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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

As the word "monger" literally means "seller", it's fair to expect Domainmonger to have a more substantial product range than other web hosting providers.

And their motto, "Come for the hosting, stay for the service" suggests that there will be plenty of support when I need it.

Domainmonger Review Front Page

Will my Domainmonger review find that their services back up their claims? Or are they all talk?

From Blogger to Enterprise

As expected, Domainmonger have got more plans than your typical web host - six, in fact.

At least two of the plans are aimed at bloggers or very small sites, so there is also an excellent free site builder to offer support for beginners.

There's no forum though and while the customer support is 24/7, there's no online live chat option. This means you are relying on someone picking up the phone.

It doesn't often happen. I found an online review suggesting that Domainmonder simply might not have the staff numbers to cover their customers' queries.

Domainmonger Review Example

But let's face it - the USP here is the range of pricing structures, so let's waste no time in getting stuck into what Domainmonger have to offer.

Domainmonger Pricing

Domainmonger Review Pricing

The most basic package is $6.95 and offers the bare essentials. The Lite, Bronze and Silver packages are all really aimed at small businesses, with silver offering 25GB disk space for its $29.95 a month.

You can also go for Gold or Platinum, which offer multiple domains and much larger storage options.

However, while Domainmonger offer these as reseller or developer options, I don't think the packages are that premium. Certainly, $49.95 is a premium price, but it is being oversold and all the packages are over-priced in my opinion.

Here are a few more details to back up my assertion.

Plan Features

Basic Lite Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Disk space limit 1GB 10GB 20GB 25GB 30GB 50GB
Bandwidth limit 40GB 100GB 200GB 250GB 300GB 500GB
How many domains allowed 1 1 1 2 5 10
SSD or HDD used in servers HDD HDD HDD HDD HDD HDD
SSL Not included Not included Not included Not included Not included Not included
Email Accounts N/A 10 30 50 60 90
Website builder Not included Not included Not included Not included Not included Not included
Money back guarantee N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Customer support Tickets Tickets Tickets Tickets Tickets Tickets

For starters, the basic option offers 1GB of disk space and no email accounts. There is so little included in this package that I was actually surprised they were charging for it. Any website that needs less than 1GB of disk space and doesn't require email accounts may as well look elsewhere, as there are plenty of free web hosting options available from other providers.

Secondly, while 60GB of disk space and 600GB bandwidth is good, that doesn't necessarily make a package worth a premium $49.95 per month. I would expect an exceptional level of customer service for that price, not to mention excellent speeds and a near-perfect uptime.

Domainmonger doesn't deliver these things - and other sites offer unlimited space, bandwidth and email accounts for less than $49.95 a month. It simply isn't well-priced. The Terms of Service also don't guarantee that in case of a problem, you'll get your money back. So you might be in trouble.


To make matters worse, the performance of Domainmonger is average at best, with slow readings from Bangalore, Japan, and Singapore.

Domainmonger Review Performance

It certainly doesn't help the overall look for this company.

Domainmonger Review: Is There a Plan for Me?

It's all very well having six plan offers, but none of them seem to fit. The smallest option is a tiny package which really should be free.

At the top end, the prices don't match the package well at all. I don't know how Domainmonger survives against much better-priced competitors. Especially considered that they need to sort their customer service out.

It's safe to say that I won't be continuing to use this provider myself.

If you've used Domainmonger and have any experiences or Domainmonger reviews of your own to share, please feel free to leave a comment below.


  • Caters for newbies and start-ups
  • Plenty of plan options means you can upgrade step-by-step


  • All plans are overpriced
  • Lack of decent support forum
  • Unresponsive customer service

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