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Cherry Servers is a Lithuanian web hosting service that specializes in bare metal servers - and it states it's committed to providing 'private and secure' cloud infrastructure services to businesses.

With just under 800 active users, this isn't a big operation. So, in this Cherry Server review, we'll see whether this is actually a massively underrated solution.

What is Cherry Servers?

Cherry Servers a web hosting service focused on providing services for development and enterprise needs. It doesn't offer everyday shared or VPS hosting. Two hosting types are on offer, the first of which is is 'bare metal'.

As the name suggests, a bare metal server is an empty machine on which you can install whatever server management software that you like. That's great for advanced users who want complete control over resources, but also means Cherry Servers isn't good for first-time website owners.

Cherry Servers Review Bare Metal

Cherry Servers also offers 'SMART Virtual Server' hosting. With these packages, you'll get a virtual machine running on a shared server. You can pay per hour for SMART server use which will is ideal for developers. However, with these packages, resources aren't isolated from other users. That means they aren't good for high-traffic site hosting.

A Hosting Service that Prioritizes Easy Set Up

Getting started with Cherry Servers was a painless experience. I opted to test a bare metal server and was able to quickly customize my server based on factors like disk space and processor specification. In line with Cherry Servers' claims, starting was incredibly simple.

I was particularly impressed with Cherry Servers' provisions for advanced users. These include a suite of API integrations that allow you to control your server directly from a Command Line Interface.

Cherry Servers Review Developers

Cherry Servers also supports DevOps, letting you automate your development cycle and create software efficiently.

Cherry Servers Pricing

The bare metal Cherry Servers packages use hourly pricing for each of its 15 configurations.

Prices range from $0.224/hour ($163.43/month) to an eye-watering $0.806/hour ($588.35/month).

Cherry Servers Review Pricing

The pricing is flexible - meaning that you add funds to your wallet, which then get taken as you use your server. The moment your funds run out - server gets turned off. If you're afraid of paying for years in advance, Cherry Server can be perfect, as its pricing is an absolute opposite of that.

Cherry Servers Plans in More Detail

Not put off by those prices? In that case, you'll want a better idea of what you get with Cherry Servers' bare metal hosting plans. Below, I've added details for a selection of example low, mid and high-end packages.

Monthly Cost$163.43$465.78 $588.35
Disk Space240GB SSD480GB480GB
Customer Support24/7 Live Chat and Tickets24/7 Live Chat and Tickets24/7 Live Chat and Tickets
Server Management SoftwareNot IncludedNot IncludedNot Included

As you can see, Cherry Servers plans are generous when it comes to important specs like storage, bandwidth, and memory. For most small businesses, the base E3-1240v3 package will be suitable. Thanks to the 30TB of bandwidth it includes, it can be used to host websites that receive a reasonably large amount of traffic.

Take note that no matter how much you pay, you won't get extra software features such as a server management control panel. If you want something - get it yourself.

Cherry Servers Performance

Deployment of the Cherry Servers server took around an hour. You simply go through the list, choose the server of your preference, choose the OS, and wait for the message allowing you to start.

cherry servers review deploying the servers

Since then - you're on your own. Out of pure interest, I've decided to give Cherry Servers a go and actually install WordPress. And well, this is what was the performance score on GTMetrix.

CherryServers Review Speed Test

Looks slow? Well - the numbers don't tell the whole story. This is a result with no additional optimization. And it makes sense - after all, Cherry Servers is not a WordPress-specialized host. If you know what you're doing, you'll be able to get much better results than the ones here. If not, well - this is your baseline.

Cherry Servers Customer Support

The Cherry Servers customer support team are available through live chat 24/7. I found that the team was friendly and helpful, living up to the Cherry Servers Human to Human business model. The staff was also capable of answering simple technical questions. It has to acknowledged that with bare-metal servers, you'll be mostly left on your own.

They're really only there to ensure your hardware is running properly. Cherry Servers is unashamedly geared toward customers who can handle most technical issues themselves.

But it was still good to have customer support by my side to help with some of the basic queries (such as remembering which port should I use).

Cherry Servers Review: The Verdict

Cherry Servers isn't a great option for first-time website owners, but it's definitely worth considering for small businesses and developers. Its bare metal hosting packages offer good value for money considering the powerful hardware you get access to.

And with the super easy deployment, as well as flexible hourly pricing, for some providers, this can be a perfect option.


  • Great Control of Server Resources
  • Reasonably Priced Dedicated Servers
  • Friendly Support Staff


  • Not Suitable for Beginners
  • Small Choice of Server Types
  • No Server Management Software Included
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