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Fiona O’Connell


2019 November 13th

When searching the web for a good hosting provider, you usually also need extra services. Dinahosting offers a solution, having everything in one place. Emerging web specialists may go from a regular user to a big business owner without once leaving the company.

This kind of infrastructure helps Dinahosting to retain a big and loyal customer base.

In this Dinahosting review, we'll see, whether the host is worth your time.

What is Dinahosting?

Dinahosting is a one-stop-shop to those looking for hosting. It's a Spanish provider with a wide array of services, both for beginners, experienced corporations and everyone in between.

Dinahosting Review - Homepage

Dinahosting offers shared, WordPress, eCommerce, Cloud, VPS, dedicated, email and reseller hosting.

Dinahosting Pricing

Dinahosting has 3 packages to choose from. However, one of them is tailored for email and costs from 2€/month - so that leaves 2 web hosting plans currently available which cost starts at 4.50€/month. The Basic plan gives you 7GB of storage, free SSL, and 20 email accounts.

Dinahosting Review - Pricing

The Advanced plan costs 9.99/mo and offers 20GB storage, free SSL, and unlimited email accounts and traffic. To get the cheapest price, you'll have to choose a specific period length too. So, if you want to choose the Basic plan for 1 month, it will cost 6.80€

Dinahosting Review - Pricing 1 Month

To get the cheapest price, you'll need to choose a yearly plan. Just keep in mind, that after the initial term, the prices will be paid monthly and jump to their regular rate.

A domain name, unfortunately, is not included. However, you can purchase one during check-out. A simple .com domain will cost you 14€ per year. So that adds to the price as well.

Dinahosting Review - Domain Price

The storage is very limited and with both plans, you are allowed to host only one website. Even though both could fit at least two. However, for the price, you can choose a Linux or Windows server.

Dinahosting Review - Linux or Windows

Dinahosting can also pre-install software for you. You can get WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, etc.

There's also a 15-day free trial available. But here it's a bit better, you are not limited to a certain plan when choosing this option. You can have a trial of any plan and any configuration.

Dinahosting Review - Free Trial

And the best thing is that its a stand-alone trial, meaning that you won't be automatically charged after those 15 days.

While prices for hosting here are a bit higher, you get free SSL, SSD storage, and a free trial with every plan.

Dinahosting Features

Dinahosting features several services that other hosts are yet to offer. That includes a mobile app and social responsibility.

Dinahosting mobile application

The world is going mobile - Dinahosting knows that very well. Android and iOS users can download a mobile Dinahosting application. It helps the users to access and manage their hosting account - wherever they are.

Dinahosting Review - iPhone App

The app includes basically all that's would otherwise be accessible from the control panel. You can see visitor and disc usage statistics, as well as the settings.

Dinahosting Review - App Design

It is possible to customize databases, emails, and FTP accounts. Also, you can configure independent access.

So in case you are in a rush and a computer is not accessible, you can easily manage your hosting from a mobile. And while others might look at this feature as unnecessary, we think it's a great addition.

Dinahosting Review - App Updates

But it would be nice to see more recent updates to this app, the last update was on September 2017.

Social Responsibility

As a corporation, Dinahosting is trying to be as responsible as possible. The efficient usage of energy means that the host's servers affect the planet as little as it is possible.

Dinahosting Review - Environment Responsibility

Dinahosting also hires some people with disabilities and attempt to integrate them into the job market.

It is also worth noticing that the host has given out nearly 1,000 loans on Kiva - a platform that helps to fund the works of low-income entrepreneurs.

Dinahosting Review - Kiva

With all those things combined, you know that by choosing Dinahosting, you choose a socially responsible company.

Purchasing and user interface

Dinahosting accepts credit cards, PayPal and a bank transfer. This array of options is probably enough for most of the users, although it would've been interesting to see the host allow payments via Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Dinahosting Review - Payment Options

Instead of using cPanel, Dinahosting attempt to create its own, custom-made panel. It is quite simple and easy to navigate, having everything you need in one place.

Dinahosting Review - Control Panel

Our experience with it was smooth and fast, and you can reach both support and news fast from here.

Dinahosting has great features and even a mobile app, it's also a socially and environmentally responsible provider.

Dinahosting Customer Support

Despite working mostly for Spain, Dinahosting has a chat, email, skype, and phone service that are all available 24/7. If there are any problems with your website or you simply have questions, you may reach the support any time of the day.

Dinahosting Review - Support

Unlike many other providers, this host's phone service doesn't have an interactive menu. You are immediately connected to an agent who then tries to solve your issue. It is really a matter of what you think is best.

Dinahosting Review - Phone Support

That being said, Dinahosting phone service wait times are great. No interactive menu means that we were connected to an agent less than 10 seconds after making a call.

The wait times were virtually nonexistent as well. Every time it took less than 30 seconds for us to be connected to an agent. Some of them spoke perfect English, some did not.

Dinahosting Review - Live Chat

A hosting provider with an English webpage can't provide customer support agents which would be fluent in that language. Props to Iván though - we've had numerous chats with him and while he doesn't speak English, he had no problems communicating with us.

You have a help center available with hundreds of support articles meant to help you solve your problems on your own. While that's great, we couldn't find an English version of this page.

Dinahosting Review - Knowledge Base

Dinahosting support is fast and helpful but needs some improvement and more information in English. So if you decide to choose this Spanish host, make sure to keep that in mind.

Dinahosting offers fast 24/7 customer support by multiple channels, the only downside is sometimes missing the English language.

Dinahosting Performance

Dinahosting does not include any uptime guarantee. But when support agents were asked about it, they promised we won't have any problems with the website being down. And 99.99% of the time our website was up and running, we only had 1-minute downtime.

Dinahosting Review - Uptime

We tested all of this using a default WordPress theme installed on Dinahosting hosting. The average response time we got was 256ms, and the maximum it goat was about 385ms.

Next, we used Bitcatcha and the results were quite good. The US (W) server showed a decent result of 112ms response times and the US (E) server results were similar. South America and Asia were decent as well.

Dinahosting Review - Bitcatcha

The best response times were in Europe, where this provider is located, it got as low as 32 ms. The Asia region servers, however, were a bit slower, with response time around 220ms.

We tested full loading speeds and optimization with GTmetrix. It fully loaded our website in 2.1 seconds, considering it was about 1MB in size, that's a great speed.

Dinahosting Review - GTmetrix

It also gave Dinahosting both A's in PageSpeed (90%) and YSlow (92%) scores. Overall, our website was fast and optimized.

Dinahosting has great performance and a really decent uptime rate. It's perfect if your userbase is in Europe.

Dinahosting Review - the Verdict

As we can see from this Dinahosting review, it has both good and bad features. The customer service is pretty good as they are doing the best they can, but they lack full English support.

Uptime and performance were great. Unfortunately, plans don't provide multiple domains or a lot of disk space.

Dinahosting is great:

If you're looking for a trustworthy Europe based hosting provider for small and medium projects.

Do you have experience with Dinahosting? Leave your comments below.


  • Customer support agents do their best
  • Great uptime
  • Good performance
  • Free Trial


  • Expensive plans
  • Lack of English support at places

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User comments

James picture

2018 January 15th

It's been 6 months since I payed for the Basic plan. It's been a good riddance, no problems so far.

It's been 6 months since I payed for the Basic plan. It's been a good riddance, no problems so far.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
lucio picture

2017 November 3rd

i ageee with the pricings but it's not that bad to be honest

i ageee with the pricings but it's not that bad to be honest

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features