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Who Is DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean was founded in 2011 and has proved their ability to offer services to even big companies like Gitlab. Does the fact that someone like Gitlab would use them mean they are a good hosting provider? In this DigitalOcean review, we are going to find out as well as see if DigitalOcean is a good hosting option for what you need. In 2013, Netcraft gave a nod to DigitalOcean saying it is one of the fastest-growing cloud hosting services. 2014 Netcraft said DigitalOcean was the third largest hosting company around the globe.

Services Offered By DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean specializes in cloud hosting, and their focus client is developers that want scalable infrastructure and quick deployment. There isn’t much to note here since all DigitalOcean does is offer cloud hosting (VPS) for its customers.

There are different levels when you are looking at a VPS account so you don’t have to worry about a one size fits all kind of program. If you are only getting started out, you aren’t going to have to pay the same price as an enterprise company.

DigitalOcean Pricing & Plans

DigitalOcean review Droplets

As you can see from the above images, there are a lot of different options to go through, and the costs range anywhere from $5 a month to $960 per month depending on what you need. Every time that you go to another hosting level, you will change the amount of memory, disk space, core processors, and the transfer limit you have in your plan. 

What are Droplets?

DigitalOcean is trying to be cute and call their virtual machines droplets so don’t let that confuse you. The droplets are where your information is stored and served from.

You can choose between the standard and the CPU optimized droplets. If you CPUs for high computation jobs, you want to go with the CPU optimized option, but otherwise standard is perfectly fine.

When you get your droplet, you can choose the operating systems for your droplets. Their many options, so if you have a favorite, it is most likely available to you. If you want to mix and match between the different types of VPS hosting options, you are allowed to do this.


digital ocean response times

With such a well-documented company, it isn’t surprising that they have an excellent performance record. If you have many visitors from Banglore that might be the only time that you won't have a perfect response time.

DigitalOcean Pros

Clear Pricing

While some other hosting platforms might try to trick you into signing up for long terms with their hosting to get the advertised rate, you aren’t going to find this with DigitalOcean. You can pay by the month or even by the hour if you have a short-term need for their services. Being able to see exactly how much money you are going to be putting out is a major pro for DigitalOcean’s hosting.

Automated Backups

If you’ve ever worried about your files and databases crashing down in a firey disaster, you know you want automated backups. What if you forget right before everything goes sideways? Right after you did major updates to your website? No good!

99,99% Uptime

Makes DigitalOcean one of the most reliable services.

Simple Account Control Panel

If nothing else is simple about DigitalOcean, at least your control panel is simple, and you’ll be able to control your account options.

Private Networking

If you have more than one droplet in the same datacenter, they can communicate with each other, but it won’t count against your bandwidth limits.

One-Click Apps

For those of you that want to save time, you can use the one-click apps from DigitalOcean. There is a nice list of them including popular options such as:

  • WordPress
  • MySQL
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Ghost

DigitalOcean Cons

No cPanel Available

If you want to use cPanel, you have to purchase and install it, and there are no one-click deployments available. If you want cPanel, it makes sense to go with another hosting company.

Most of the people that use DigitalOcean don’t need a graphical control panel and are comfortable using a Unix shell. If you aren’t friends with a text editor and an SSH window, DigitalOcean probably isn’t for you.

Customer Service

While their ticket system is great for documentation and I am sure savvy web developers aren’t going to have to contact support as much as someone who is getting started using support, the lack of other means of getting in contact with support is more than annoying. You can mark your support ticket as critical if you want to get an answer extra quick, but otherwise, you might be waiting a little bit, unlike the customer service centric hosting options that have a live chat and phone support for quick answers with easy explanations.

Not Beginner Friendly

If you are a beginner looking for hosting, you need to go elsewhere. There are no managed hosting plans, shared hosting plans, or dedicated servers. If you don’t want to use VPS that is intended for developers, you need to look into another hosting option.

DigitalOcean Review – Is DigitalOcean Right for You?

For most people, we are going to say – no, DigitalOcean is not for you. Unless you are a developer that understands how to access the root and work in depth with scripts, you should look into a more beginner friendly or even intermediate learner friendly hosting option. If you go into this hosting environment as a beginner, you are likely to make a mess of the control panel vs. being able to use the hosting to get your website set up.

If you are a web developer that wants a highly reliable host that understands what developers need then DigitalOcean would definitely be a – yes! What are you waiting for? Otherwise, move along and find something that is going to work well for people that want to build their own websites or even people that want to build sites for other people, but with website builders. That’s the final verdict of our DigitalOcean review.


  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Automated Backups
  • Simple Account Control Panel
  • One-Click Apps


  • No cPanel Available
  • Ticket-Based Customer Service
  • Overwhelming For Beginners

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