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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

Back in 1999, when pretty much no one knew what blogs were, Blogger entered the market, helping to revolutionize web content as we know it. Blogs started coming in millions, and content, created by regular people became amazingly popular.

Those amazing strides haven't gone unnoticed. A few years after its creation, Blogger has been acquired by the search-engine kingpin Google.

But now - things are different. People don't blog as they used to a few years ago. Content sharing has been replaced by social media, and websites are now often made using convenient and versatile drag-and-drop page builders.

In this changing world, can Blogger - now known as Blogspot - still be a good option for people looking to make websites? Or is it now nothing but a relic of the distant past?

In this Blogger review, we will find out.

Refreshingly easy to use

While making this Google Blogger review, I was immediately impressed by one simple thing. The platform is very easy to use and has a versatile dashboard.

In fact, one of my favorite things about creating a blog with Blogger is that the registration process quite literally takes seconds. It's only a matter of entering your email address. No complicated verification processes or payment options, too, as Blogger is completely free.

After an easy sign-up process, you are then free to customize your blog using the Blogger dashboard.

And while everything is quite simple to use, the simplicity has its drawbacks. For example, in comparison with Wix or WordPress, the number of themes you can choose from is substantially lower. While Wix offers 400+, Blogger only offers just over 50.

And while neither Wix nor WordPress are as laser-focused to bloggers and bloggers only, they do a very good job acting as replacements for Blogger/Blogspot.

Especially, when you consider how behind the competition it is when it comes to customization features. This Blogspot review has been a great reminder that this platform doesn't live up to the flexibility of a real website builder.

No powerful drag and drop website builder and a serious lack of third-party plugins, all point to the fact that Blogger may be good for very basic blogging. But it's simply not powerful or flexible enough to be a platform of choice for many bigger projects or businesses.

Overall, Blogger is a super basic blogging platform that could perhaps do with an update. However, I must bear in mind that it's a free service. And it still might suit some well.

Blogger Free Plan

Disk Space 1GB
Bandwidth Unlimited
Number of Templates 50+
Free Domain Subdomain only (i.e.
Custom Domain Yes
Support Email, Help Forum
eCommerce No
Ads Displayed No

The theory of Blogger being "a good place for personal users only" gains even more merit after looking at the features.

The fact you can only host your blog on Blogger's own subdomain, get only 1 GB of disk space, and no ability to sell online are all red lights for any emerging business.

That being said, with unlimited bandwidth, Blogger can offer its users a peace of mind. It simply works - without having to worry that more users coming in would mean an obligatory upgrade to an expensive plan with more resources.

Sure, some might miss more disk space or better support options, but when you pay nothing, it's hard to ask for much more.

Blogger Support

Since Blogger is free, it's obvious that you'll not get a 24/7 live support.

On the other hand, you have a simple knowledge base with a responsive search option for frequently asked questions. Here you'll find tips and tutorials that will guide you with the most of the annoying issues.

blogger review supoort

Overall, it's a good knowledge base that's going to cover most of the main problems: and that's as good as anyone could ask for.

Blogger Performance

When it comes to performance, Blogger is perfectly reasonable. Especially when it comes to speeds in North America and Europe.

Other continents are not as lucky - but even then, the performance isn't bad enough to be considered a negative.


Overall, I'm pleased with the performance Blogger is able to provide without charge.

Final Thoughts from My Blogger Review

Blogger is known by users worldwide for being free and easy to use. When signing up for Blogger, this is exactly what you get.

While Blogger may not be the most customizable or most hip option on the market, it does indeed provide a good free package. It won't be suitable for businesses or bigger issues, but it serves as a decent option for personal blogs.

If you have used Blogger yourself, please feel free to share your own Blogger reviews and experiences down below.


  • Easy to use
  • Great free service
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • Super basic
  • Narrow choice of templates
  • Can only host a website on Blogger's own subdomain

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