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Paul Mahony


2019 October 2nd

Freehostia may be many things. But it is in no way humble.

With a claim of being "the Hosting Paradise on Earth", it attempts to reassure its users - Freehostia is the best free hosting option there is. But is it really true?

Is Freehostia really a hosting Paradise? Or is it a one-way ride on a highway to Hell?

Let's find out.

It's Free - But Also Freemium

Freehostia boasts some good features, including 99.9% uptime and 5 free subdomains for users. Yes, that's pretty good - especially considering that the company is committed to free web hosting. So both of those features right there, you'll be able to get them without typing in your credit card numbers (weird - turns out 'Free' in the name really stands for something!).

But while free, Freehostia still claims to keep up with the latest technology. That is done by offering something known as ‘cluster hosting’, which is supposed to be '15 times faster than the widespread one-server hosting platform solution'.

Essentially, this technology enables network assets to specialize on a particular task, saving processing power and speeding up the process.

For example, the site has servers entirely dedicated to MySQL databases.

This is a good way of optimizing resources - and it's neat seeing Freehostia do that. And overall, for a free option, the package and the technologies look really, really good!

freehostia review landing page

Except that despite the "Free" in name and the main heading, the company still asks you to pay for some premium features.

And no matter how much you pay, the only person-to-person support Freehostia has, comes in form of tickets. Which sounds anything but premium.

But before judging Freehostia any further, let's have a look at how much these premium features even cost.

Freehostia Pricing

Turns out, pricing for Freehostia is all pretty affordable.

freehostia review plans

Monthly subscriptions range from just $2.95 per month to a maximum of $9.95 per month. There are plenty of features included in each plan. You can see them in the picture here, but no worries: I will also include them in the table just below.

And if you'll suddenly get buyer's remorse, luckily for you, there is a money-back guarantee included, with Freehostia also providing a free trial of 30 days.

Plans in More Detail

Freehostia gives its plans names with a flavor of nature. The table below includes a selection of three separate Freehostia plans.

Watercircle Lovebeat Wildhoney Supernatural
Price/month $2.95 $4.95 $7.50 $9.95
Disk Space Limit 2 GB 2 TB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Limit 50 GB 1 TB Unlimited Unlimited
Domains 10 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Mailing Lists 0 2 5 10
MySQL v.5 Databases 8 15 50 100
Free Domain Included No No Yes Yes
SSD / HDD used in servers SSD SSD SSD SSD
SSL Shared SSL IPs Shared SSL IPs Shared SSL IPs Shared SSL IPs
Email Accounts 100 300 Unlimited Unlimited
Website Builder Included Included Included Included
Money Back Guarantee 30-day 30-day 30-day 30-day
Customer Support 24/7 email 24/7 email 24/7 email 24/7 email

The features included are more than decent, and there are certainly good options included on the site for those looking for an affordable subscription.

Freehostia Performance

During my Freehostia review, I tested the site on Bitcatcha. You can see the results below:

freehostia review bitcatcha

This is a particular weak point for Freehostia.

However, while the site’s performance is below average overall, it suffices if you're only concerned about usage in the Western world.

Final Thoughts

I'm a fan of what Freehostia is doing for sure. Granting the world access to the free hosting may prove to be a solid business plan, and they're definitely doing it better than some of the other free providers I've come across.

So, while its speeds across the globe weren't particularly impressive, Freehostia is certainly still worth considering, particularly as it offers free packages for those dipping their toes into the hosting pool. Give the free version a whirl and see what you think.

If you have your own Freehostia reviews, please leave them down below.


  • 1-hour response guarantee
  • Free plan
  • Great uptime


  • Slow response times
  • Poor email service

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Mo picture

2020 January 17th

Appreciate your honest review. I was just reading as I wondering what happens after 12 months. Now I see others responses that it runs a little slow, I may use... Read more

Appreciate your honest review. I was just reading as I wondering what happens after 12 months. Now I see others responses that it runs a little slow, I may use it for domaining purposes instead. It still seems like a sweet deal to me as my current value host is annoyingly slow at times.

Bingley picture

2019 May 8th

Poor uptimes - closer to 75% and when it is up, it’s usually very slow.

Poor uptimes - closer to 75% and when it is up, it’s usually very slow.

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