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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

easyDNS is one the most established hosting providers on the market, having been founded 20 years ago.

The company particularly prides itself on having achieved several innovations, such as being the first hosting provider to offer a privacy guard, as well as accept Bitcoin for payments.

easydns review

It is clear that easyDNS has made a name for itself, but can it still stand out in the web hosting business?

My First Impression

The initial impression I had of easyDNS was of a historic site in web hosting, and the steampunk-like theme of the homepage certainly matched.

easyDNS review interface

More to add, EasyDNS provides a range of WordPress hosting options, which is great considering that the open-source content management system is a powerful tool for building websites.

Overall, everything is reasonably clear and simple to find. The website is user-friendly, responsive and there is also a lot of transparency in terms of information provided.

This is always a good start to any review, but will its pricing model match up?

EasyDNS Pricing

Full information and pricing are available on all of the WordPress packages offered.

easydns pricing plans

To be honest, I feel the pricing for easyDNS is a little high. Its $9 fee for a 'Hobby' package is over the odds, while its Dedicated solution costs $299 per month.

Although easyDNS delivers everything you would require from a web hosting solution, it does require a pretty large outlay compared to some other providers.

Plans in More Detail

Hobby Pro Business Dedicated
Price/month $9 $15 $25 $299
Disk Space Limit 3 GB 10 GB 20 GB 160 GB
Bandwidth Limit 10 GB 50 GB 200 GB 4 TB
Domains 1 1 3 5
SSL Included Included Included Included
Email Accounts 10 email forwards 1 mailbox 50 email forwards 3 mailboxes and 100 email forwards 25 mailboxes and 100 email forwards
Website Builder Included Included Included Included
Money Back Guarantee Included Included Included Included
Customer Support 24/7 Live 24/7 Live 24/7 Live 24/7 Live

The web hosting services offered by easyDNS are feature-packed - I must give them credit for that. It is nice to see a website builder included in all of its packages too, as this isn't something offered by most providers.

However, with this being said, there are still many other providers offering similar specs at cheaper prices.


During my easyDNS review, I tested the site on Bitcatcha.

easydns review bitcatcha

Its performance was rather poor, which (as expected) does tally with other easyDNS reviews that have been posted online.

My EasyDNS Review Verdict

My easyDNS review uncovered some good qualities of the site, but I’m afraid that I can’t recommend it overall. There are two reasons for this:

  1. EasyDNS pricing isn't impressing at all. There are cheaper web hosting options out there.
  2. More to add, there are quite a lot of negative customer reviews of the easyDNS system, its website, and the customer service provided.

I found EasyDNS to be fairly reliable, but there is nothing spectacular about this provider. I wouldn't recommend easyDNS, simply because its prices are not reasonable when compared to its competitors.

If you have any easyDNS reviews of your own, feel free to share them below!


  • Good feature set
  • Money back guarantee offered


  • Expensive pricing
  • Some customer service issues
  • Slow response times

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daniel scott picture
daniel scott

2019 February 10th

i purchase a thepiratebay.ag domain but easydns registrar is too greedy they lock my account and remove all access to my domain then giving fake excuse over email and deny... Read more

i purchase a thepiratebay.ag domain but easydns registrar is too greedy they lock my account and remove all access to my domain then giving fake excuse over email and deny to give me domain access. if you have any good domain never go with this kind of cheap registrar, use well known registrar.