if you're looking for the full package, the price is quite high.

Anyway, the 30-day trial gives you more than enough time to thoroughly review Bandzoogle website builder yourself!


  • Easy sata access
  • Simple email marketing
  • Commission-free eCommerce
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Limited basic plans
  • Extra cost to add a custom mailbox

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Durwood Walker picture
Durwood Walker

2019 July 10th

I am in the process of building my website on Bandzoogle and having a bit of trouble getting the user interface down. Does Bandzoogle have a "preferred" browser; Chrome or... Read more

I am in the process of building my website on Bandzoogle and having a bit of trouble getting the user interface down. Does Bandzoogle have a "preferred" browser; Chrome or Safari?

    Paul Mahony

    2019 July 12th

    Hello, Durwood. What exactly are the problems that you're getting? It could be that the resolution of the screen that you edited and the screen you're visiting is vastly different.... Read more

    Hello, Durwood. What exactly are the problems that you're getting? It could be that the resolution of the screen that you edited and the screen you're visiting is vastly different. OR it could be problems with Safari, as it's a well-known menace to many websites. If you described the problems in depth I sure could snoop around and see what's what.

Jesse Naiman picture
Jesse Naiman

2018 December 20th

As a web developer this site is insecure. The url structure does not follow logic, breaking tracks away from their albums. The customer support does not address issues. The site... Read more

As a web developer this site is insecure. The url structure does not follow logic, breaking tracks away from their albums. The customer support does not address issues. The site that was set up was not available in search results without putting on my developer hat and manually submitting the pages to the google webmaster tools. Help files on bandzoogle also reflect this broken process, and customer support refused to acknowledge any bugs.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
    Dave Cool

    2019 February 13th

    Hi Jesse, Thanks for your comments. Sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with our platform, but we're always looking to improve. I actually couldn't find an account... Read more

    Hi Jesse, Thanks for your comments. Sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with our platform, but we're always looking to improve. I actually couldn't find an account in our system under the name "Jesse Naiman". But I would be happy to look into any tickets or chats that you had with our support team to see what could be improved. When you say that our site is insecure, what exactly do you mean by that? Our site, and all user sites, are https secured: With our customer support, we actually take pride in the fact that our support team is friendly and extremely helpful, and we have a Trustpilot score well over 9. In terms of not acknowledging bugs, again, I would be happy to look into any of the tickets and chats that you had with the support team. They're trained to forward any bugs to our developers which are then dealt with quickly, and communicated with the member. With SEO, while it can take a bit of time to get good search results (depending on your domain/content), we do provide lots of SEO tools for our members: If there's something that you feel is missing when it comes to SEO, please let us know. Thank you, Dave dcool[at] -- Dave Cool (Yes, that's my real name) Director, Artist & Industry Outreach