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Choopa is a hosting service that operates data centers around the world but originates from New Jersey, USA. Its website claims it offers "industry leading hosting performance" backed by a world-class infrastructure.

But how accurate is that? In this Choopa review, I'll put its service under a microscope. Let's determine if it's a great pick or something you should avoid.

Created For Performance, Not For Looks

When I loaded the Choopa website, I thought I'd stumbled into a time machine and woken up in 2004. No, it's not the most outdated site, but everything looks a little early 2000s. 

Choopa Review Homepage

But hey, that's not the thing we're looking to review here. There are more important aspects to this Choopa review than aesthetics

Nevertheless, it soon became clear that Choopa positions itself to appeal to power users and developers, making its 'function over form' design mentality more understandable.

Its main product is dedicated hosting, but it also offers hourly VPS cloud hosting, which is ideal for web development use.

Other Choopa products include a Geo DNS to reduce worldwide traffic load times, and a Disaster Recovery add-on that spreads multiple redundant site copies around the globe.

Choopa Review Global

Reliable Customer Support

Before signing up, I got in touch with the Choopa support, who are available 24/7 by live chat and over the phone. I'm pleased to report that the person I spoke to was technically-competent and that the Choopa live chat service was responsive, connecting me in under 12 minutes.

Such times seem to be the constant there.

Choopa Review Live Chat

The sign-up process was easy and I had access to my site within a few hours. I didn't experience any downtime during my Choopa review, verifying Choopa's 100% uptime guarantee - at least on my end.

It's nice to see that guarantee backed up by a service-level agreement, which allows you to claim credits if you experience downtime.

Choopa Pricing

Choopa servers come at very different pricing points - starting at $69.95 and going all the way up to $499.95. Eight different dedicated hosting plans differ not only on pricing but also on CPU and RAM configurations. What's the same is the bandwidth - capped at 10TB for each plan.

Choopa Review Pricing

The prices are, of course, much higher than the ones of shared or regular VPS hosting. But the cheapest Choopa dedicated hosting package is quite affordable.

Choopa also offers cloud VPS hosting for $0.04/hour, and custom VPS and dedicated servers installations are available too.

Choopa Prices and Plans in More Detail

The table below compares three plans dedicated plans. The table only shows options included with the base plan price, but any individual element can be upgraded.

Dedicated Hosting PlanHaswell E3-1220v3Skylake Quad-CoreIntel Dual Octo-Core
Monthly Price$69.95$129.95$499.95
Disk Space1TB120GB120GB
CPUXeon E3-1220 v3 3.1 GHzi7-6700k 4GHzDual Xeon E5-2650 2GHz
Bandwidth10TB outgoing + free incoming10TB outgoing + free incoming10TB outgoing + free incoming
Server IPs555
Email AddressesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
SSL Included?YesYesYes
Customer Support24/7 phone and live chat24/7 phone and live chat24/7 phone and live chat
Money-Back Guarantee30-Day Period30-Day Period30-Day Period

The main difference between the packages is the power of the server hardware. The cheapest plan actually includes more storage space than the other two because it comes with a hard drive system by default.

For enterprise users and developers, the speed of an SSD system is likely to make the other packages a more attractive proposition. However, an SSD can be added to the base package for an additional $20/month.

Choopa Performance

I tested my Choopa site using Bitcatcha. Here are the results.

Choopa Review Performance

Though the performance wasn't too impressive globally, that could likely be improved by opting for Choopa's Geo DNS package.

Final Thoughts: To Choopa or not to Choopa

I suggest looking past the outdated interface. Under the hood, Choopa hosting provides a well-rounded experience with above average performance and a range of options that allow you to configure your ideal plan.

It's unquestionably tailored toward developers though, so consumer or small business site owners should look elsewhere.

What did you think of my Choopa review? If you have your own Choopa Reviews to share, please add them below!


  • Plans are easy to configure
  • Base plan offers affordable dedicated hosting
  • Reliable with SLA-backed 100% uptime guarantee
  • Helpful 24/7 customer support


  • No shared plans available
  • Not suitable for everyday hosting
  • Site feels outdated
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