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Dinahosting is a one-stop shop to those looking for hosting. It's a Spanish provider with a wide array of services, both for beginners, experienced corporations and everyone in between.

Dina Hosting offers shared, WordPress, eCommerce, Cloud, VPS, dedicated, email and reseller hosting.

This kind of solution means that an emerging web specialist may go from a regular website user to a big business owner without once leaving the company. This kind of infrastructure helps Dinahosting to retain a big and loyal customer base.

So in this Dinahosting review, we'll see, whether the host is worth the trust of you and over 140,000 users it has.

Let's start.

Dinahosting Pricing

Dinahosting has 3 packages to choose from. However, one of them is tailored for email and costs from 2.42€/month - so that leaves 2 web hosting plans currently available which cost starts at 2.72€/month. You can upgrade to Ultimate plan which pricing starts at 5.99€/month.


What do you get with each plan?

  • Basic plan gives you 5GB of storage, free SSL, and 20 email accounts.
  • Advanced plan offers 15GB storage, free SSL, unlimited email accounts and traffic.

To compare the plans, you can look at a table below:

Basic Advanced
Disk space limit 5GB 15GB
Bandwidth limit Unmetered Unmetered
How many domains allowed 1 1
SSL Included Included
Email accounts 20 Unlimited
Customer Support 24/7 live chat, phone
Choice for server location No No
Free Automated Backups No No

Domain name, unfortunately, is not included. However, you can purchase one during check-out. A simple .com domain will cost you 14€ per year. So that adds to the price as well.

To get the cheapest price, you'll have to choose a specific period length too.

So, if you want to choose the Basic plan for 1 month, it will cost 6.80€. To get the cheapest price, you'll need to choose a yearly plan. Just keep in mind, that after the initial term, the prices will be paid monthly and jump to their regular rate. In the case of the Basic plan, that's 6.80€/month.

You can compare the prices right here:

Payment Period / Plan Basic Ultimate
1 month 6.80€/mo N/A
3 months 6.80€/mo 11.42€/mo
1 year 2.25€/mo 4.95€/mo
2 years 4.35€/mo 8.56€/mo
3 years 4.2€/mo 7.99€/mo
5 years 3.6€/mo 6.85€/m0
10 years 3.15€/mo 5€/mo

*VAT not included

When you look at the pricing carefully, it's all but cheap. The storage is very limited and with both plans, you are allowed to host only one website. Even though both could fit at least 2.

However, for the price, you can choose a Linux or Windows server.

Dinahosting can also pre-install software for you. You can get WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, etc.

There's also a 15-day free trial available. And you won't be charged afterwards. So not all is bad when talking about Dinahosting pricing.

Dinahosting features and services

Dinahosting features a number of services that other hosts are yet to offer. That includes a mobile app and social responsibility. It also provides 24/7 customer support.

So let's take a look at the details.

Dinahosting mobile application

The world is going mobile - Dinahosting knows that very well.

Android and iOS users are able to download a mobile Dinahosting application. It helps the users to access and manage their hosting account - wherever they are.

The app includes basically all that's would otherwise be accessible from the control panel.

You can see visitor and disc usage statistics, as well as the settings.

It is possible to customize databases, emails, and FTP accounts. Also, you can configure independent access.

So in case you are in a rush and computer is not accessible, you can easily manage your hosting from a mobile.

And while others might look at this feature as unnecessary, we think it's a great addition. After all, it makes hosting management available even on the run. 

Social Responsibility

As a corporation, Dinahosting is trying to be as responsible as possible. Efficient usage of energy means that the host's servers affect the planet as little as it is possible. Dinahosting also hires some people with disabilities and attempt to integrate them into the job market.

It is also worth noticing that the host has given out nearly 1,000 loans on Kiva - a platform that helps to fund the works of low-income entrepreneurs. With all those things combined, you know that by choosing Dinahosting, you choose a socially responsible company.

24/7 support

It is common for the world's biggest providers to have a 24/7 customer support line, so they can help their clients all over the world.

