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Eco Web Hosting is a hosting provider that operates a server based in the UK. So if your target audience is from this part of the world, this can be a faster and more reliable option.

The company aims to provide affordable and high-performance hosting while also taking care of the environment.

Let's see if they succeed in this, our Eco Web Hosting review.

What is Eco Web Hosting?

Eco Web Hosting is one of a few hosting companies that take on the challenge of environmental sustainability. The United Kingdom based hosting provider has been around for over 10 years now, after being founded in 2007.

This provider has a wide variety of hosting services including VPS, shared, reseller, or managed WordPress hosting.

Eco Web Hosting - Homepage

The goal of Eco Web Hosting is to bring fast and reliable hosting that also helps our environment. But being environment-friendly shouldn't put your business at a disadvantage. As its homepage states - Environmentally-friendly hosting doesn’t mean slow.

Eco Web Hosting - Statement

The main area of Eco Web Hosting focus is the Shared Web Hosting package. So in this review, this is the service that we will be testing out.

Eco Web Hosting Pricing

Eco Web Hosting has 3 shared hosting options starting at just £2.99/mo with the Starter plan, it can certainly boast some good prices! However, if you want unlimited bandwidth and disk space, you'll have to pay £9.99/mo for the Advanced plan.

Eco Web Hosting - Pricing

The cheapest plan will get you 5GB of storage space, 25GB of bandwidth, 1 domain, and 1 MySQL database. The most expensive Advance plan has unlimited everything including websites, databases, and storage space.

But if you go ahead and sign up for any plan as a new user you will get the first month for just £0.99!

Eco Web Hosting - First Month Pricing

However, monthly regular prices aren't that cheap compared to competitors. But with Eco Web Hosting you get a lot more for your money, like free SSL, free DDoS protection, and web application firewall.

If you already have a website but don't have the technical knowledge, Eco Web Hosting has you covered. You get a risk-free transfer done by a team of professionals, and the best thing that it won't cost you any extra.

Eco Web Hosting - Website Transfer

As with most providers, it offers monthly and annual billing options. But here is even simpler, there's no 3 or 6 months billing. So you either get billed every month or every year. However, you do get a 2-month discount when choosing to pay for one year.

You won't see any upselling attempts at the checkout. So the prices and features you see won't change or be hidden under extra paywalls.

If you still have doubts about trying out Eco Web Hosting, it offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. So you get your first month for just £0.99 and a risk-free guarantee for over a month.

Eco Web Hosting - Money-back Guarantee

You also get an unlimited amount of 10GB mailboxes with every plan at Eco Web Hosting.

Eco Web Hosting offers aforadable eco-friendly hosting with great features. With first month just for £0.99 and a money-back guarantee you can safely see what it has to show.

Eco Web Hosting Features

Each plan at Eco Web Hosting is packed with some really great features. All SSD infrastructure, free transfers, SSL, automated daily backups, website firewall, and DDoS protection.

Probably the most important feature that Eco Web Hosting has is its eco-friendliness. It uses energy-efficient servers and SSD's to minimize the carbon footprint it leaves on our planet and gets most of its electricity from solar power generators.

Eco Web Hosting - Eco Friendly

It also practices carbon-offset, when the company plants trees to offset and balance the carbon emissions it has already made. Currently, this provider has planted more than 300 trees and is planning to plant even more.

And to create your website, you can use the Stack website builder that comes with every plan. You can choose from about 38 different templates and the builder can fill some information on the website automatically.

Eco Web Hosting - Website Builder

You can get video tutorials if you need any help. It's not fully drag-and-drop or something outstanding but it's definitely easy to use and allows you to create a site without knowing how to code.

Eco Web Hosting has a 4th option when we talk about shared hosting - Reseller plan. For most parts, it's the same as the Advance plan. The main difference comes with the ability to sell your own hosting using the provider's infrastructure.

Eco Web Hosting - Reseller Hosting

This option costs £19.99 a month or £199.99 a year and comes with all the security and optimization features you will need. Another thing to notice with Eco Web Hosting is clarity.

The prices you see on its page are the ones you will be paying (excluding VAT). You won't see any billing term restrictions, hidden fees, or upselling attempts. Everything you need is already included.

Eco Web Hosting - All Features

Eco Web Hosting offers its own custom customer panel for administration. It allows you to manage your hosting packages, domain registration, backups, and renew or change your subscriptions.

Eco Web Hosting - Customer Area

It's clean, flat, modern, and easy to use for beginners. Everything is quickly accessible and understandable. When it comes to database and file control you have the regular Stack control panel to use.

While the main attribute of Eco Web Hosting is its eco-friendliness, it also gives you more security and performance for your money.

