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2019 October 2nd seems to be just one of many, many hosting companies, you can find all over the Web.

In the difficult and competitive field, the site particularly prides itself on being ad-free, ecological, and on delivering a user-friendly package.

Is that true? And if so - is that enough to challenge the titans of the business? Let's go and find out.

First Glance - Packages

Right away, I wasn’t overly impressed with the website of review landing page

The presentation of the site appears tacky and amateurish. And also, there was plenty of focus on the free web hosting package, which comes across and one of the main company's features.

There are also premium hosting, as well as domain hosting and registering services. reviews are mostly positive

When it comes to lesser-known or free hosting providers, many of them are like this for a reason. Subpar performance, technical problems, and lackluster customer support are all fully expected.

Not for, though. review

The people seem to be quite happy. Although, it's worth noting these talk about its free service.

But we are interested in the paid one as well - let's see what the premium plans are and what do they get you. Pricing

There are 3 plans available with, and pricing is fairly affordable for most users. Especially for the free plan. review plans

The Personal plan is $4.95, while the Business plan is $6.95. These are competitive rates.

However, let's take a look at their plans in more detail to see if it's worth paying the extra bit of cash.

Plans in More Detail

The table below includes the three plans, all of which are focused on affordability.

Free Personal Business
Price Free $4.95 $6.95
Disk Space Limit 1000 MB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Limit 5 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Domains 3 5 50
SSL Not included Included Included
Email Accounts 1 1,000 Unlimited
Website Builder Included Included Included
Money Back Guarantee N/A 30-Day Period 30-Day Period
Customer Support 24/7 live chat 24/7 live chat 24/7 live chat

You can’t really argue with the value for money offered by hosting. The premium packages are quite inexpensive

The fact you get 24/7 support and a website builder to choose from with the paid plans is great! Although the live chat is not always helpful, often just trying to make you send a query to the live chat instead. review sales chat


During my review, I tested the site on BitCatcha. You can see the results below:

Although the site’s performance is below average overall, it should still work well for users in the Western world. Not such a good idea if you're concerned about Japanese visitors, though.

That being said, there was another thing that got my attention. It appears that can be a Liquid Web reseller! review liquidweb


This means that the company doesn't actually own its servers: it probably just bought an expensive plan for Liquid Web and now sell it to you, piece by piece.

In one way, that's pretty good - Liquid Web's servers are quite nice. In all the other ways - it's pretty bad, as you can't expect much help or technical expertise from the company which you buy the services from.

Final Thoughts from my Review is a hosting solution that will be well within the budgets of most users. Which is pretty impressive - but there are some shortcomings, too.

My experience with the packages delivered by is actually quite positive. They're a good free hosting option, however the fact that it probably resells Liquid Web isn't a good sign for paid packages.

What's also noticeable is that seems to block innocuous web pages and words. The site owners claim that they have responded to this, but it still crops up in reviews.

Nonetheless, overall is an interesting option for free hosting - and for some, it could be a decent paid option, too. But before making a decision don't forget to check other free hosting providers.


  • Excellent pricing
  • Impressive features


  • Some reports of site blocking
  • Possible reseller of other companies' services
  • Live chat directs to email User Reviews

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