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Bart Keating


2019 October 2nd

Blue Fang Solutions is a specialist game server hosting provider that supports titles such as 'Left for Dead 2', 'Minecraft', and many more.

Now, it's time to check how well this gaming service works? Are you in for buttery-smooth gameplay or dropped connections? Let's go have a look.

What is Blue Fang Solutions?

Blue Fang is not your average web host. Instead of letting you host a public website, Blue Fang Solutions provides multiplayer game server hosting. If you're looking for a standard web host, consider alternative solutions.

Blue Fang Solutions Review Game Titles

Blue Fang offers just over 60 game titles. That's not as many as competitors such as Game Serversbut the Blue Fang catalog still includes plenty of popular releases like Arma II. 

The other Blue Fang product is voice server hosting. These are low-latency in-game audio communication systems designed to help you talk to teammates or other players.

Blue Fang Solutions Voice Servers

Blue Fang Solutions Review: First Impressions

The Blue Fang website is fairly sparse. I'm always concerned when a hosting company doesn't display information about its history or server infrastructure, so Blue Fang's lack of an 'About Us' page was a concern for me. Fortunately, I eventually found server infrastructure stats in Blue Fang's blog-style 'News' website section.

Signing up for a game server was straightforward. All I needed to provide was a server name and payment information. It was possible to choose from numerous options to enhance my server including a dedicated IP addon and a high priority CPU option.

Blue Fang Solutions Dedicated IP

Excellent Global Server Locations

Blue Fang Solutions Server LocationsNot all games are available at every Blue Fang data center. However, with most titles, you can choose between hosting locations in the USA, Europe, Africa, and Australia.

That's excellent for international gamers. With game hosting, having access to a local server is one of the best ways to reduce latency and, therefore, gameplay lag.

Useful Control Panel

Managing my Blue Fang game server with the included Overseer control panel was easy. I found the ability to monitor server load in real time very helpful.

Blue Fang Solutions Review Interface

Excellent Mod Support

Blue Fang Solutions Review OverseerAdvanced gamers who want to install custom mods will be pleased that every Blue Fang server includes FTP access. This allows you to modify your game's installation folder if you want to.

But more impressively, with a 'Silver Support' add on option, you can get technical game mod assistance. Blue Fang is careful to point out that its technicians can't help with all mods though.

Blue Fang Solutions Pricing

Prices are different for every game. Costs for older titles like Minecraft begin at $4.99/month while newer games such as ARK: Survival Evolved cost at least $19.99/month.

Blue Fang Solutions Review Pricing Minecraft

Most servers include 40GB of storage and support for 10 simultaneous players. Add-on costs are fixed across the Blue Fang catalog:

  • Dedicated IP port: $4.99/month
  • Silver Mod Support: $10/month
  • High CPU Priority: $10/month

Both Blue Fang Solutions voice server packages cost at $3.00/month for 10 player servers.

Blue Fang Solutions Performance

During my BlueFangSolutions review, I found my server rarely experienced lag. I also tested its performance using Bitcatcha which confirmed that response times were adequate for the USA and Europe.

Blue Fang Solutions Performance

Blue Fang Solutions - Final Thoughts

I was impressed with Blue Fang Solutions' game hosting service. Prices are affordable and my server performed well. However, it would be nice to see more titles added to the Blue Fang game catalog in the future.

What do you think? If you have Blue Fang Solutions reviews of your own to add, post them below!


  • Plan customization
  • Support for modifications
  • Good server performance
  • Monitor your server in real-time


  • Game catalog could be larger
  • No Asian or South American hosting locations

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