Enjin Review


Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

Are you in need of a Minecraft, Guild, or Clan website?

Then maybe, just like thousands of others, you considered Enjin.

Enjin is an all-in-one website platform claiming to be perfect for Minecraft servers, guilds, and clans. But while its main focus is aimed at gamers, Enjin is a website builder for non-gamers, too.

enjin review

Gamer or not, should you be interested in Enjin? Or it's better to look somewhere else? Let's find out.

Enjin Universe - First Look

My first impressions of Enjin were pretty good. Signing up was very easy, and I noticed the option to use a custom domain immediately.

Enjin offers over a whopping 300 templates, each unique and subdivided into categories based on their themes.

For testing purposes, I went for the Minecraft Server Website and Donation Store.

However, I found the templates looked outdated, and some of its key features were hidden away. Although each theme was fully customizable, doing so was hard work, and time-consuming too.

Overall, it was a mixed first impression. For those users who are unfamiliar with website builders - Enjin may not be for you. A learning curve is going to be quite steep, for some - even too steep.

Enjin Websites

To get a clearer idea of what Enjin Website creator looks like, here are a few templates they have available.


In general, this looks slightly outdated. The usefulness is still going to be there, but overall, the Enjin websites aren't going to be very beautiful.

A lot of the Enjin themes are similar, though you can personalize almost every aspect. There are both paid (for $5) and free themes to choose from. However, Enjin does not allow you to upload a custom theme.

Enjin has provided a number of help videos with each of its themes. And so they should, considering the theme editor can be tricky at times due to its number settings.

Enjin Pricing


Enjin offers a free plan that is suitable for inexperienced users, and two paid plans. You save 20% when paying for a year.

The additional two plans have a number of things separating them. The Advanced plan comes with great storage and a good number of Teamspeak slots - which should be plenty for most gamers.

Both paid plans come with the support ticket module, too. So at all times, there will be someone you can contact is there are any issues.

Plans in More Detail

Free Advanced Ultimate
Disk Space Not specified 5GB 50GB
Bandwidth Not specified Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Templates 300+ 300+ 300+
Create Modules 20 50 Unlimited
Support HTTPS Support HTTPS Support Priority Support
Free Domain N/A Yes Yes
Connect Existing Domain N/A Yes Yes
Ads Displayed? N/A Yes Yes
eCommerce N/A N/A N/A

These plans seem to vary a lot in terms of features and pricing. The free plan is aimed at a very niche market and lacks storage and the Teamspeak feature.


Enjin offers pretty balanced worldwide performance - but truth be told, the response times are simply not ideal.

The D+ ranking may be a little bit too harsh, as the server will still respond under a second in most instances. But if you're looking for superb performance, maybe look elsewhere.

Enjin Review - Final Thoughts

While their database and list of features is extensive, I found the dashboard to be overcomplicated and many of its features were hidden. Not to mention how unattractive the templates were.

Overall, I'd recommend that gamers wanting to build a site for their clan, guild or Minecraft server give the free version of Enjin a try. A paid Enjin subscription just isn't worth the money in my opinion.

If you do try Enjin, please feel free to leave your own Enjin reviews and experiences below.


  • Free plan
  • Over 50 modules
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Teamspeak feature


  • Basic free plan
  • No live chat support
  • Unattractive, difficult to edit templates

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