Eco Web Hosting Customer Support

The support at Eco Web Hosting is a bit of a mixed bag, this provider doesn't offer 24/7 support options. Now, you do have the basic email and ticket system available. The average waiting time for a ticket is just 30 minutes, and for email, you are guaranteed a 24-hour response.

Eco Web Hosting - Support Response Time

So your help can be anywhere between 30 minutes and a whole day away from you. It does offer a Live chat option, but sadly it's only available from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday UK time.

Also, you have the option call sales department, unfortunately, it operates the same time as the chat.

Live chat option isn't the greatest if you don't live in the UK, your work hours might not be the same as the support teams. But we managed to get a hold on the Live chat team and it was great. We got a response basically immediately and our questions were fully answered.

Eco Web Hosting - Support Options

While having email support is a common practice, this provider even has an option to send an actual mail by post.

There is a good reason that Eco Web Hosting offers postal support, though. The UK uses the postal service a lot. And plenty of customers will still trust an official letter over an email! You can't get technical support this way.

Eco Web Hosting - Mail Address

Eco Web Hosting also offers a wide knowledge base for you to explore. In this screenshot, you only see 20% of the articles available. Each article is assigned to specific categories, from domain registration to databases and scripting.

Eco Web Hosting - Knowledge Base

And they are actually good and useful help articles! And you can even see and vote on the usefulness of the specific help article.

Ticket support is usually reserved for real technical issues that need investigation by technicians. For tickets, you have 4 priority levels from low priority to critical priority. We tested the ticket system and it worked great.

Eco Web Hosting - Ticket Support

In less than an hour, we had our answer. It was polite, professional and concise.

While not having the best support options and reachability, Eco Web Hosting still gives you help with knowledge base and live chat support.

Eco Web Hosting Performance

Eco Web Hosting doesn't have any uptime guarantee for you to offer, and it doesn't really take responsibility for downtime. During our month of testing, the uptime rate was at 99.96% which isn't great, but at the same time, our website was down only for 17 minutes.

Eco Web Hosting - Uptime Robot

These tests were conducted with a basic WordPress website and Eco Web Hosting provided good response times. The average time was about 404ms, and the most it got was 462ms. Anything under 500ms is considered fast, and that's what Eco Web Hosting provides.

Next, we used Bitcatcha to test our response time throughout the globe. And our site performed great, getting an overall performance score of A. In the USA region the speeds went below 200, and in Europe it went even below 100ms mark.

Eco Web Hosting - Global Speed

The only region where our response time was above 200ms was Asia. The highest it got was in Bangalore, our time was 321ms.

But how fast will your website actually be? We used GTmetrix to test this out. Our website fully loaded in 3.1 seconds and it was under 1MB in size. 3.1 seconds for a fully loaded website is quite below the average load time of 8 seconds.

Eco Web Hosting - GTmetrix

Our WordPress website got both A's in PageSpeed (81%) and YSlow (84%) scores, so Eco Web Hosting did take steps to optimize the loading times.

These results prove that Eco Web Hosting has a performance worth the price. And that should be a cornerstone for any hosting provider.

Eco Web Hosting Review – Conclusion

After our Eco Web Hosting review we see that it has very strong offers. Fast performance, decent customer support, solid security, and money-back guarantee. And the feature list is packed well, where the cheap plans truly are cheap!

There are some downsides, of course. If you need unlimited bandwidth and storage you will have to pay almost £10 per month, and the live chat support could be available far more often than it is.

Eco Web Hosting is great:

If you're looking for a solid UK based hosting provider, that can offer great performance and security while also being eco-friendly.

If you think that Eco Web Hosting is right for you, you can use discount code - HOSTINGREVIEW to get 25% off the annual web hosting packages (Starter, Standard, Advanced, and Reseller).

You can't go wrong with Eco Web Hosting! What do you think about this provider?


  • Great performance
  • Eco friendly
  • Reliable customer support
  • 45-day money-back guarantee


  • Unlimited plan is pricey
  • No choice of server location





User friendly






Disclosure: We earn a commission if you make a purchase through referral links in this review. This helps to cover the expenses for running ongoing performance tests.

Eco Web Hosting User Reviews


Chris picture

2019 July 20th

I use it for websites and e-commerce the last 4 years and I couldn’t be happier. Performance, Reliability, and Support. The eco-friendly character of the company is a plus for me.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Scott Vine picture
Scott Vine

2019 May 16th

Been using for my own sites and a couple of client sites, and have generally found them to be pretty good. When i’ve need support, they’ve always come up with the goods.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Neil picture

2018 October 5th

Good hosting company, although it wasn’t for me. Their support isn’t that great. And being USA based the servers response times were slow.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Carole picture

2018 May 17th

Eco friendly is so important these days. I run a website about sustainability and using eco hosting makes total sense. We have to save the world ourselves if the governments won’t!

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features