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Katherine Garcia


2020 January 23rd

Colocation America was started back in 2000 and is one of the oldest IT service providers. Just as the name suggests, the provider's main field of interest is colocations.

Years of expertise and successful expansion created a broad group of professionals. This made Colocation America offer dedicated server hosting, server management, cloud solutions, and much more.

Now, it became a full-featured hosting as well as a great colocation provider. And it's not only for professionals or bigger businesses but for everyday users as well.

Here, you're promised a 100% availability, incredible 24/7 customer support, and top-notch hardware. But I want to make sure these aren't just empty words.

In this Colocation America review, I tested its services, support, and pricing. Let's find out if this can be my new favorite dedicated hosting provider.

What is Colocation America?

Colocation America is an all-American colocation hosting provider with 22 datacenter locations across the country. It also works with more than 200 tier-1 bandwidth providers, so over the years, it formed a strong network.

Other users can also order Cloud solutions as well as IP transit services.

Colocation America Website Homepage

From first glance, Colocation America looks like a no-nonsense professional provider that can offer competitive pricing as well.

Let's check and determine, just how many promises does it manage to keep.

Colocation America Pricing

Colocation America has scalable dedicated server options starting at $99/mo. For this price, you get 512GB SSD storage, 15TB of bandwidth, 32GB of RAM. Users can choose from 5 pre-configured servers that will suit everyone's needs.

Colocation America Review Dedicated Server Hosting Pricing

The best thing for me with dedicated hosting providers is the option to configure the perfect server on your own. And here is no exception, you can choose the RAM, storage space, and additional bandwidth.

RAM and bandwidth allowances are huge, the starting point is 32GB RAM and 15TB bandwidth. And it goes all the way to an extremely powerful 768GB RAM and unmetered 1Gbps bandwidth.

You also get to select both primary and additional storage space. For primary, you can get up to 4TB SSD drive, which is pretty impressive, and you can go up to 12TB of SSD for extra space.

The only issue that I see is that Colocation America provides only single and dual processor servers. Users that want more powerful servers, might not find the right option here.

While I talked about Linux dedicated servers until now in this review, you do get the choice to buy Windows servers. Overall customization and plan options are the same as with a Linux server.

But, its more expensive compared to Linux, beginning at $119 a month for the starting server hardware. Do keep in mind that these servers come with Windows 2016 standard OS.

As far as the Colocation America review in terms of pricing goes - it's very affordable compared to the hardware your getting. And services can also get cheaper.

Depending on the offers available, this provider also has discounted servers. So if you're on a budget, check those offers as well.

The good thing, there are no other costs related to the hosting - the setup is free and there's a 7-day period to change your mind.

Colocation America provides budget-friendly dedicated server hosting for average to large size websites and options to scale as well.

Colocation America Review - First Impressions

Launching a dedicated server is not a straight-forward process and requires some help from the provider.

In this part of the Colocation America review, I brought a server and tested the whole purchase and setup process as well as evaluated customer support.

Purchasing a Dedicated Server

To start with, I went with the cheapest server available for $99/mo. The server, as a default, included 1 CPU 3.10 GHz processor, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD storage, and 15TB of bandwidth. Not bad for such a price.

The options for operating systems include Centos, Freebsd, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and others as well as Windows 2016 starting at $20.

It is also possible to choose from cPanel, Plesk, and HSphere control panels for an additional fee.

After the configurations, you'll need to fill in your details and proceed to payment. You can choose to pay via PayPal, credit card or eCheck.

Colocation America Payment Options

Once the payment is complete, Colocation America promises to deploy the server in 24 hours.

The problem that I ran into was very simple, there's no way to change the billing period. Well, at least I didn't find one anywhere.

The way it works is that you can buy servers only for a month. And if you want the yearly billing period, this should be discussed with sales teams separately.

And this idea works just to confuse customers since you have to spend extra time and effort just for a different billing option.

Setting up a Dedicated Server

After everything was done, there was only one thing for me to do - wait. And, maybe after 15 hours, Colocation America finally made my server live.

So it was a bit faster than the 24 hours I was told to wait. Once it was live, I used the CentOS operating system to finally set up my website and get it running.

If you're familiar with this control panel it will be easy to navigate it. And if not, you can select one of 12 other different panels that you would like to use.

But if you still have questions or issues, reach the support and they will help you out. Overall, I didn't run into any major problems setting up my server.

If you have experience setting up or working with dedicated servers, you'll have no trouble with Colocation America.

Colocation America Performance

Every dedicated server here comes with a 100% uptime guarantee. Keep in mind that I'm using the cheapest Linux server to test it. But Colocation America won this round, my website had an uptime of 100% the entire month.

If your looking for a dedicated server, power and speed are important to you. In this regard, our server's average response time was just 327ms, great but not the fastest in the industry.

Now, I'll be super clear, my website did get one big spike in response time, reaching 809ms. So it wasn't completely smooth sailing all of the time.

Next on my list was an optimization test. My website got decent results, PageSpeed gave it B (86%) and YSlow gave it C (77%), leaving room for improvements.

My website was a bit bigger, being 1.43MB in size. But Colocation America managed to fully load it in just 3.7 seconds, which is quite impressive.

