BlazingFast Review


Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

As a relative newcomer on the block, is trying to go toe-to-toe with the business leaders.

Claiming incredible speeds, 100% SSD servers, and 99.95% uptime, BlazingFast claims its services are as good as they come.

This certainly did draw me in, but will my BlazingFast review prove them to be ‘blazing fast’, or will it out them as just another hosting provider claiming to do things that they don’t?

Let's find out.

Some Issues At First Glance

At first glance, I did notice a few small issues with the BlazingFast website. There were spelling mistakes here and there, and it was evident that their marketing content wasn’t professionally written. 

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that their services are bad, it certainly gives off an amateur impression - that's for sure.

blazingfast review features

But that's not the thing that's crucial. Let’s have a quick look at how other users have found BlazingFast.

BlazingFast Reviews Are Mixed

After conducting a quick Google search for Blazingfast reviews, I found that there were mixed opinions about their services.

Around half of the reviews are close to perfect, while the other half are (quite frankly) terrible. Looking at which reviews were positive, and which were negative, one correlation could be found:

It seems that BlazingFast doesn’t put as much time or effort into keeping their lower-paying customers happy.

Result? A near-perfect mix of happy and angry users.

Blazingfire review user reviews

BlazingFast Pricing

A quick review of the BlazingFast pricing structure shows that they indeed aren’t the cheapest hosting provider out there. However, I guess this because they offer modern SSD drives and custom server technology.

They offer a free trial on their Professional web hosting plan though - you have to request it from customer service. However, I would certainly recommend doing this.

blazingfast review prices

Blazingfast's pricing structure is straightforward - starting at 5 euros a month (currently around $5.71). Each plan allows you to take advantage of all of their services. However, SSD disk space varies depending on the amount you wish to pay.

Plans & Specifications

BlazingFast offers shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting options. However, unless you have experience setting up and managing your own server, then I’d suggest just going with one of their shared hosting plans. 

Professional Business Enterprise
Disk space limit 30 GB 60 GB 120 GB
Bandwidth limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
How many domains allowed? Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSD or HSD used in servers SSD SSD SSD
SSL Yes Yes Yes
Email accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Website builder No No No
Money back guarantee No No No
Customer support 24/7 Phone/email 24/7 Phone/email 24/7 Phone/email

One of the major features of all their plans is their DDoS protection. This is certainly a positive feature in my eyes and is likely to become even more valuable in the future. Security is an essential part to every website, and it's good to see BlazingFast deliver that free of charge.

blazingfast review firewall

But how does their performance stack up?


Unfortunately, the response time of the BlazingFast servers isn't exactly something to shout about. With a response time of around 600ms, they just about scrape an average rating.

Blazingfast Review Speed

I mean, it isn't exactly the worst score, but if you're explicitly looking for speed, then you should probably look elsewhere. Which is a bit ironic, considering the provider's name.

My BlazingFast Review Round-Up

Although it has received mixed online reviews, I don’t see a whole lot wrong with BlazingFast. 

Sure, their response times aren’t the best, but I think that the modern features they offer more than compensate for it. DDoS protection is going to be a must in years to come, and you can see that BlazingFast are trying to get ahead of the pack by adopting it early.

So, to conclude my BlazingFast review, I can say that they're a solid option to anyone that isn't majorly concerned about speed. Yes, there are better providers out there, but there are certainly worse ones too. We will be keeping an eye out. BlazingFast could become a household name in the future.


  • DDoS protection
  • Plentiful storage space
  • Unlimited domains


  • No live support
  • Slow response times

BlazingFast User Reviews

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User comments

Degh picture

2020 February 24th

Love the support and DDoS Protection

Love the support and DDoS Protection

Elian picture

2019 October 20th

Actually hosted in someones basement

Actually hosted in someones basement

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Jan Bech picture
Jan Bech

2019 July 18th

The service has been great with this company, fast support and always ready to help

The service has been great with this company, fast support and always ready to help

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Oreste Mark picture
Oreste Mark

2018 November 18th

They do have livechat but its not 24/7 on. I really enjoy the fast support and the ddos protection is amazing!

They do have livechat but its not 24/7 on. I really enjoy the fast support and the ddos protection is amazing!

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features