CityMax Review


Bart Keating


2019 October 2nd

CityMax certainly isn't one of the biggest names in the web-building field, despite having been around for nearly 20 years.

But promising to help you 'build a website in 3 easy steps', it certainly talks a big talk. Can it walk the walk as well?

Let's do a CityMax review, and see if it's as 'easy' as the company says.

My CityMax Review - First Impressions

There are strengths and weaknesses to the CityMax platform.

The site offers a good range of templates to users of the site. However, it must be said that other website builders offer much more professional looking templates, compared to the basic CityMax portfolio.

citymax review

I also felt that there were relatively limited customization options. Although CityMax enables users to tinker with a few aspects of websites, such as backgrounds, colors, and buttons, this is slightly limited compared to some of its competitors. Another negative to this provider is its customer support - there is neither a live chat nor phone number available.

However, CityMax does have a few positive talking points up its sleeve.

Firstly, the integration of the site with mobile platforms works quite well. Secondly, CityMax also delivers great eCommerce and marketing options - CityMax makes it easy to build an online store and offers a range of features that make it rather useful in this particular field.

CityMax Pricing

The pricing for CityMax is extremely straightforward as the site only offers only one package.

citymax review pricing

You can subscribe to CityMax for $24.98 per month, which includes all of the features that this provider has to offer.

However, I have to say - $24.98/month is very rich for a package with a web builder whose websites about 15 years out of date.

The Monthly Plan in More Detail

For the $24.98 fee that you pay on a monthly basis, CityMax's monthly plan offers the following:

CityMax Subscription
Price $24.95/month
No. of Domains Allowed 1 Included
Bandwidth Not Specified
Disk Space Not Specified
Email Addresses Not Specified
HDD or SDD Not Specified
Email Marketing Yes
eCommerce Yes
Customer Support AWOL
Money-Back Guarantee No

As you can see, hardly anything is specified. If you go to the pricing page on CityMax's site, you'll see for yourself that the way it is presented is far from professional.

CityMax Performance

I then ran a CityMax speed test and picked up pretty average results.

citymax review

Overall, a fairly average performance.

In the US, Brazil, Japan, and Australia, speeds are decent. In Europe, Singapore, and India, it doesn't quite match up. If you and visitors are American, server speeds won't be a bottleneck. Going abroad? Perhaps you should look at other website builders.

Final Thoughts from My CityMax Review

I'm a little lost for words regarding CityMax's value offering. The examples it shows of sites built on it are poor, as are the package options.

Granted, having just 1 package gives people less to stress about during their decision making, but what if you don't want all of the features included?

Overall, the $25/month price tag is just too much to pay considering CityMax lacks the customizability that other builders offer and any form of responsive support. It has provided some comedic value, but that's all.

If you do decide to give it the benefit of the doubt, be sure to take it for a 10-day trial first before splashing your cash. Then, feel free to submit your own CityMax reviews below.


  • Solid responsiveness on mobile devices
  • 10-day trial


  • Only one subscription option
  • Templates aren't particularly impressive
  • No live chat or phone number
  • Unresponsive email support

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