Despite working mostly for Spain, Dinahosting has a chat and phone service that are both available 24/7. If there are any problems with your website or you simply have questions, you may reach the support any time of the day.

Dinahosting offers ease of access and advanced customer support. The company appears to want hosting to be accessible for everyone.

Purchasing and user interface

Dinahosting accepts credit cards, PayPal and a bank transfer. This array of options is probably enough for most of the users, although it would've been interesting to see the host allow payments via Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

In terms of upselling, you are given a fair amount of upgrades to choose from. It is nice to see that none of them are preselected for you:

The payment process was fairly simple but since the registration did not happen from Spain, I was required to send in a copy of my ID. That was a very simple process and it took less than half an hour to be granted access. When that happened, I was finally able to see the control panel:


Instead of using cPanel, Dinahosting attempt to recreate a desktop experience with their own, custom-made panel. It is very unique, nothing like I've ever seen before. It even has some HTML5 games!


It is a shame that a control panel this unique doesn't perform well. The loading times are quite long, the overall performance isn't good either.

Even though using it is a very interesting experience, I think it would've been better if the panel was a little bit more simple. Not to mention I required one extra live chat just to get the panel translated for me! Quite frustrating, isn't it?

Dinahosting Customer Service

Dinahosting provides 24/7 support to all of its clients. Being one of the biggest hosting providers in Spain, this company does a lot to ensure that its clients get the answers they need.

There are 2 main ways to contact the support team including live chat and phone support.

In this Dinahosting review, we'll test how good the host is at providing support for its clients.

Phone Service Evaluation

At first, I decided to do an analysis of Dinahosting phone support. Unlike many other providers, this host's phone service doesn't have an interactive menu.

You are immediately connected to an agent who then tries to solve your issue. It is really a matter of what you think is best. With a menu, you can narrow down your issue enough so the agent you talk to is knowledgeable in it. On the other hand, waiting for a minute or two just to select something can be very frustrating.

That being said, Dinahosting phone service wait times are great. No interactive menu means that I was connected to an agent less than 10 seconds after making a call. This is the best result so far.

Overall, I must say that Dinahosting phone support was very simple but really good. It is definitely a great choice for people who prefer phone support service.

Chat Service Evaluation

Live chat support is becoming more and more popular. There is a good reason for that - after all, it's a service which allows to quickly solve various problems.

This is why I tested it for various things. First up, I wanted to see what would the wait times be. When it took only 10 seconds for a Dinahosting agent to pick up a phone call, I was expecting comparable results here as well.

Then, I wanted to test their knowledge: both in the technical things and the English language. Finally, I needed to see what are they like as people and will they help and console me even in the worst of situations. In order to do that, I set up around 10 chats.

The wait times were virtually nonexistent as well. Every time it took less than 30 seconds for me to be connected to an agent. Some of them spoke perfect English, some did not.

There is a problem here: a hosting provider with an English webpage can't provide customer support agents which would be fluent in that language.

Props to Iván though - I've had numerous chats with him and while he doesn't speak English, he had no problems communicating with me and explaining me the issues. I've had a series of problems - both serious and fake, and one way or another, Dinahosting agents found a way of helping me out.

So this is a plea to any of Dinahosting executives if they find themselves reading what I'm saying - make sure your agents can speak the languages of your website. It's a simple thing but it needs to happen.

Although not everything is bad here. Here is an example of one of the chats I've had with Iván.

I got reconnected with an agent I spoke to just an hour ago, as Dinahosting support assumed I was having the same problem and wanted to speak to the same agent. It may be a very small thing but this detail made me feel like there was an entire support team ready to help me. Pretty good.

To sum it up, Dinahosting chat support has many good ideas but needs some improvement. They solved most of the problems I've had and were helpful along the way. Although the obvious language barriers have made my entire experience more difficult than it should've been.

So if you decide to choose this Spanish host, make sure to have your dictionary ready. A bonus - improve your Spanish skills.

Dinahosting performance and security

So far, Dinahosting has been quite interesting. An interesting customer service pairs up with a very exciting new panel to make a provider definitely worth some attention.

