Doteasy Review


Fiona O’Connell


2019 December 2nd

Since the turn of the millennium, Doteasy strives to be affordable, hassle-free hosting for all kinds of internet users. And the people loved it - right now, the company has 500,000 customers and is very popular all around the world.

But now, it's time to analyze just how good are its plans and should you be the part of those half a million customers.

In this Doteasy review, we'll have a look at Doteasy's shared hosting services and features it offers. Let's have a look.

What Is Doteasy?

This Canadian company focuses its services on simplicity and accessibility. With servers in Vancouver, it's more of a country-centered web host, but Doteasy appears to value quality over quantity.

The hardware is Cisco-powered and secured with uninterruptible power systems and even diesel generators to guarantee that it's always working.

Doteasy Review - Homepage

Doteasy offers shared hosting, managed VPS, cloud reseller hosting, and domain sales.

With loads of free web tools (such as website creator, forum, email form, etc.) it strives to make website creation just a little bit easier for everyone.

Doteasy Pricing

These are the 3 Doteasy shared hosting plans currently available. The cheapest one costs $3.75 a month and includes 1 website, 10 GB of HDD storage space, around 30 000 monthly visits, and a free SSL certificate.

Doteasy Review - Pricing

But you can add an extra dollar to the price and get the Unlimited plan for $4.75. As the name suggests, it has unlimited website number and storage space. It also gives you unlimited emails and is best suited for websites that get about 300 000 visitors per month.

The last Unlimited SSD plan is kinda the same as the previous Unlimited one. You can add another dollar to your bill and get upgraded to SSD storage. The features here are identical, but instead of unlimited HDD storage, you get 100GB SSD storage limitations.

However, one thing is less conventional and that's domain renewals. Usually, hosting providers only give you a free domain for 1 year. Doteasy does that, too - on the Starter plan. However, with an Unlimited or Unlimited SSD plan, they also renew it free of charge.

Doteasy Review - Domain Renewal

When you buy Unlimited plan here you get a free domain name for as long as you host at Doteasy. So that's at least $10-$15 saved every year.

And if you're careful with your money, you'll be glad to find that every plan here provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. This sadly does not include any domain fees.

Doteasy Review - Money-Back Guarantee

Hosting prices tend to be a bit more complicated than, let's say, a Netflix subscription. There are two things you should have in mind. The first one is the renewal prices. 

For the first year, you'll be paying the promotional prices seen on the Doteasy website. That's $3.75, $4.75, and $5.75 for all three shared hosting plans respectively.

Doteasy Review - Renewal Pricing

However, once the year ends, the prices will increase to their regular rates. 

Monthly plans are available only for Unlimited and Unlimited SSD plans - and they're considerably more expensive than the promotional price. For one month of Unlimited plan hosting, you will need to pay $16.95/mo.

Doteasy Review - Billing Period

On the other hand, the longer you choose to host with Doteasy the more you can save. You also get a free SSL certificate with even the cheapest plan as well as free DDoS protection.

Doteasy Review - Free SSL

Below you can find a small table to show the plans in a bit more detail:

Starter Unlimited Unlimited SSD
Disk Space 10GB Unmetered 100GB
Bandwidth 10GB Unlimited Unlimited
How many domains allowed? 1 Unlimited Unlimited
HDD or SSD used in servers? HDD HDD SSD
Email accounts 10 Unlimited Unlimited
FTP accounts 10 Unlimited Unlimited

The Unlimited and Unlimted SSD plans have, as you may imagine, fewer limits and are more suited for bigger projects.

Prices here are a bit higher, but free SSL, DDoS protection, and free domain name and renewal make it worth it.

Doteasy Features

Let's take a look at features next in this Doteasy review. If you want to build a website, but you have no coding or designing knowledge, you can just use Doteasy's website builder. It comes included free with every plan and offers a wide variety of features and options to create your perfect website.

Doteasy Review - Website Builder

The editor also has quite a large library of templates for you to choose, there are about 400 of them. they're grouped into different categories based on the profession or type of your website, like eCommerce and multilingual templates.

Doteasy Review - Website Builder Templates

There are even black templates to get your creativity really going.

So you get a website builder with each hosting plan, simple, right? Well, different tiers of this editor are included with separate hosting plans. So when you buy Starter shared hosting you also get the Starter website builder plan.

Doteasy Review - Website Builder Pricing

And every tier has different features available, like free premium stock photos and payment integration. You also can buy the builder separately if you're all about website creation.

You also get easy 1-click installations of the most popular apps. These include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and over 250 more applications that are available to you without any coding knowledge required.

Doteasy Review - 1-click Apps Installer

On top of that, there is also Business and WordPress hosting (both on a shared hosting platform) and web design services - where Doteasy experts will take matters into their own hands and help build a website for you.

