ByetHost Review


Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

ByetHost is an offspring of the well-acclaimed iFastNet - a British hosting provider hosting thousands of home users and businesses.

But how does its younger brother perform?

In this ByetHost review, I investigated its features, reliability, and value for money. Let's go have a look:

My First Look at Byet

Upon landing on the ByetHost website, I was taken back by the bold claim on the website. It states that it is the fastest free web hosting service available.

Now, I've tested plenty of free providers myself, so I was interested to see whether or not that was true.

byethost review

While Byet boasts about its free web hosting service, it also makes it clear that it's more than just a free hosting provider: ByetHost also has paid plans available.

These paid plans apparently are not just any old basic web hosting service, but a premium thing - a serious deal, you know.

Byet rants and raves about them using 100% superfast SSD drives, along with other worthy bragging points.

But if these are premium plans, just how much money are they going to set me back?

ByetHost Pricing

Thankfully, pricing is another thing ByetHost have done well. It is presented clearly with no ambiguity.

There are two premium plans: Super Premium and Ultimate. The prices are $3.99/month and $6.99/month respectively.

Unless you're already certain about ByetHost, I'd recommend trying the free plan first to see if you think it's worth upgrading.

Plans in More Detail

Free Super Premium ($3.99/month) Ultimate ($6.99/month)
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth 50GB 250GB Unlimited
Email Accounts 5 100 20
No. of Domains Unlimited 20 20
Free Domain No Yes Yes
Free SSL Certificate Yes Yes Yes
SSD or HDD in Servers SSD SSD SSD
Customer Support Ticket system Ticket system Ticket system
Money-Back Guarantee N/A No No

On paper, I can see exactly why they brag so much about their free plan. Considering SSD storage, 250 GB of disk space for $3.99 is really not bad.

However, customer support really is an issue with these plans. The only option available is a ticket system that is provided by ByetHost's parent company, iFastNet.

And Byet reviews from other customers don't exactly stand up to defend the support on offer.

Other ByetHost Reviews

It is only natural for hosting reviews to be littered with plenty of criticism but usually, people share their real experiences.

Here's what I found:

byethost review

There are plenty of other Byet hosting reviews similar to this that also complain about Byet's lack of customer service.

I can certainly understand the frustration, and I too am definitely not a fan of ticket systems. It's not often you come across one that is reliable, and it seems that ByetHost is no exception to this.

Next, I'll test the speed of ByetHost to see if it can make up some points in that area.


byethost review

While speeds in North America were particularly fast, the response times in Asia were well below average. Put those two together and you can assume that ByetHost server speeds are only around average.

Also, for this reason, I cannot recommend ByetHost to anyone with a significant portion of their audience situated in Asia.

ByetHost Review - Conclusion

When I look at the big picture, ByetHost presents elements of both good and bad hosting qualities.

I was very impressed with the free plan and would advise anyone after a freebie to take a look at it. However, I definitely cannot recommend any paid plans from ByetHost. The customer support is too weak and worldwide response times could be improved.

If you have used ByetHost yourself and have your own ByetHost reviews or experiences to share, please feel free to do so by leaving a comment below. I'd love to compare notes.


  • A lot is offered in the free package
  • Free .com domain with paid packages
  • 100% SSD servers


  • Poor customer support
  • Below average Asia speeds

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