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Greta Evans


2019 November 19th

Colibri WP claims to be a website builder that gives you design superpowers. Moreover, it promises an easy and comfortable user experience filled with pretty templates and broad customization.

Does this website builder stay true to its promise?

That's what I will try to find out in this Colibri WP review.

What is Colibri WP?

Colibri WP is an easy to use drag-and-drop WordPress website theme builder. It's a great tool to create a stunning website while having no knowledge of coding or web developing.

Its drag-and-drop customization doesn't require effort to reach stunning results. You can play around with dozens of colors, templates, content blocks, images, and etc.

Colibri WP and WordPress customizer are compatible, so you will have no issues applying your theme that you built on this website builder to your WordPress website.

This website builder also has a cloud where you can save your designed themes and use them later.

 Colibri WP is a beginner-friendly WordPress website builder that has its own cloud to store your edited themes. It's full of pretty and easy-to-use tools that help you create your website design.

Colibri WP Pricing

Colibri WP has a free plan that includes few features. Such as live editing in the customizer, some website templates, few global color schemes etc.

Of course, since it's a free plan, it has its own limitations. You can see the differences between free and pro plans that Colibri WP offers in the table below.

Live editing in the customizer + +
Predesigned website templates 3 30+
Frontpage header designs 5 20+
Predesigned content blocks 34 170+
Full control over typography and colors - +
Advanced styling features - +

Therefore, a paid plan is a better choice since you don't limit your customization and have much more to work with. You can choose from 3 paid plans that let you enjoy easy and creative website building.

Colibri WP has 3 one-time-purchase plans starting at $79 Standard plan. There's also Premium and Ultimate plans that cost from $99 to $149.

Colibri WP Pricing

So, what's included in each of the plans?

  • The Standard plan for $79 - 1 website, pro features, priority support and updates for 12 months;
  • The Premium plan for $99 - 5 websites, pro features, priority support and updates for 24 months;
  • The Ultimate plan for $149 - 10 websites, pro features, priority support and updates for a lifetime.

If you want to customize and design only one website then Standard plan is more than enough for you. Premium and Ultimate plans can be purchased if you want to use your license for more than one website. In addition, you get lifetime support and updates if you decide to upgrade to the Ultimate plan.

Colibri WP has 1 free and 3 paid plans to offer. Free plan has a lot of limitations, so paid plans are worth trying out, especially if you want to get updates and primary support through your creating process.

Colibri WP Features

Colibri WP offers a lot of visually entertaining features that give life to your website.

You can start building your website from scratch, however, if you lack ideas - you can use a template and start customizing from there. Since changing things around in Colibri WP theme does not require much effort, most of what you do is click around or drag and drop. It's completely beginner-friendly.

You can build your website on one page and don't have to navigate through dozens of tabs since Colibri WP is fully integrated with WordPress' customizer. It means you don't have to worry about additional customization to go through after finishing your theme. That is an advantage compared to other website builders.

When you create the Colibri WP account you can also save your themes, redesign them later and they stay in Colibri WP's cloud. This option lets you use your themes on other websites without any struggle. You can apply your creative design to your website with a few clicks only.

Building a website in Colibri WP

Rich customization is one of the main pros of Colibri WP. It has 50+ page templates that you can use as an example and start working from there. Big variety of themes gives you the possibility to build nearly any kind of website you want - personal blog, photography blog, portfolio, resume, personal project, business-based website or etc.

Colibri WP templates

However, Colibri WP doesn't support ecommerce based templates, so you won't be able to design an online store yet. Though they are planning on WooCommerce integration.

Doesn't matter if you start from scratch or redesign a template - every detail that you add to your page can be customized to pixel perfection. Colibri WP offers a lot of settings that you can play around with. For example, opacity, gradients, fonts, font sizes, headers and footers and much more.

Moreover, it's really easy to tinker your website's navigation settings. You can modify your menu on your homepage, add links to your buttons and control where the user will be linked to. You can also add layers to your page and customize those pages as well.

What's important that Colibri WP themes are fully responsive. So you can see how your website looks not only on desktop but on mobile devices as well. Colibri WP lets you edit your theme's look on desktop, tablets, and mobiles. So you don't have to worry about how your website will look on different platforms.

Responsive templates on Colibri WP

Despite the fact that Colibri WP is quite easy to navigate, it still has a wide range of tutorials on how to build a nice theme while using their website builder. You can find them in Colibri Docs.

If you experience some issues you can reach out for their support which usually responds within 1 business day. However, one business day is quite a long time to respond, so that might a little downfall that they have.

Colibri WP offers a lot of features that are frequently updated and easy to use. So you won't struggle much with making a theme for your website, because you have in-depth tutorials that decently explain how to navigate while using Colibri WP.

Colibri WP offers a variety of project-specific templates for any kind of websites. The templates are also responsive on all devices. However, it doesn't yet have ecommerce integration.

Colibri WP Review - Final Thoughts

Colibri WP offers easy and creative website building experience. It's easy to use, filled with nice templates and broad customization that you can experience with paid plans.

Having no ecommerce integration might be a small downfall for this website builder. However, this problem seems to be temporary, since Colibri WP informs that they will have ecommerce integrated soon.

In the end, Colibri WP has beautiful and easy to use tools and is an amazing choice for beginners that want to build their website fast and easy.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • A variety of templates
  • Stunning designs


  • Slow support
  • No ecommerce integration

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