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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 21st

Carbonmade has designed a unique platform for professionals to create and publish their portfolios online. It's an easy-to-use portfolio builder tool for stunning websites.

Featuring tons of website templates and drag-and-drop functionality, Carbonmade promises to be the easiest tool for you to get your works and experience online.

Is there much more to see behind the beautiful graphics and not-so-serious approach to the website building?

That's what I'll try to find out in our Carbonmade review.

Carbonmade Pricing

Carbonmade has 3 plans starting at $8/mo which allows you to showcase 8 projects. The Pro for $12/mo includes 50 projects. You can get unlimited projects for $18/mo choosing the Expert plan. 

Carbonmade review: Carbonmade pricing

So, what's included in each of the plans?

  • The Beginner plan for $8/mo - unlimited images and videos, 8 projects, 4 menu items, and audio uploads.
  • The Pro plan for $12/mo - premium blocks, custom pages, analytics, 50 projects, premium support, and HD video & audio.
  • The Expert plan for $18/mo - unlimited projects, pages, HD videos, premium support, and listing on the Carbonmade website.

Also, you can save 20% if you choose to pay yearly instead of monthly. And if you want to test out Carbonmade features before committing to the platform, you can do it as long as you want to. There's no need to add a credit card until you want to publish the website.

Here you can compare all of the plans:

Beginner Pro Expert
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Projects 8 50 Unlimited
Support Limited Priority Priority
HD Video No Yes Yes
eCommerce No No No
Statistics No Yes Yes
Carbonmade branding Yes No No

So as you can see, the Beginner plan is a nice affordable way to put a small portfolio together. The Pro and Expert plans give you more advanced customization options, customer support, and exposure.

Carbonmade seems to be pretty pricey for a platform that only supports hosting for one website and no eCommerce features. However, it targets a niche market, making it uniqe and useful for all creatives.

Carbonmade Portfolio Builder Features

Carbonmade is incredibly easy to use. It's designed for creatives with no previous web development experience - you'll be able to set up your portfolio in a couple of minutes without any coding knowledge.

The platform recently had a major update introducing even more features to help you out. Carbonmade has completely eliminated website themes. Now you have complete freedom in designing a website the way you want it.

For that, Carbonmade has many different content blocks, each with its own settings. So creating a website, you'll be able to drag and drop the content blocks straight on the website.

You'll also be able to do a bunch of customizations for every page, project, and content block.

There are global style settings so you can customize the color palette for the whole website as well as set fonts.

Carbornmade review: Carbonmade website editing

If you are choosing the Pro plan, you'll also be able to set favicon and create custom pages. It can be useful if you want to display a CV or have a couple of posts related to your works.

There's also one very useful feature for all visual artists, video creators, and editors. The new Carbonmade platform allows to autoplay and loop videos. This way, you can instantly show the best side of your works.

Carbonmade is doing everything to provide the best tools to showcase works. But there are also some limitations.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to sell online - the platform is designed purely for portfolios and getting online exposure.

If you are looking to build a tidy, fun looking website in one sitting, then Carbonmade is just for you. It features beautiful design elements to build you portfolio website and CV. However, you might feel a bit limited if you want to create a truly unique, one-of-a-kind website.

Carbonmade Performance

Carbonmade does not have any statements and promises regarding hosting - only that it's included as a part of your package.

Nonetheless, all websites need to be fast and reliable. What's the use of a slow and never available website? So for our Carbonmade review, we tested its performance.

And in fact, it's pretty good. Even though Carbonmade does not brag about performance, it fully loads a small website in 1.5 seconds. Knowing, that you'll be creating a light-weight portfolio on the platform, the result is perfectly fine.

Carbonmade review: Carbonmade performance

PageSpeed ranked our website with B (89%) while the YSlow score was better - A (95%). So all in all, Carbonmade will load your site fast without causing any problems.

While Carbonmade does not make big claims about fast performance, it probably should. The platform is fast and will load your site in no time. 

Carbonmade Review - Final Thoughts

Carbonmade offers a unique service that is focused on all creatives. If you want to easily build a website to showcase your works, CV and find clients and job offers - Carbonmade is just the right platform for you.

In our Carbonmade review, we tried and tested its beautiful and easy to use tools - the simplicity and designs impressed us. The performance of a simple website was also great. The only drawback might be the higher pricing - Carbonmade is a very specific niche with not so many advanced features.

Carbonmade is a great place to build an exciting portfolio in one sitting. If you are looking for a completely unique design, then Carbonmade is not for you. But if you want a fun, user-friendly experience with no hassle, then look no further.

If you do try Carbonmade, please feel free to leave your own Carbonmade reviews and experiences below.


  • Stunning modern designs
  • Easy to set up
  • Free trial with no credit card
  • Transparent pricing


  • Customisation limitations
  • Rather expensive
  • No eCommerce

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Matthias picture

2019 October 18th

Carbonmade launched a new platform just a couple months ago and I've been loving it. Long time Carbonmade fan but the new update blew me away.

Carbonmade launched a new platform just a couple months ago and I've been loving it. Long time Carbonmade fan but the new update blew me away.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Tim picture

2019 August 21st

Carbonmade recently rebuild their entire portfolio platform. It's super customizable and fun to use. When I needed some help support was quick and friendly.

Carbonmade recently rebuild their entire portfolio platform. It's super customizable and fun to use. When I needed some help support was quick and friendly.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features