My website overall had great loading times and responsiveness. In all the time that I was messing around with it, I didn't run into any serious loading or lag problems.

Colocation America has powerful and fast dedicated servers. It does a lot of things to make sure your website has 100% uptime.

Colocation America Features

Hosting a website, features like extra security, performance increase, and domain privacy can make or break the experience. And with dedicated servers, you pay quite a lot, so you expect top-level features.

Luckily, this provider doesn't skim you on the most important features. Let's quickly look at what do you get here.


Most users choose dedicated servers because they offer unprecedented security and protection. Colocation America is SSAE 16 certified, meaning it complies with the regulations of the USA and protects sensitive information.

Colocation America also adds free DDoS protection with every server. It will help you mitigate any incoming attacks on your server.

And if that's not enough to make you feel safe, you can add an extra hardware firewall to your plan. But be warned, it only offers two options - $75 a month and $799 a month.

Best Price Deals

While not having a billing period choice is not the greatest thing, it also means something good. There are no disadvantageous for a shorter hosting term. 

So even if you want to buy just a month it's a perfectly good option here. You don't have to buy a server for 4 years just to get the price you see on the provider's website.

Whit most dedicated hosting providers you get to pay extra for starting your journey. Here, it's a different story, you have zero set-up fees or any other hidden price manipulation.

What you see is exactly what you'll pay. And if you add discounted servers to list, you get a company that seems very seriously determined to save you money.

Multiple Data Centers

Connectivity and uptime are important both to you and to the provider itself. That's why this company tries to cover as much of America as it can, and in total, it has 22 data centers in 8 major USA cities.

These locations include places like Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Miami, and Chicago.

If you live near one of its data centers and you're feeling like doing something fun, you can schedule a tour of the center itself.

Colocation America gives you a full package of security, performance, and ease of life features. And it even tries to save you money and offer the best deal available.

Colocation America Customer Support

Colocation America has 24/7 phone, email, and live chat support as well as extensive blog and FAQs. As for phone support, you get 3 numbers overall, 2 toll-free and 1 local number.

There's a lot of ways of getting help here, but it all comes down to how fast and reliable the support teams are.

Before purchasing, I decided to contact the support and ask all about the setup process, payments, and other details. For this purpose, I used live chat, since it should be fast and solve most small issues.

And I have to admit, I was surprised, our full conversation lasted just around 5 minutes. And in that time span, all of my questions were answered lightning-fast.

I tested live chat multiple times here and there during my testing. One universal thing I found - support gives you straightforward answers and doesn't just send links to knowledgebase or Google.

As for the blog, while it's not the biggest information source, you can still find a lot of useful articles here. Categories here include new technology, hosting, security, and even fun.

And in the FAQ page, you can find around 70 helpful answers to the most important and frustrating questions.

Colocation America has knowledgeable support teams that are quick and ready to help 24/7. So don't worry, you'll have help all throughout.

Colocation America Review - Conclusion

Together we looked at pricing, performance, support, and features in this Colocation America review. And I have to be frank, I loved what I saw - it delivers professional and stable dedicated server hosting at a fair price.

Now, it's not perfect. There is still some room to improve with its performance. And it could use some more clarity about billing terms and options.

But overall, pricing options and the features that are included with every plan makes it a deal worth your time.

If you need powerful and stable dedicated servers, that can be fully customizable and scalable - go give Colocation America a try.

What do you think? Do you have a review of your own? Let's have a discussion in the comments.

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Scott Alan Miller picture
Scott Alan Miller

2020 March 3rd

I'm curious about your performance testing. I am a Colocation America user and use their services in very different ways, so our experiences are unrelated. But I do a lot... Read more

I'm curious about your performance testing. I am a Colocation America user and use their services in very different ways, so our experiences are unrelated. But I do a lot of website work and so much of website performance comes from content tuning, CDNs, database design, etc. It's not the host that determines this, but the site being hosted. A poorly designed WordPress or custom site on the same host as a Hugo site will performance completely differently. And the same WordPress site on different OSes, different PHP versions, different plugins, different cache settings, different web browsers can be orders of magnitude faster or slower. In your speed test, you seem to only have installed your site and your response numbers would be indicative of your setup almost entirely, and reflect almost nothing of Colocation America's performance. If you were running an identical site, set up identically, across many providers with the exact same patches and comparing those numbers, that would be pretty meaningful and all that would matter is the relative speeds. But using an absolutely performance number gives us nothing to compare to. You say that 327ms response time is good, but not great... based on what? Without your site being hosted in many different places, that's a meaningless number. We can't tell if Colocation America is ten times faster than anyone else, or ten times slower. It's just a number. Other sites are different sites, with different technology stacks. I run a web host and I can tell you that you easily get 10-100x performance variation between sites on the same host - because it is the individual sites, not the host, that makes nearly all of the difference. Especially when dealing with just a single site, even the smallest, slowest Raspberry Pi has more than enough horsepower to be amazing. It's when you load up the server and test the performance that it matters. Until the system is saturated, effectively the only thing you are measuring is your piece on top of Colocation America, and nothing from CA themselves.