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If you came here looking for a DudaOne review, fear not - you're in the right place. Although established in 2010 as DudaOne, the platform has since rebranded to Duda.

And while the name may have changed, the mission did not.

Duda claims to offer a website builder on which you can speedily design a website that will both drive conversions and please the eye.

Well, that sounds both promising and interesting.

In my Duda review, I'll put this claim to the test.

Duda - First Glance

The first thing I noted about Duda when accessing the website is its simplicity. The Duda interface works extremely well, meaning that beginners can get to grips with its features rapidly.

I also found that the web design tools included were powerful and flexible, making it possible to build impressive websites in a short period of time. The user-friendly nature of Duda is undoubtedly one of its strongest points.

Additionally, integrating the site with mobile platforms is made particularly easy, which is highly valuable considering how popular mobile devices are nowadays.

Duda Websites

Duda and its websites keep up with the times just about enough. The beautiful and trendy "full screen splash" templates are very common here, making the creation of stunning websites really simple.

duda review

I'm impressed by the design in the desktop example, however, things are not always perfect on mobile.

Editing on mobile in the first place is a bit of a pain. But the real questions start once you check out a Duda template website on a mobile device.

The pages are responsive, so it's not a serious problem here.

The issue is, that they simply don't look that good.

Duda pages seem to be absolutely unreal on desktop, but some templates do much worse on mobile, than they do on desktop.

As you can see in the example right here,  the text isn't lined up all that well, and it doesn't behave well with the background. The "hamburger menu" isn't centered, too.

So while Duda websites are design powerhouses on desktop, they still have an issue or two on mobile.

That's definitely a thing the company needs to improve on, and quick.

Duda Pricing

duda review

Pricing for Duda is fairly reasonable and flexible. The $14 entry-level account should be well within the price range of most clients, although like each of the prices displayed, they're only that price if you pay annually.

For monthly payments, the prices are 25% more expensive, meaning the monthly starting price is actually $17.50.

And for super advanced users, while Duda offers an Agency package at $74 per month, while it is also possible to negotiate a custom account to suit the needs of your organization: with advanced features, developmental assistance and presumably much more, this could be a great option for some.

But for now, let's just focus on those 3 plans you could buy right now, for your personal needs:

Duda Plans in More Detail

Basic ($14/month)Team ($22/month)Agency ($74/month)
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Admin1Team & Client RolesTeam & Client Roles
Widget BuilderNoNoYes
Number of Templates363636
Websites Included118
SupportEmail onlyEmail, chat and phoneEmail, chat and phone (all priority)

These plans seem to stagger quite well in terms of features offered. The only major downside for me is the lack of support options in the basic package.

Surely, you'd think that for $14 a month, I could get least get to talk to someone sometimes.

Luckily, Duda more or less makes up for it by enabling eCommerce for all of its paying customers. And that's a feature that other providers often ask you to pay more. So that's pretty fun!

Duda Performance

Now, it's time to touch the subject of performance. Here's how Duda did in terms of server response times:

duda review

With moderate speeds around the globe, Duda proves itself as a worthy global solution. It's not lightning-fast, but does the job just about well enough..

Final Thoughts from My Duda Review

Duda had an overall good showing. Despite there being some hiccups - like the company discontinuing DudaMobile and here, issues with mobile websites - there are more good things than bad ones.

Namely, the desktop website templates are absolutely stunning. And response times are not amazing on any specific location - but on average, they're very neat.

Duda still has a lot of interesting stuff going on. And for business users, which would be getting advanced technical support, this might be a perfect option. For personal users, however, something like Wix or GoCentral will most likely prove to be a better value for money.

But what about you? If you tried Duda, please feel free to leave your own Duda reviews and experiences below. And if you're only snooping around and still haven't made up your mind, don't worry, there are plenty of other website builders in the market. Don't forget to check them out!


  • Transparent pricing
  • User-friendly builder
  • Stable performance


  • Photo editor is buggy
  • Prices are 25% bigger if you pay monthly
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