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Who Is Flywheel?

Flywheel’s mission is quite simple. They want to improve the quality of every WordPress user. They aren't that much popular like WP Engine, but many companies love Flywheel for their cheaper rates and premium features.

The company started back in 2012. They boast about their reliable performance, breakneck speed and quality support. Well, we heard this from many other WordPress hosting providers.

flywheel review services

Making websites is quite easy with Flywheel as they offer demo sites and other one-click tools that can effortlessly create a website from nothing!

You’ll get free website transfers along with SSL Certificates and many more.

Flywheel seems to be the only WordPress hosting provider who has been officially recognized by But the main question remains unanswered, will it be enough for you? Read our Flywheel review to get an in-depth view and decide for yourself.

Flywheel Hosting Options

As they don't offer any other hosting services like typical providers, they have quite a lot of options for managed WordPress hosting. Let's take a look at these options in my Flywheel review, shall we?

Single Sites:
flywheel price for single sites

Tiny – This is one of their cheapest hosting options. The plan only offers 5000 visits a month. So, it could be best for small-scale blogs. You get an option to add CDN as it doesn’t include one, but you have to pay up $10/mo.

Personal – This is more of an average level website plan. You will get 25000 visit limits per month. It already has CDN integrated.

Professional – This one is for those websites that have a lot of traffic and needs more backup. It will cover up to 100,000 visits without any hassles. It also offers free CDN.

Multiple Sites:
flywheel price for many sites

Freelance – It starts with ten websites. Businesses that require more than one site should go for this one. It will allow 150,000 monthly visits.

Agency – The plan goes up to 30 websites. It will allow 600,000 visits each month. It's a compelling deal for your growing business.

Custom – It offers more than 30 websites, but the statistics are unknown. You can order your required amount of features, and they will set it up for you. The pricing also varies based on the requirement.

Enterprise Sites:
flywheel review enterprise sites

This plan is for enterprise level industries that need all the backup it can get. You'll have to talk to one of their experts to set this one up. Everything here is customizable according to your own need. Needless to say, the pricing will be huge.

Plans in More Detail

I've have compared all the plans to give you an in-depth view on the pricing. Now you will be able to compare them and pick the best that suits your business.

Tiny PlanPersonal PlanProfessional  PlanFreelance  PlanAgency PlanCustom Plan
Disk Space5 GB10 GB20 GB40 GB120 GBCustom
Bandwidth250 GB500 GB1 TB4 TB8 TBCustom
How many domains allowed?111103030+
Anti-DDoS protectionYesYesYesYesYesYes
Anti-malware protectionYesYesYesYesYesYes
Assisted website transferIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Control PanelCustomCustomCustomCustomCustomCustom
Money-back guarantee72hr (Monthly)

30-Days (Annually)

72hr (Monthly)

30-Days (Annually)

72hr (Monthly)

30-Days (Annually)

72hr (Monthly)

30-Days (Annually)

72hr (Monthly)

30-Days (Annually)

72hr (Monthly)

30-Days (Annually)

Customer supportTicket, email, limited live chatTicket, email, limited live chatTicket, email, limited live chatTicket, email, limited live chatTicket, email, limited live chatTicket, email, limited live chat
Choice of server locationNoNoNoNoNoNo
Monthly Visits500025,000100,000150,000600,000>1,000,000
Free automated back-upsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Monthly Pricing$15$30$75$100$250$300-$500
Monthly Pricing (1-year billing schedule)$14$28$69$92$229$300-$500

Other Features of Flywheel

Demo Sites

Flywheel offers demo sites to help you run a test before committing to them. If you feel confused about Flywheel offer, it can be a great way to be sure. The demo website has all the features to offer, and you can tweak up the site as you want.

You won’t be needing any billing information for this. So, sign up for free and utilize the premium plan and decide for yourself.

flywheel review demo

Different Custom Configurations

Even if you already have hosting plans, you get two customizable options. Usually, in managed WordPress hosting users don't really have that much freedom to tweak the features. However,  that’s the whole point of a "managed" system.

Meanwhile, in Flywheel, they will give you options to select the features you need

Customized Dashboard

They offer their very own personalized dashboard to maintain all your content. It's quite simple to use, and it will allow you to collaborate with other parties.

You will also be able to upload your files and make some minor changes on your site.

You won’t get the full control of cPanel. That’s why if you are used to using cPanel, maybe it’s best to look elsewhere.

Pros of Flywheel

No Migration Cost

You will be able to migrate from another hosting provider to Flywheel without any extra costing. It’s completely free, no hidden costs or whatsoever.

Easy Access to All Your Sites

The custom dashboard lets you access all your sites from one place. Managing websites have never been easier.

Good Response Time

Flywheel is quite fast as they claim. We tested out their response time for our Flywheel review, and they averaged at 208 ms. We found this response time remarkably good.

99.97% Uptime

Flywheel offers 99.99% uptime, but they can deliver 99.97%. Not what they claimed, but we still thought it was pretty great.

Cons of Flywheel

Limited Plugins

It’s not a versatile company like other WordPress hosting providers. They have limited plugins on their site and restricts many other plugins.

Premium Plans Are Too Costly

Their premium quality plans seem to be too much pricey considering the features they offer.

Mediocre Customer Support

I've seen some complaints regarding Flywheel's customer services. They take too much time to respond and always feels understaffed. To justify this statement, we tried to contact their sales representative. But they were unavailable.

That's why we further emailed them to get a response, and they replied within 18 hours. Slow, but not bad, we’ve had worse.

Flywheel Review: Should You Sign Up?

We’ve reached the end point of our review. After considering everything they offer to their customers, we cannot but declare them as slightly above average hosting provider. They have quite a handful of features but remember they are only for WordPress. Also, the pricing and limited plugin options kind of dragged our rating down.

If you want more flexibility, you can check other hosting providers.


  • Demo Website
  • 99.97% Uptime
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Good Response Time


  • Limited Plugin Options
  • Mediocre Customer Support
  • Pricey Premium Plans

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