Cloudways Review


Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

Founded in 2011, Cloudways is a well-established competitor in the managed cloud web-hosting space.

With thousands of clients and a big reputation in the business, is Cloudways a good option to choose? In this review, we will find out.

Cloudways First Impressions

First things first, Cloudways website truly is a work of a master. It is presented in a pleasing and user-friendly fashion, which is sure to appeal to many visitors, including myself.

cloudways review

But it's not the outside that really matters, is it?

Cloudways offers a grand selection of services asides from its managed cloud servers. These include managed-hosting solutions that are specialized toward specific uses, such as WordPress, Magneto, Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, WooCommerce, and general PHP.

With every package it provides, it offers a wide range of features.

cloudways review

The idea of peace of mind via 24/7 support is great and would be incredibly useful to most (if not all) users of web hosting services. However, it's often easier said than done, as many providers offer around-the-clock support but don't deliver their promises.

I tried asking a few questions via live chat to see its effectiveness.

To my surprise, I was able to connect with an agent within seconds.

More importantly, I was able to resolve my query within a minute. Definitely not bad!

Was my experience any different to that of other users, though?

To The Community! Other Cloudways Reviews

The Cloudways reviews of other customers are rather inconsistent. There are plenty of users who have been happy enough to stay with Cloudways for several years.

But there are others who aren't so content.

cloudways review support evaluation

However, Cloudways seem to have improved over time. While the reviews of 2018 were rather mixed, in 2019 they're overwhelmingly positive.

So, there's something to be taken away from here. While Cloudways may have had some issues, it's a company that is willing to listen to the feedback of the customer and improve. And that's pretty great.

And even the negative reviews shouldn't scare you too much. Something to bear in mind is the fact that most web hosting services do have negative customer feedback. In general, people are more likely to leave feedback if they've got something bad to say.

Cloudways Pricing

For its primary service (managed cloud web hosting), Cloudways offers 5 different providers of cloud servers which you can choose from:

  • DigitalOcean - Starting at $10/month
  • Linode - Starting at $12/month
  • Vultr - Starting at $11/month
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Starting at $34.91/month
  • Google Cloud Platform - Starting at $33.30/month

For the purpose of my Cloudways review, I'll be inspecting the pricing for the Vultr provider, as I found it to be the best value. I opted for Vultr over DigitalOcean (who are also good value) due to the wider choice of server locations you're given.

cloudways reviewWith the cheapest option of $11/month offering 1GB ram, a 1-core processor and 25GB of storage, Cloudways pricing with Vultr will be very affordable for the majority of users.

Its plans go right up to a whopping 96-GB ram package, which includes 800GB storage and 15TB bandwidth. There is certainly something for everyone.

If you're not concerned about server speed in east continents, the Cloudways plans with DigitalOcean may be a better choice. As the primary reason, I analyzed the ones with Vultr was due to the choice of an Asian server.

Cloudways Plans

It's all good and well knowing that Cloudways pricing with Vultr starts from $11/month, but how do you know which plan is right for you?

There is a daunting amount of 11 plans, but I've summarized the 4 plans whose value offerings are the most differentiable. I also contacted support to find details that aren't available on their site. This way, you can make a much more informed decision. You're welcome.

Ram 1GB 4GB 32GB 96GB
Processor 1 Core 2 Core 8 Core 24 Core
Disk Space 25GB 60GB 300GB 800TB
Bandwidth 1TB 3TB 6TB 15TB
SSL Certificate Included Yes Yes Yes Yes
No. of Domains Allowed Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated Environment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mailboxes Included $1 per mailbox per month $1 per mailbox per month $1 per mailbox per month $1 per mailbox per month

The Cloudways plan that is best for you entirely depends on your circumstances. If your demands are monstrous, you may consider the VULTR96GB plan or a similar one.

If you're not in need of the enormous 24-core processor and 15TB bandwidth, though, you're probably better off at the other end of the chart.

For instance, for a website that is currently working its way up in terms of traffic and isn't too content heavy yet, I'd recommend starting with the VULTR1GB package - you can always switch later down the line!

Cloudways Performance

Since you will be looking into a different set of servers to choose from, your performance will highly depend on your choices.

In our case, we've tried the Vultr:

cloudways review

As you can see, the response times around the world are great.

I have no issues with the displayed speeds whatsoever. It's rare that you find a provider with consistent speed throughout each continent, but Cloudways have managed to deliver. In a way - this makes complete sense. It's a premium Cloud hosting provider -and has to behave as such!

Cloudways Review - Summary

It's clear that there both heavy upsides and downsides to using Cloudways.

On a positive note, there is 24/7 support,  a free advanced SSL certificate, and a wide range of specialized hosting packages available. I'm especially keen on the option that you're given in the Vultr packages to choose between servers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

While on the negative side, there are the issues that numerous users have reported with customer services. If it's any consolation though, I must reaffirm that my experience with support was fine.

Overall, I can recommend Cloudways as a hosting option for those with high demands and technical knowhow. If you're looking for pay-as-you-go cloud servers without the hassle of managing it independently, give Cloudways a run.


  • Live chat support is 24/7
  • Wide range of packages
  • Great speed around the world
  • Free SSL certificate with every package


  • Not suitable for small websites
  • Reasonable tech know-how preferable

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