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If you're looking for affordable beginner-friendly hosting, Bluehost probably popped up in your search at least a few times.

And you shouldn't be surprised.

Bluehost is one of the biggest web hosting providers in the industry. It offers shared, WordPress, VPS, and dedicated hosting services. All of that, it claims to do for an affordable price and keeping the highest quality standards.

Seems like Bluehost must be doing something right. It's one of the few hosts endorsed by WordPress itself.

So we decided to do a Bluehost review ourselves to see, whether it's as good as it claims to be.

Let's see!

Bluehost Pros

Bluehost is great for beginners - it has exceptional performance, great added values, friendly and professional customer support, and competitive pricing.

Let's review these features in more detail.

1. Pricing 

Bluehost has 4 affordable shared hosting plans starting at $2.95/month. The Plus plan and Choice Plus cost the same for the initial period - $5.45/month. You can upgrade all the way to the Pro plan with some extra features for $13.95/month.


All of the plans include SSL certificates, unmetered bandwidth, and registration for one domain. Differences come in other features.

  • The Basic plan allows you to host 1 website with 50GB storage.
  • Both Plus and Choice Plus plans allow unlimited websites, storage, and email accounts. However, with Choice Plus you also get domain privacy service and CodeGuard basic for auto backups.
  • The Pro plan gives you unlimited websites, storage, and emails. Bluehost also claims to have it hosted on low-density servers for better performance. You'll also get domain privacy and CodeGuard Basic services, as well as a dedicated IP.

All in all, Bluehost offers quite a lot for the price. You can compare all the plans here:

Basic Plus Choice Plus Pro
Disk space  50GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth limit Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Domains allowed 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Customer Support 24/7 live chat, email, phone
Free Automated Backups Extra fee Extra fee Yes Yes

Unfortunately, if you have a website already and want to transfer it to Bluehost, the service is not included; it will cost you an extra $149.99. And that's a lot for a service other hosts are willing to do for free.

2. Ease of use

Bluehost is very well suited for beginners. Not just because of the price-feature ratio, but for the ease of use as well.

Once you sign up with the host, you can log in to its custom control panel.

It may look slightly unusual but in fact, it's a regular cPanel with a custom skin. Everything is easy to find and the search bar turned out to be quite useful. So if you've used cPanel earlier, you won't have any problems here.

Bluehost review: Bluehost control panel

The Bluehost control panel is equipped with everything to manage your website easily. It has a number of features you'll likely use every day put in one place: one-click installs and WordPress installer are even put on the main dashboard.

There's also premium Weebly website builder, installed apps, designing tools, and extensions in one place.

As far as using hosting services goes, you will hardly find anything much simpler than Bluehost.

3. Server speed

Bluehost server speeds are impressive. And although they are located only in Utah, USA, we've got excellent results when testing from different locations.

We did multiple load tests on our website hosted with Bluehost. The first location from which we tested for this Bluehost review from was Ashburn, USA and response times were excellent, remaining at around 20ms even with 50 virtual visitors. 


As expected, results from a farther location were worse yet not bad at all. Testing from Sydney, Australia we've got stable results of around 650ms. That's pretty good, considering that Bluehost has servers only in the US.


All in all, Bluehost manages to achieve results better than the industry average of 553ms. And that's incredibly impressive.

4. Cloudflare integration

Bluehost cannot offer multiple server location choices but it compensates the lack by including Cloudflare services for free.

What does it do?

It caches your static website content across the network of global servers.

And when a visitor somewhere on the other side of the world visits your page, the contents are loaded from a closer server. This way, you can see the increase in page speed.

Furthermore, CDN protects you from outages.

Should something happen, your website will simply load from another server.

5. Security and backups

Bluehost does not include premium security features to its low-end plans but that does not mean, it takes care of security poorly.

Bluehost installs SSL certificates on each and every website. It also uses technology that prevents websites from using extensive resources by accident.

And it does not stop there.

Google Postini is used to filter spam out. You can also purchase additional services like SiteLock for $23.88/year protecting from vulnerabilities or CodeGuard for $2.99/month taking daily backups.


Also, you can protect your site from someone else logging in by using Bluehost two-factor authentication or account validation by a 6-digit token.

6. Support

Bluehost has live chat, phone, and email ticket support available 24/7 and it is serious about it.

For the majority of the time, it takes less than a minute for an agent to join the chat.

The software often says you'll have to wait around 5 minutes, only for an agent to join immediately.

Representatives are professional and helpful as well. They had all the answers immediately.

The sales team impressed me as well. They were not nagging me to buy a plan, which often is the most annoying part about contacting the support before purchasing the service.

Talking about ticket support, it's a story worth mentioning.

So let's remember the prehistory.

Back in 2017, when we first registered with Bluehost, it took them on average 2 days to reply to a support ticket.

bluehost review ticket example

So obviously you wouldn't see customer support as a pro if the response times remained like this.

We kept checking and by November 2018 the issue was solved. Right now, Bluehost routinely answers the request in less than an hour.

That's not even an improvement. That's a Cinderella story.

7. Weebly website builder

One of the best features Bluehost offers is a premium Weebly website builder. It means, you can build your site without any coding knowledge.

Weebly has a bunch of user-friendly features - drag-and-drop editor, hundreds of professional themes, design elements like parallax sliders and more.

It's also great for online stores. Recently Weebly started focusing on eCommerce features and now has enough functions to build a full-fledged store.


And this makes Bluehost an ultimate beginner choice.

You get professional and fast hosting alongside with one of the biggest names in the website builder market.