Doteasy Review - Website Designing

Overall - a very regular-user-centered approach with more ways to create and design your website.

Plans are feature-rich and offer more than enough to fill all your website building and hosting needs.

Doteasy Performance

In terms of uptime, Doteasy claims to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee - here's hoping that those diesel generators won't have to work overtime. We ran a test with the default WordPress website for a month and got a 100% uptime and decent stability from it. 

Doteasy Review - Uptime

Truth be told, our website experienced two instances of downtime - each one minute long. But it was such a minor outage that the uptime tracker just rounded the uptime to 100%.

The average response time was around 252ms, and the lowest it got at times was 224ms. Overall, the response time was very stable, the difference between the min and max points was just 73ms.

Doteasy Review - Average Uptime

At the very end, we tested the response time around the globe in 10 different locations. We used Bitcatcha for this, and it gave our website an overall rank of A+. Considering Doteasy is located in Canada, it is no surprise to see it do great in the United States of America.

Doteasy Review - Bitcatcha

It also showed great response speed in Europe. The only regions where the response time went significantly up was Bangalore and Sao Paulo.

Our website fully loaded in 2.8 seconds. Considering its size and that we tested it with the Starter plan, it showed great results.

Doteasy Review - GTmetrix

As for the optimization part of our test, GTmetrix gave it a B in Pagespeed (88%) and B in YSlow (87%) score.

While having some minor hiccups, Doteasy gives great uptime and performance.

Doteasy Support

You can get support here by sending a ticket, using the live chat, or giving them a call. Sadly, the support here is not 24/7, so to get help by phone or live chat you have to ask it at the right time.

Doteasy Review - Support

The phone support works Monday to Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM in the Pacific time zone. You do however get two support numbers, one for international customers and one for clients from North America.

Live chat, on the other hand, works even shorter hours. For most of my review, I had trouble even starting it, as it would always state that it's unavailable or busy. But when you manage to reach it, you get great help from polite support agents.

Ticket support is available any time you need it to, but keep in mind that, as Doteasy states itself, it can take up to 1 full day to get a response back.

A standard knowledge base is also available, you can find most asked questions and helpful articles here. Most articles are divided into small steps with screenshots, so you can follow along more easily.

Doteasy Review - Youtube Videos

What's even better is that you can find quite a selection of video tutorials on Doteasy Youtube's page. If you're a better visual learner this will be really useful.

While not offering 24/7 support, Doteasy's live chat team works great when you can actually reach them.

Doteasy Review - Conclusion

After my Doteasy review, it seems to be a suitable option for people looking for a simple hosting experience. Website design service is also a great thing - you may come to Doteasy with nothing, and leave with a fully-working original website, you can easily edit on your own.

However, there are some issues. Renewal prices can be hefty - and even the promo ones are only available if you commit to a long-term contract.

Doteasy is great if:

you want affordable hosting with a free website builder and a truly free domain name.

It's great for beginners and users wanting an uncomplicated hosting experience, but as our web hosting reviews reveal, there are cheaper options available.

What do you think? Do you have a review of your on? Leave a comment below!


  • 99.9 Uptime
  • Website Builder
  • Free domain renewal
  • Simple Hosting Experience


  • No 24/7 support
  • Higher Renewal Price

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2020 June 11th

I've been with the company for over 15 years, under the same plan, and it has been smooth sailing. Not the best when it comes to pricing, but switching is... Read more

I've been with the company for over 15 years, under the same plan, and it has been smooth sailing. Not the best when it comes to pricing, but switching is a pain, too. So still a good place to set up camp, all things considered.

Predrag Milutinovic picture
Predrag Milutinovic

2020 April 28th

Stay Away!!!. Most web hosting companies have questionable business practices however dot easy is on top of that list. Their support is absolutely unusable. They say it will take up... Read more

Stay Away!!!. Most web hosting companies have questionable business practices however dot easy is on top of that list. Their support is absolutely unusable. They say it will take up to 1 business day to respond. I have yet to receive a response in lest then 4 business days. Once i got fed up and wanted to move my domains to another host it took me weeks to complete. They basically take your domain hostage and try to use any trick in the book to force you to stay their client luckily it didn't work with me but it was very stressful to take control back of my own domain name and website

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Daniel D. picture
Daniel D.

2019 November 8th

I would stay away from this company if I were you. They will bill you for things you don't want or need. Then tell you they have a "no-refund policy".... Read more

I would stay away from this company if I were you. They will bill you for things you don't want or need. Then tell you they have a "no-refund policy". The interface and entire system is clumsy at best. Save your money, much better and more honest companies out there. STAY AWAY!

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features