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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

CreeperHost is a specialist game server hosting company from London. As the name suggests, it offers Minecraft server hosting, but its catalog also includes titles like ARK: Survival Evolved and 7 Days to Die. With that library, it claims to be 'the one-stop service for all your gaming and server needs'. Is it really?

Let's dig deeper (but not lava-deep) in my CreeperHost review to find out.

CreeperHost First Impressions

CreeperHost's website looks modern and is easy to get around. Ordering a game server was a straightforward process. After picking a title, all I had to do was choose the number of player slots I wanted and select a hosting location. CreeperHost offers data centers around the world, excellent for low latency play!

CreeperHost Review Order Screen

Limited Game Catalog

Compared to other game hosts like Blue Fang and Fragnet, Creeperhost's selection of games is relatively small. There are just 37 in its collection.

CreeperHost Review Game Catalog

Not Just a Game Host

I was impressed to see that CreeperHost lets you host regular websites, not just game servers. It offers VOIP, Desktop, VPS, Dedicated, NGINX, and MySQL servers.

CreeperHost Review Other Servers

Unfortunately, actually trying to order a MySQL server didn't go very well for me...

CreeperHost Review 404 Page

Inadequate Customer Support

Sadly, my CreeperHost review was let down by underwhelming customer support. CreeperHost representatives are available by phone and email. However, replies to my emails were slow and service agents were, in general, fairly unhelpful.

What Are Other Customers Saying

When I checked out the CreeperHost Facebook page, I discovered that other clients had also experienced low-quality service from CreeperHost.

CreeperHost Review Alternative Review One

Obviously, individual reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. However, given the volume of the complaints, this isn't something that can be ignored. If you're looking for consistently excellent customer support, this isn't the service for you!

CreeperHost Review Alternative Review Two

CreeperHost Pricing

CreeperHost game server prices vary depending on the particular game title and the number of player slots you need. For example, a 1-5 player Minecraft server costs $13.45/month while a 10-15 player ARK server costs $43.58/month.

If you're interested in a more flexible hosting system, you can opt for a multi-game CreeperHost VPS server. 14 general VPS server plans are available, they vary in price from $9.60 to $97.44/month.

CreeperHost Review Pricing

Plans in More Detail

Let's take a look at exactly what you get with a CreeperHost VPS package. Below, I've compared three plans. One low-end, one mid-range and one top-tier package:

Magma Cube Cave Spider Enderdragon
Monthly Price $9.60 $23.71 $97.44
Storage 8GB 25GB 50GB
RAM 768MB 2GB 12GB
Bandwidth 3TB 3TB 3TB
No. of Domains 1 1 1
Email Addresses Not Included Not Included Not Included
SSL Included? Not Included Not Included Not Included
Website Builder No No No
Customer Support Email and Phone Email and Phone Email and Phone
Refund Period 30-Day 30-Day 30-Day

CreeperHost's VPS servers offer fairly good value for money. The exact game you want to play will determine which is best for you. Note that all plans come with the same 3TB bandwidth cap, which is fairly restrictive.

CreeperHost Performance

During my CreeperHost review, I experienced no significant gameplay lag. I also checked my server response time using Bitcatcha. The results showed that load speeds were adequate but not incredibly fast.

CreeperHost Review Performance

CreeperHost Review: Conclusion

CreeperHost offers good value for money and decent gameplay performance but could do better when it comes to customer service. If you don't mind substandard support, consider using this game server host.

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Bryan Phares picture
Bryan Phares

2019 September 18th

These guys are horrible. I asked them to charge me when my bill is actually do. They responded with no. Its in the terms of Service. Then they said if... Read more

These guys are horrible. I asked them to charge me when my bill is actually do. They responded with no. Its in the terms of Service. Then they said if I didn't pay on the 19th that my server would be shut down and deleted 3 days later. The problem is the bill isn't due until the 25th. So they threatened to shut down my server and delete it by the 22nd. Cancelled service as soon as I read this.

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Zefram Banesworth picture
Zefram Banesworth

2019 August 21st

By far one of the worst, if not THE worst Minecraft hosting companies in the world.

By far one of the worst, if not THE worst Minecraft hosting companies in the world.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features