Bluehost Cons

I've probably never met a perfect host. Bluehost has some drawbacks as well - questionable uptime, aggressive pricing strategy, as well as lack of short term plans for shared hosting.

Check the details below.

1. Unstable uptime

Bluehost offers 99.99% uptime guarantee meaning your server shouldn't be down for more than a minute each week.

But do they keep the promise?

Apparently, not so much. During the last month, Bluehost averaged at 99.78% uptime not keeping their promise.


We can see that micro-downtimes of a minute or so are constant. Often several of them happen per day. This shows that server health is not in the best state.


Beginners most likely won't even notice these downtimes. But it may hurt larger websites with intense levels of traffic. You really don't want your eCommerce to be constantly unavailable and lose conversions.

2. Aggressive upsells and renewals

First of all, you'll only get the advertised pricing if you choose the longest period plan. And after the initial period, prices will go up to their standard rates.

But that's not all.

Be careful with the upsells as well. They are automatically marked in the shopping cart and might cost you some cash. If you don't want to pay extra - read all the conditions and uncheck the boxes.

There's one more thing where you might lose some cash.

What other hosts manage to offer for free, Bluehost cashes in. The service of website migration at Bluehost costs $149.99.


Which is a lot, considering others do it for free.

Fortunately, Bluehost at least guarantees to do that without any downtime. But it's not that difficult to migrate the site yourself.

3. No month-to-month plans

Bluehost does not offer traditional month-to-month plans for its shared hosting services. And that's pretty inconvenient.

What does it mean for you?


You'll most likely have to stick with Bluehost for at least a year.

Even longer, if you want the advertised price.

Offering this kind of pricing Bluehost makes sure you've got to stick with them for a long period even if the quality of the service is not what you've expected.

Also, you'll have to pay the whole amount immediately. So even with affordable pricing, this may hurt your budget significantly.

Fortunately, Bluehost has 30-day money-back guarantee. You'll most likely be able to notice if the performance and quality of Bluehost are sufficient for your project.

Bluehost Review - our Verdict

As we figured in this Bluehost review, it's one of the better choices for beginners. Bluehost offers speedy and secure hosting service that can be managed easily, as well as affordable pricing. The list of premium services like Weebly website builder is also impressive.

But is it the best choice for everyone?

Bluehost has some downsides that could become drawbacks for more experienced users hosting larger projects. It includes pretty unstable uptime and aggressive upsells, as well as renewal pricing.

However, Bluehost still remains one of the best hosts in the industry and it's definitely worth trying. Especially for beginners!


  • Great server speed
  • WordPress optimised hosting
  • Additional security features
  • Premium Weebly website builder


  • Renewal prices increase after the first contract
  • Shortest available plan is 12 months





User friendly






Disclosure: We earn a commission if you make a purchase through referral links in this review. This helps to cover the expenses for running ongoing performance tests.

Bluehost User Reviews


na picture

2019 October 12th

Bluehost is among the worst hosting companies out there. It’s appalling to see it recommended here. Type “bluehost sucks” into Google to find more accurate reviews. The company is owned by EIG. You should also search Google for “EIG reviews” (the parent company) before risking your business.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Amir picture

2019 August 31st

I have many years of experience working with many Hosting & Server company, I think Bluehost is No.1 in Services, Price & perfect Support.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Tom Goddui picture
Tom Goddui

2019 February 5th

I have been with bluehost for over 3 years, they were good and started to decline.
Constant downtime, issues and slow page speeds.. After searching the internet, i moved over to SPeedy Dot and they’ve sorted the issue for me directled.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Wolf Manuel picture
Wolf Manuel

2018 November 3rd

Bluehost sucks. hey think because the have many clients that when an individual actually needs help due to Bluehost’s own issues, they can just hang up the phone n you. What’s the point of 24 hour service when they don’t truly care about customers. Do not listen to these blogs saying Bluehost is the best. If you’re not an expert with the web such as SSL and caching, Bluehost will not help you correctly nor will they even give you a curtsy free month for their own problems. Stop listen to these fake blog reviews!

Lorna picture

2018 January 17th

Prime plan is tempting but with those renewal prices I think I’m sticking with another provider.

Per Lunde picture
Per Lunde

2018 January 4th

First of all they never reply to emails, neither their sales or billing emails! Also be aware EU users that Bluehost charges incorrect tax to your hosting, which is not applicable. If you hold a VAT tax number, there is no tax between the US and UK/EU, but somehow they don’t acknowledge that…

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Chuck Carmaicel picture
Chuck Carmaicel

2017 October 25th

I used this platform for several months. I personally believe that it is disqualified by the number of available functions. Beginners may have trouble finding themselves. The second issue is the 36-month plan. And if someone needs a hosing just for a year? Then he has to pay more. I personally use GetLark. Very simple client panel, cheap hosting packages (only $5 for one month, the more months the cheaper). Additionally, the hosting is free of charge for 3 months.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Alberto Rivero picture
Alberto Rivero

2017 October 16th

honestly a fan of how this host does the basic things. I’ve never been a big nerd on this stuff so hey…

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
PhilTale picture

2017 October 4th

I love this host – perfect for WP stuff and i mean – we’re all using that ,aren’t we?

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
CC picture

2017 September 2nd

impossible answer to an impossible question: is this host good? in short, yeah, sure. but can you give money to a corporation which singlehandedly ruined the business and then still sleep at night? hope not. i’ve been putting this off for far too long but it’s time to switch hosts. so can i recommend bluehost to you? sure. if you can sleep at night after that, of course? do your own sanity a favour, fellas.


    2018 October 5th

    Relax Snowflake. Cant believe they let people post fake reviews like these.