Regardless of that, low disk space and a high price are two problems that may put many of the users off. In order to get a serious verdict, it is time to check probably the most important thing in this Dinahosting review. That, of course, is performance and security.

Here are the things I will put to the test:

  • Host’s speed with a small website on it
  • Host’s speed with a website created with aa Dinahosting website builder
  • Server uptime and speed
  • Anti-theft security evaluation

The tests you will see here will be ongoing for several months. The review will get constant updates based on the latest results.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - the results you will see below are never 100% right. They only show the tendencies of various hosts. After some testing, we have selected Bitcatcha as our go-to response time measuring tool. 10 tests in quick succession have been made - what we post here are the average results.

Host speed with a small website

An HTML website is a good way to test the peak performance of a hosting provider. A simple website made up of around 30 lines of code is going to yield probably the highest possible results. Here is a website that I made:

The results are quite disappointing, however. While the US (W) server showed a decent result of 155ms response times, the US (E) server was unresponsive. That's where you could have problems. South America and Asia were decent as well. And you should get a pretty good server performance in Europe. London server managed to go as low as 54ms.

Host Speed With Dinahosting Website Builder

A website builder takes up considerably more resources than an HTML website. This is why this test was bound to deliver lower results. The real question was - just how much lower will they be? In order to test that, I set up a website using a Spanish CreoWebs website builder. Here it is:

Response times were similar again. It meant, that the servers can handle more extensive websites. The Singapore server, however, lagged behind. The US also remains questionable.

So, if your target audience is in Europe or Asia, you should be good. Just be careful with the US.

Server overall uptime and speed

Dinahost does not include any uptime guarantee. But when support agents were asked about it, they promised we won't have any problems about the website being down. I guess we'll just have to trust them.

And it was up. 99.99% of times, our website was up and running. That's a good result.

However, the response time was not that brilliant. Although tools showing an instant response time were promising, the overall result is not good. The host averaged at 900ms response time, while the industry average is 553ms. So it's almost 2 times worse.


Anti-Theft Protection Evaluation

Security is an important part of every web service. This is what I am going to test here - by using two methods I attempt to either guess or steal my own password.

For the first test, I logged out of my account, cleared the browser cache and changed my IP. Then, I attempted to simulate a brute-force break-in. That meant writing my password wrong for 20 times and eventually guessing it right on my 21st attempt.

After doing so, I've been notified with this message.

I have been blocked from my account - plain and simple.

I've later attempted to get back to my previous IP and log back in, to no avail. The only proper way to get my account back was to change my password via email. This kind of security measure is very welcomed. If done properly, it almost completely eliminates a chance of someone logging into your account by guessing the password.

On my second attempt, I contacted Dinahosting live chat to see whether they may give my password away if I pretended to be the rightful owner of this account. Of course, I would provide no serious proof of that actually being true.

Dinahosting customer service didn't fail. I was told that I have to send in my ID to "get my account back". This method works almost all the time because most people who try to hack into your account don't have access to your personal documents.

So in terms of account security, well done, Dinahosting.

Dinahosting Review - the Verdict

As we can see from this Dinahosting review, it has both good and bad features. The customer service is pretty good as they are doing the best they can. Uptime is great, although performance could be better. 

Unfortunately, plans quickly become expensive and don't provide multiple domains or a lot of disk space. The panel, although very interesting, is simply too confusing and slow.

All in all, Dinahosting would greatly benefit from providing more value for the price it currently asks. Yet if money is not a problem for you and you love editing nameservers as well as playing online games at the same time - why not?

That's a very small market but I'm glad to know Dinahost is an option.


  • Customer support agents do their best
  • Great uptime


  • Expensive plans
  • Unreliable performance





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Disclosure: We earn a commission if you make a purchase through referral links in this review. This helps to cover the expenses for running ongoing performance tests.

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2018 January 15th

It’s been 6 months since I payed for the Basic plan. It’s been a good riddance, no problems so far.

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2017 November 3rd

i ageee with the pricings but it’s not that bad to be honest

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