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What is Dot5Hosting?

Dot5Hosting started their journey back in 2002. They are a small hosting company dedicated to affordable pricing. At some point during the last decade, they got scooped up by EIG (Endurance International Group). However, they are sneaky about their location and right now and it's impossible to say where they are located.

The company only focuses on Linux-based shared hosting and claims to have top class technical support.

But with all these hosting providers crowding the market, can Dot5Hosting stand out? Will all the features, add-ons or pricing be enough?

I’m going to share all the insights in this Dot5Hosting review to give a better angle for this hosting provider. Let’s see how they perform!

Services Offered by Dot5Hosting

At present, they only offer two facilities, which are:

  • Shared Hosting
  • SSL certificates

They don't seem to provide any popular hosting options such as VPS or dedicated server plans. However, they do seem to offer a free domain with their hosting plan. It appears that they are more geared toward startups who want to launch their very first project and is comfortable with only shared hosting option.

Therefore, if you want more juice for your website, it’s better to go for other providers with more hosting choices. Even so, let’s be a little more optimistic and see what kind of plans they have in this Dot5Hosting review.

Dot5Hosting Pricing & Plan

dot5hosting review price

Dot5Hosting only offer a single plan for their Shared hosting. So, if you want more versatility in this service, you won't be able to get it from them. The Started plan is full of features that can help potential newcomers to start their engines.

Dot5Hosting review web hosting plans

That being said, the plan only has two billing cycles:

  • 1-year plan will cost $6.95/mo. And they will give you a free domain and won't charge a single dime for the setup process. The regular rate for this billing cycle is $12.95/mo.
  • The 2-year plan is more or less the same. The pricing is slightly less and will cost you $5.95/mo. Regular rate for this billing cycle would be $11.95/mo.

Detailed Analysis of the Plan

Now to make this Dot5Hosting review more solid, I’ll be sharing all the information you might need to make the right call down below. Check it out!

Disk SpaceUnlimited
How many domains are allowed?Unlimited
HDD or SSD used in servers?HDD
Anti-DDoS protectionYes (Paid)
Anti-malware protectionYes (Paid)
Email accountsUnlimited
FTP accountsUnlimited
Website builderIncluded
Website templatesYes
Assisted website transferYes (Paid)
cPanelNo only vDeck
Auto-installerIncluded (Mojo Marketplace)
Auto-installer scripts70+
Money-back guarantee30 Days
Customer supportPhone, Live Chat
Choice of server locationNo
Free automated back-upsPaid

Dot5Hosting: Performance

Performance is one of the essential aspects of any hosting provider. As Dot5Hosting offers only a single plan, I'm hoping for a great output from their behalf.

dot5hosting review speed

That’s why I tested out their response time and got a rather average output. Their response times range from 200-500ms, which is relatively average. But as you can see, they do an excellent job in the USA region and seem to lose touch in other areas like Singapore and Japan.

I haven't found any information about their server locations but I have a pretty strong hunch that they are located somewhere in the United States.

Dot5Hosting offer a 99.9% uptime like most other providers. After digging out more about it, I finally found out that they can provide 99.92% uptime, which is pretty decent, I guess.

dot5hosting review uptime calculator

Pros of Dot5Hosting

Every provider comes with some strong suits and weak points. Let's take a thorough look at them in this Dot5Hosting review.

Good Knowledgebase

I can say that they do offer a good knowledge base. You will be able to find all the relevant information regarding the plan in that. Everything looks neat and fully organized. The knowledgebase looks quite enrich with technical information too.

Best Suitable for Newbies

This hosting provider won't intimidate you with loads of features. Therefore, if you are a newbie in this field, then they can get you started. However, I have to say the features are not suited for tech-savvy customers.

Good Customer Service

Many hosting providers offer better solutions than Dot5Hosting, but most of them can't beat them at their customer service. I wanted to check out how they perform in this field, so I knocked them through the live chat option.

They replied right back and answered all of my questions in a jiffy. Therefore, I am quite impressed with the level of technical knowledge of their support team.

Cons of Dot5Hosting

No cPanel

Sadly, they don’t offer cPanel with their single hosting plan. They only provide vDeck, which is somewhat disappointing.

Paid SSL and Backup

You have to pay for SSL certificates and backups. They also charge a huge deal for assisted website transfer. Thus, in the end, the cost of hosting on this plan becomes quite high. Not something I'm willing to pay for a mediocre level output.

Limited Choice of Billing Cycle

You will only get 1-year and 2-year billing plan. There’s no way to get a monthly subscription. That’s why, while signing up, you have to pay a large sum of money. In reality, this might become a burden on your budget.

Dot5Hosting Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

All things considered, I have to say Dot5Hosting is a mediocre or below average hosting provider and I have a feeling, that this hosting is just a leftover of some big hosting company, just to exist. You know, for the number or a little bit of traffic.

They have only one plan, so you can’t expect any versatile options here. Also, most of their features are paid.

More to add, in the long run, it might become a costly solution, contradicting to what they advertise. If you want to test them out then, by all means, do it. However, I would not recommend them.

There are plenty of great hosting options on the market now with more features at cheap pricing. If you want versatility, then check out other hosting providers.


  • 99.92% uptime
  • Good Customer Support
  • Vast Knowledgebase


  • No cPanel
  • Only Two Billing Cycles
  • Too Many Paid Features
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