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Dani Nolan


2019 August 29th

Exabytes is a hosting provider mostly tailored for East/Southeast Asia markets. Despite that, It has USA based servers for you to choose from and host your site.

The word exabyte actually means a billion gigabytes - a big and impressive number. Does that mean that you'll get a billion GB of storage? And can this elaborate name choice be any indicator of the quality of their services?

We've tested and answered all the questions in this Exabytes review.

What is Exabytes?

Exabytes is a web hosting provider that offers a wide variety of services. It includes domain name registration, web design, SSL certificates, and VPS. However, its main selling point is affordable Linux and Windows shared web hosting for both Asia and USA markets.

Exabytes Review - Home Page

It was established all the way back in 2001, and by now has over 18 years of experience in hosting and domain names. In all those years, it managed to collect an impressive user base of 100,000 happy customers.

For those who want to focus their website or business to Asia Pacific region, Exabytes has 3 server locations: Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. The American server is also conveniently located in Denver, Colorado, whose central location is going to fit users all over the US.

Exabytes Review - Servers Locations

But if you want a little extra, Exabytes team of specialists can even design and create your site from scratch for you. It's quite expensive, but you'll get a unique website with an original design.

Exabytes Pricing

Exabytes has 4 plans on offer - Startup, Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate. Hosting prices start as low as $1 and go up to $6.99 a month. While the storage space is limited in most plans, you get a free SSL certificate and even a free domain name for 1 year.

Exabytes Review - Linux Hosting Prices

But it gets more interesting, only the Linux web hosting has a Startup plan for $1. Windows hosting doesn't have anything similar or as cheap as the Startup offer.

The pricing immediately starts at Economy plan, and the Delux plan is a nice middle-ground for shared Windows hosting.

Exabytes Review - Windows Hosting Prices

The cheapest Startup plan isn't exactly roomy – it comes with 1GB storage and 3GB bandwidth. That's a tiny amount of space, but it's a great option for a simple blog.

One flaw of Exabytes shared hosting plans is that the servers are based on slower hard drives (HDDs) rather than solid-state drives (SSDs).

On the brighter note, you get a free daily backup service. Meaning that you don't have to fear about losing your site data or paying high recovery fees.

Exabytes Review - Backups

Here's are the pricing differences between Windows and Linux hosting:

Linux Startup Economy Ultimate
Price $1 $2.99 $6.99
Disk Space 1GB 100GB Unlimited
Bandwidth 3GB Unlimited Unlimited
Daily backups No Yes Yes
No. of Domains 1 1 Unlimited
Email Addresses 1 100 Unlimited
SSL Included? Yes Yes Yes

The main thing that splits these two tables - Windows hosting has limited disc space and email accounts, even with the Ultimate plan.

Windows Economy Delux Ultimate
Price $2.99 $3.99 $6.99
Disk Space 100GB 250GB 500GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Daily backups Yes Yes Yes
No. of Domains 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Addresses 10 50 500
SSL Included? Yes Yes Yes

With all the choices you might be a bit confused, what's the best option for you. Well, don't you worry too much -  Exabytes gives you a parachute in this situation and offers an impressive 100 days money-back guarantee. That's definitely one of the longest money-back offers in the industry.

Exabytes offers great price and features balance. While Startup plan is too restrictive for bigger websites, free domain name and SSL makes more expensive plans worth your money.

Exabytes Support

Exabytes customer support works 24/7 and is ready to help you any time of the day. However, there's a downside - no international phone support.

Call center works during regular hours from 9 am to 5 pm (GMT +8), meaning that unless you're in Asia, talking to a customer support representative might be tricky. The only way to get help outside Asia is through live chat or ticket system.

Exabytes Review - Customer Support

While performing the Exabytes review, we've tested the response time and how well the support team works. And most of the time they wrote back in a period of 2 to 3 hours of my ticket submission. With live chat the waiting period can be between 5 and 30 minutes, so you will have to wait either way.

Exabytes Review - Email Support

Exabytes tries to answer the questions as efficiently as possible. It has an extensive knowledge base with hundreds of answers that might solve the problem faster. And when we say there are hundreds of answers, we really mean it.

What's even more impressive is the fact that Exabytes has nearly the same number of video tutorials as the knowledge base has questions. Some of these tutorials deal with the same issues, while others talk about completely new topics.

While Exabytes doesn't have international phone support, its customer service speed and extensive knowlage base will help you with all your quistions.

Exabytes Performance

Exabytes guarantees you a 99.9% network uptime and 99.5% server uptime. Throughout the performance tests, the uptime was a perfect 100% and our test website loaded smoothly. Even in the event of downtime, you will be compensated for any inconvenience.

Exabytes Review - Uptime Robot

It offers Outage Event Credit, meaning that you will get hosting days free of charge if your site experiences downtime. Bellow, you can see just how much compensation you can expect.

Exabytes Review - Downtime compensation

Our site hosted with Exabytes USA server ran like the Flash, the response time was so low that it hit single digits - 2 ms and 9 ms. In other regions, such as Asia, the response time was a bit slower, but the overall speed is top-notch.

Exabytes Review - Speed Test

The opposite result, fast Asia location response and slower USA, can be achieved if you host our site on Singapore server.

Overall,the loading times and a perfect 100% uptime rate makes Exabytes a great choice for performance.

Exabytes Pros

  • 100-day money-back guarantee: one of the longest money-back periods in the industry.
  • Free domain and SSL: you get a free SSL and a domain name for a year.
  • Affordable prices: you can get hosting for as low as $1 per month.
  • Multiple server locations: you can choose to host your website in 4 different countries.
  • Fast response time and stability: Exabytes has super-fast servers and nearly 100% uptime.

Exabytes Cons

  • No phone support: you can only use an email or ticket system to get international support.
  • Limited Disk space: Windows shared hosting has a limit even with the ultimate plan.

Exabytes Review: The Verdict

After this Exabytes review, the one drawback that stuck is that you'll need to settle for an HDD server. But with the speeds and all the extra features, that seems to be no problem.

Exabytes hosting is fast, stable and affordable. Add a free domain name, SSL certificate, and daily beckups to the mix and you have an impressive deal.

What do you think? Comment down below!


  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Free domain and SSL
  • Affordable prices
  • Multiple server locations
  • Fast response time and stability


  • No phone support
  • HDD storage

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Kean Yaw picture
Kean Yaw

2019 July 2nd

Exabytes always provide their fast and productive customer support for me when I faces about the web hosting issue. They are always provide the best, great and better service for... Read more

Exabytes always provide their fast and productive customer support for me when I faces about the web hosting issue. They are always provide the best, great and better service for me since I purchasing their web hosting services of their company. Thanks Exabytes and keep it up!

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